lunes, 9 de abril de 2018


Our divagations about the UFO occupants have led to a sterile debate and a dead end. Since the dawn of classical ufology, those "entities" that descended from the flying saucers have been considered the key to the phenomenon. And this has proved, over time, that it was the wrong approach.

We have shown that UFO experiences, especially UFO close encounters, function independently but in a clear "connection" with witnesses, in a kind of phenomenon closer to mystical ecstasy and religious experiences, rather than to an alleged contact between extraterrestrial civilizations.
Since we cannot find similar details that researchers have accumulated in UFO reports/tales, it seems likely that we have been confronted with experiences that have a high psychic component, that are non-transferable, unique to the individual, and where witnesses, themselves, provide most of the material that is “observed.” 
Therefore, the UFO “occupants” act as the individuals, family members, friends, even monsters, that we find in our dream experiences, and behave in the same manner, in a routine way as if they were inserted in a bad film script.
 The UFO occupants are apathetic, cold, robotic, and devoid of sentiment, and of course, their conversations and messages are not far removed from the delusions narrated by a schizophrenic or a character in our night dreams. 
 These entities that have deluded UFO investigators do not possess a real existence; they are just another part of the props that compose the scene that is being recreated in the mind of the witness.
 Very probably, “the occupants of the flying saucers” have a noúmenal value that goes beyond our current perception and knowledge; they are incorporated into an experience that wants to transmit a message beyond everything referenced in our physical world.... 


Originally published UFO CONJECTURES here