lunes, 1 de abril de 2019


We have paid so much attention and enthusiasm to the study of flying saucers that this has prevented us from being fully aware of the clues offered by the paradigm outside the path we had taken. If the analysis of ufological casuistry, i.e. the scrutiny of incidents, has entangled us in a dead-end labyrinth, we should have opted for a parallel path.
Apply what little we have learned from UFOs and compare it with other anomalies. Since UFOs are not the first and only enigma related to the vision of strange entities and unknown beings throughout history. And this circumstance is very suspicious. For before UFOs and their elusive occupants appeared in our lives, large numbers of people claimed to have had encounters with daimons, angels, demons, fairies, big foot, ghosts, the Virgin Mary, etc. outside, apparently from any relation to the extraterrestrial context. And the most surprising thing is that, I repeat, none of these phenomena has left evidences after its passage. This is already the first point in common with our space visitors.
Therefore, in the same way that we have invested decades in the exclusive study of UFOs, we should have invested some of that time in evaluating other possibilities, analyzing the phenomenon beyond its appearances. Before considering that we were faced with a new equation, which to add to the various questions we were accumulating, we should have asked ourselves if there were interesting correlations between all these paradigms. And they exist. Excited by the singularity of the UFO paradigm we have not realized that the entire collection of odd phenomena had many keys. And it is that some of the conclusions obtained on the close encounters with UFO are perfectly able to be extrapolated to other anomalies. For the present study we have made a comparison (which can be broader) between UFOs, Marian apparitions, the Sasquatch entity, ghosts and elemental beings, each and every one of them, paradigms that stand out for being made protagonists by apparent intelligent entities, alien to the human being and that seem to interact physically with the environment. In addition, we will use the term entities to refer globally to all these beings, creatures, humanoids, etc., and the term experiences to include all the narrations of this type of encounter.

BASIC STRUCTURE: All anomalies without exception are composed of an "internal skeleton" that structures the narrative of almost all experiences (examples):

UFO: Witnesses will see "something" in the sky. This "something" will land. And crew/occupants members will descend from a ship.
MARIAN APARITIONS: Witnesses will see a stranger "light". The "light" will be transformed into a "feminine" entity. They will receive a message.
ELEMENTAL BEINGS: Witnesses will see a small entity in the forest or mountain. Witnesses will talk to these beings.
BIG FOOT: Witnesses will see an enormous hairy creature in the forest or mountain. It will disappear quickly or inexplicably.
GHOST: Witnesses will see the appearance of a deceased known or unknown person. Messages, if received, will be ambiguous.

THE UNIQUE CASES: Although there is an "internal skeleton" that validates the
experiences, these will develop in an individual and unpredictable way without sharing, beyond, the main features that the differences of the other anomalies, more details between them. Both in the appearances of the entities observed and in the messages, where all possible sizes and variants in their physiognomy are observed, it is as if the same "object" were drawn/interpreted by different painters with different styles.

EXCLUSIVE DETAILS: All experiences usually have some kind of detail or element, which we will never find represented again in another incident of the same characteristics.

THE PREVALENCE OF THE VISUAL OVER THE INFORMATIVE: Whatever the nature of these apparitions, they give greater importance to the visual component, or what is observed, than to the informative content that is going to be shared. All entities are equally ambiguous and imprecise when it comes to transferring their messages.

THE ALTERATED STATES OF CONSCIOUSNESS: All scholars of these fields of anomalies
have noted that the protagonists of these experiences seem to enter a state of trance, or altered state of consciousness when they are in the presence of these entities (to a lesser extent, apparently, in the case of the Big Foot entity, although it is relative).

ABSENCE OF EVIDENCE: None of these paradigms have been verified in a reliable way. No proof has been obtained from any of them. In addition, all the information obtained through the different entities has never provided relevant information or information unknown to humankind.

THE PSYCHIC COMPONENT: In one way or another it has been documented that these experiences have an important "spiritual" part, as if these entities were half physical and half psychic. In fact, even one's own experiences seem to develop on a confused border between two opposing universes (the physical or the material and the psychic or spiritual).

THE ABSURD FACTOR: All these experiences have illogical or absurd components. Or in the descriptions of the entities, in the messages, or the actions undertaken by the entities.

THE NON-EXISTENCE OF A GLOBAL STORY: It is not possible to connect the casuistry
of these anomalies (in any of the fields described) in a global history that suggests that we are in contact with the same entities, which appear again and again. The "characters" and the "narrations" show that these experiences are not connected to each other, beyond that "internal skeleton" to which we alluded in the first point. In appearances. All incidents develop as independent stories. No case has offered evidence that the same entity (with the same name and appearance) is the one that has appeared in another place on the planet before two different witnesses. And above all, the information offered by the entities, even without taking into account physical similarities, has no connection to
another event.

All these connections indicate to us that we are probably faced with the same phenomenon that has different ways of "expressing itself" through our own psyche. All the content of the experiences seems to start from human material, which would reveal that the participation of the witnesses, far from being independent of the phenomenon, would be the vital or foundational point of these contacts with that other manifested reality. Because one thing we can conclude is that we are witnessing glimpses of an unknown universe that can interact within our reality with different repercussions. In his book The Mythical Dimension Joseph Campbell said that: "The comparative study of mythologies imposes on us a unitary vision of the cultural history of humanity, since we find that subjects such as the theft of the fire of the gods, the deluge, the kingdom of the dead, the
virgin who gives birth and the resurrection of the hero appear all over the world, each time in new combinations, although their elements, like those of a kaleidoscope, are few and always the same"