jueves, 28 de diciembre de 2017


The UFO Close encounters are the result of a complex "psychological process" caused by an unidentified "external agent" which communicates/interaction with the psyche of witnesses. The result of this conjunction is the "creation" of a "fictitious" experience, by means of a "three-dimensional projection", to make the unsuspecting observers believe that they are witnessing the landing of an alien spacecraft and sometimes its crew. In fact, close encounters with UFOs would be closer to being an elaborate "psychic architecture" (with physical and tangible parts) than to a space exploration orchestrated by biological beings from outer space. Many internal gears put in place for the "elaboration" of these experiences/proyection are similar to the "dreamlike" processes, so most of these episodes contain a patina of unreality more characteristic of dreams than of an alien landing. Therefore, being "artificial" experiences, close encounters with UFOs are completely devoid of any "scientific" significance as it has been tried to establish to date, understood as being caused by "extraterrestrial" space aircraft. In the same way, it is meaningless to try to elaborate any kind of study or analysis of the morphology or behaviour of UFO crewmembers. Since nothing observed during these experiences has a physical permanence in our universe after the conclusion of the "encounter". Since this type of experiences are the consequence of a unique, unrepeatable and untransferable "mental" creative/artistic process, arising from the "exclusive communication" between the psyche of the observer (unconsciously) and an unknown external agent, who is ultimately responsible for capturing in a "holographic three-dimensional" projection the result of this "psychic conjunction", whose fruit is a supposed alien landing.  Most of the elements staged; UFO's form, appearance of dress or behavior of humanoids, are no more than the result obtained by the "external agent" of distorting information enclosed in the unconscious of the witness (cinema, literature, hobbies, etc.). The interaction with this projection can be complete, since the "external agent" can grant to all or, to some of the elements of the scene, materiality, as if the "scenographic" set had a physical and tangible reality. This can lead to footprints, burns, damage, etc. in the sighting area. However, this is only a "collateral effect" of conferring matter to the "projection", with results, it must be said, that are also predictable from the point of view of the witness. Since all the traces and remains found after a UFO landing are predictable and accepted by the human imaginary as a spacecraft product. In fact, no unusual or truly foreign trace of human "space travel" has ever been found after a close encounter with UFOs (For example, after a UFO landing, all the land, rocks, vegetation, etc. was colored blue. Why hasn't this happened?because nobody imagines it compatible with the descent of an alien ship. However, it is more "logical" to leave oil stains, burns, metal remains, etc.)
This approach offers us a new conceptual framework that can explain the monumental and complicated structure of the ufological casuistry, which, to date, has escaped, evaded and eliminated any kind of rational scrutiny to which it has been subjected to clarify its nature or origin.