sábado, 4 de junio de 2016


One night in mid-September 1971, Juan Rodriguez Dominguez, 80, was guarding a melon farm owned by a lieutenant general of infantry, called "Los Lunarejos" in Aznalcóllar (Sevilla).
About 10:00 pm, Juan, came into the village, very nervous and very scared. He told his neighbors that "something" very big, like a bus, had landed in the field. The researchers Ignacio Darnaude and Manuel Osuna managed to interview the witness. Juan said that about 350 feet away, he watched the landing of a large luminous object, from which descended out of two doors (front, side and back side) a large number of humanoids. The witness said it was very similar to buses on route to the capital Seville.

He saw more than 50 men of small stature wearing tight, blue uniforms. They wore "visors" or "something" that prevented him from seeing their faces. They advanced like a small army, without speaking, in perfect order. They all went in the direction of a well. 5 or 6 humanoids stayed in the vicinity of the device. One of small beings had a "lantern" that shone on the witness, causing minor discomfort.
Juan was armed with a shotgun, but never thought of using it (deterred by the large number of humanoids). At that time, he believed that the beings sent him a mental command (telepathy) to leave the place. He did so, fleeing in fear to the village. At first Juan thought it might even be an attempted coup against the regime of Francisco Franco.

In the landing place, there appeared traces of a multitude of small footprints. No doubt this incident is a case of distortion, as Juan Rodriguez, had done military service, worked for a high-ranking military and humanoids behaved and dressed as military. Besides, the "vehicle" that came down with more than 50 "soldiers" was very similar to the bus that the witness was accustomed  to seeing pass through the village. In fact, the “vehicle” had two doors like that bus which contained lots of people just like the humanoids in the UFO. Juan unconsciously combined the passengers factor with the military factor (the military is evident throughout all the experience ). Even the conduct of the alleged alien who shined a light on Juan, was the same as what a military troop might do. What logic is there in a landing of 50 humanoids to see a well?