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In close encounters with UFOs, the mind of the witness is used (tuned) by an "agent external" and unknown, "making" many of the elements that appear on the scene, not only unconscious material related to science fiction (movies, comics, etc.) but even professions, studies, and other daily values that may be represented in the experience.
In fact, the experience is oneiric [dream-like] and seems to be a mental phenomenon very similar in behavior and functioning to alleged "close encounters.”
Therefore we should look into this question, searching for parallels between the two phenomena: close encounters and dream content.
The role of the external agent is to regulate, control and develop the patterns induced (an alien visitation) and not allow the elements added by the witness to get out of control in a disorderly manner and become grossly inconsistent as in dreams.
But the constant evidence of absurd components, that disconcert ufologists -- experiences with the alleged "aliens" -- suggests that the "similarity" with dreams is more than reasonable.

The components are distinct, original phenomena however.

Here is an example:
In the Autumn or Winter of 1952, the British engineer Harry Mallard, 32, who worked for a company, Reostatic British in South Africa, was driving his car along a road near the Drakenstein mountains (about 40km from Cape Town). At about 23:15 pm, he observed a "man" emerging from the darkness, signaling him to stop. The "strange passerby" asked if Mallard had water because he urgently needed some as he had had a little accident. Mallard said they were near a small river and offered to take him in his car. The "man" spoke in rarified English as a teacher might. When they reached the creek, they cleaned up an oil can and filled it with water. Then the "man" told Mallard to take him back to the same place where Mallard found him. When they arrived, Mallard saw a dark area about 100 meters from the road. It was a strange object 15 meters in diameter and 4 meters high (shaped like a disk).

The UFO seen by the witness

Light was observed at its bottom. The "man" invited Mallard to go up and in, where Mallard entered a bright room (although he did not see source of the light, thinking perhaps from it came from the walls). The room had leather chairs like a living room, and many rectangular windows with rounded corners (although the light did not go outside). There were also three "men," almost identical to his companion, attending to another individual who was lying down and appeared injured. Mallard said they should go to town and get a doctor, but the "man" categorically refused. He said he had had an accident when entering the atmosphere, and a window was broken (although Mallard did not observe any broken window). The individuals all were of the same height: 1.50 or 1.60 meters. Their features were completely normal, except for the hair, which was gray, and identical on the five “men.”  Mallard's interlocutor was portly and older, wearing a beige lab coat with the appearance of a scientist.

The humanoid-like scientists

The "man" gave the can with water to his peers, but did not allow Mallard to approach them.
The "man" then asked if Mallard wanted to know something about them. The engineer immediately asked about the functioning of the ship. Mallard was taken to the center of the room where there were eight levers, similar to those used on the railroad, arranged in two rows, and one meter in height with a table behind them.

The "controls" Spaceship

The "man" told Mallard that they operated the craft with these levers. Mallard asked about the engines. The "man" told him the engines worked with another system (without motors). The mysterious "man" told him they overcame gravity with the help of a "heavy liquid" which circulated throughout the ship, inside tubes, creating an "electromagnetic effect.” This created a "liquid magnet" which could override the force of gravity, all controlled by the rudimentary levers. He also said they did not use any method of navigation, traveling by sight (as one does in boats or cars).
Asked about his provenance, the “man” declined to clarify their origin and only said that they came from the stars. Mallard, worried about the injured crew member, insisted that he should go get a doctor but, again, the "man" refused and took him to the outside of the object. The experience lasted about 45 minutes. The next day, inevstigators found four footprints in the area. (Source J.J. Benítez. "El hombre que susurraba a los "ummitas". 2007 ; J. J. Benítez "El Mundo de los OVNIs" 1980)

In this incident we see an engineer having a close encounter with "colleagues" -- scientists from outer space, with robes and gray hair and the appearance of scientists.
At the beginning of the experience, using the archetype of the "road accident", and asking for water, the entrance of the "actors" is produced through a recognizable action assimilated by the psyche of the witness (roadside assistance). Then inside the “craft,” our witness is told that to control the spaceship, the “men” do not use any innovative method (unknown, or futuristic) for the time-frame -- the decade of the 50s (computer touch, voice control, et cetera). But instead, they use an antiquated, crude method by manually operating several levers:

Roadside assistance

These levers are suspiciously similar to those used on railways, which can be seen at times in the windows of the railroad station, just like those windows that Mallard himself saw in the device.

More examples of unconscious material that can be used in the elaboration of this encounter

Even the picture that Mallard drew of the UFO resembles a train car with the windows rectangular:
Mallard's other sketches of what he saw:

Witness Drawings

In addition, the arrangement of the chairs around the perimeter, inside the UFO, recalls a waiting room of a train station or airport.
Can it be a coincidence that an engineer in instrumentation finds such levers inside of a UFO?
In addition, the crew of the UFO, just wanted to talk about engines and levers (related to the profession of control), and would not, for example, talk about the place of origin of the spacecraft.
Again it is found that the facts and circumstances surrounding the close encounter with a UFO are influenced by the psyche of the witness. And not quite understandable, the crew of the spacecraft, indicated that their method of navigating through infinite space was by sight, without any navigation system or automatic control, such as computers or even maps, let alone the function of an "automatic pilot.” Thus it is evident that the construction of the experience is based, in the mind of the witness which provides information that is only partially distorted.
The very "reality" and "knowledge" of the witness, this time, did not use symbols of science fiction from the unconscious.
The crew of the UFO were presented as "colleagues" or scientists in trouble, to a terrestrial engineer.


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In the Distortion Theory one will find very clear examples of its functioning in the world of UFO casuistry. An incident involving an Italian woman, Jole Maltoni, dramatizes, perfectly, all the precepts of the Distortion Theory, showing that within close encounters there lies a psychological phenomenon, channeled and directed by an as yet identified external agent, connecting with the mind of witnesses to represent a chimera of extraterrestrial visitation.
In Ravenna (Emilia-Romagna, Italy), on the night of September 3, 1976, at about 01:00 hours, Ms. Maltoni was in bed when she heard a noise, like the cry of a bird, that came from outside.
She got up and looked around but found nothing. Looking out the window, she saw, in the courtyard, between two houses, a strange egg-shaped object with protuberances formed by four or five spheres. Looking more carefully, she saw a humanoid with a height of 1.75 meters, which seemed to have on its head an antique helmet in the Roman style with a central bulge, like a nail. The humanoid’s face was smooth. He was dressed as a "Roman soldier."
Definitely the UFO crew had similarities to a Roman soldier ... (Original drawing Moreno Tambellini)

It is evident that the distortion of the unconscious elements of the witness are reflected perfectly in this experience.
Also to add more etheral, "dream" items to this almost ghostly story, the entity did not display legs. And like many other UFO experiences with humanoids and their artifacts, they simply appear and disappear magically. 
But who or what thing is the external agent, that produces the distortion?
From the analysis of close encounters (published in this blog) we can deduce certain aspects:

1) Probably the external agent is "something" immaterial and intangible, linked to psychic energy, yet it can produce three-dimensional images of the environment, and even physical matter (traces, burns, et cetera).

2) The “agent” seems to have no interest in communicating any kind of intelligent message, to be understood as an intellectual or scientific message.

3) The information contained in close encounters -- the external appearance of the humanoid and the appearance of the aircraft, or any conversation offered during the encounter -- is the result of the distortion of information that is purely human in origination.

4) The distortion is a consequence of the interaction (communication) between the psyche of the witness and the external agent.

5) The external agent is able to tune in to the human mind, read its contents, and distort information, and present it in a three-dimensional and sometimes physical way that in language and content is very similar to a dream.

6) During the close encounter, the psychic communication between the external agent and the mind of the witness is controlled by an unknown factor, controlling and organizing the elements to give the experience some coherence, sometimes adding common elements from other close encounters.

7) Neither the action nor the stage, or the crew of close encounters is determined or prepared before the experience. The content of the anomalous experiences are the result of an interaction between the external agent and the psyche of the witness. The UFO incident is created at the time when the two "minds" are in tune, and developed upon afterwards.
Just a few basic elements are provided by the foreign agent with premeditation. The rest arises from the experience when the interaction occurs.
Even the external agent cannot predict the content of close encounters.
The unconscious of the witness gives content and manufactures many elements and behavior of the alleged "aliens" at will, as does our mind with dreams.


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November 14 1954, on the Isle of Ortonovo (La Spezia), in northern Italy, Amerigo Lorenzini, a farmer, 48, was at his farm when he heard a sound like the flight of swallows.
Looking to the sky, he observed a strange resplendent artifact that almost blinded him.
Descending, it decreased its luminosity, and he found that it was a cigar shaped object that landed in the garden of his farm. Through a side door of the mysterious aircraft, which gave off a luminous halo, came three small humanoids wearing metallic clothes like wetsuits.
The humanoids stopped at his cage of rabbits while communicating with each other by emitting strange noises. Amerigo thought they were going to steal his rabbits so he inside to get a shotgun to repel the intrusion of the mysterious visitors.
When he came back outside, he pointed his gun at the humanoids and pulled the trigger, but the shotgun did not shoot, and suddenly became so heavy that he had to let it fall to the ground.
The farmer felt paralyzed and could not move. Then the little creatures grabbed all rabbits in the cage and returned to their ship.

The object took off in total silence, leaving behind a luminous trail. Amerigo then regained mobility but had no time to use his gun against the artifact because it was out of reach ...  The little "aliens" stole his 12 rabbits and the cage ...


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About 3:00 am on the morning of October 25, 1954, Carmelo Papotto was inspecting the grounds of his Italian agricultural company based in Tripoli, Libya, when he saw, descending from the sky, a strange, silent artifact. It was an egg-shaped object, about 5 meters long and 3 meters high, the lower part seemed to be made of metal, like aluminum, and the top made of a transparent material.The back, according to the witness, "had the aerodynamic shape of a car, with a tail probably functioning as a rudder."
The "crystal" dome was strongly illuminated by a white light radiating about 4 meters.
The UFO had two lights on the sides and what appeared antennae, one in front and one in back.
Also it had two conical tubes, which the witness said looked like guns in their front.
Initially the Italian engineer thought it might be a U.S. military helicopter in trouble or even a secret prototype.
According to Carmelo Papotto the object deployed its landing gear that sounded similar to a compressor which is used to inflate tires. The legs of the artifact consisted of six wheels. When the UFO landed in a plowed field, about 10 meters from the witness, Mr. Papotto saw a ladder in the center. He could see inside that the artifact contained six humanoids moving around slowly. The witness thought they were U.S. military. They wore yellow clothes and had on gas masks.
The strange artifact...
Whole scene observed by the witness has reminiscences to military items ...

The similarities is evident with a military helicopter

One of the crew took off his mask for a moment and his face was completely normal, human. When the witness put his hand on the ladder to climb, he received a strong electric shock. One of the beings told him not to advance. The crew seemed to be occupied inside the appliance. Mr. Papotto says that within the device there were some chairs, tables and a radio apparatus operated by a humanoid wearing "headphones" from which emerged multiple cables. Moments later one of the beings touched a button and a mechanical device in the form of a bell-cap fell near one of the wheels and proceeded to replace it with another. After about 20 minutes, the UFO rose up about 50 meters and, without a sound, disappeared at high speed towards the east. Researchers later found rectangular marks on the ground about 10 centimeters wide and very similar to normal tires.The marks of the objects wheels were arranged in pairs of two and separated by about 10 centimeters. They also found a blue substance that was sent to be analyzed, but the results were never released. According to the researchers, Carmelo Papotto had prior knowledge of the UFO phenomenon, but didn’t fear of the artifact, because he thought it could be a human aircraft. In this case, it is evident that witness attributed some human concepts to the alleged artifact,  in the form of helicopter/car, wheels, gas mask and radioman. It is likely that the external agent connected to the psyche of the witness to provide information about concepts and machinery that would be easily recognizable by the witness. So Mr. Papotto, thought at first that it is an American aircraft in trouble. This event has similarities with the William Laxton (1966) event which also is decoded under the parameters of the Theory of Distortion.


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At the height of UFO wave in France in 1954, an alleged Russian pilot produced one of the strangest and disturbing incidents on French territory. It happened on October 20, 1954, in l'Etape Raon (Vosges). Lazlo Ujvari, of Czechoslovakian origin and a former Legionnaire, was going to his workplace, at a company, from his farm in Deray in "Le La," riding a bicycle until bad road conditions forced him to walk.

Lazlo Ujvari undoubtedly protagonist of one of the most bizarre  and puzzling UFO close encounters . His experience was framed inside the famous UFO wave that shook France in 1954.

It was about 2:30 in the morning. Suddenly in the middle of the road, a man with a gun in his hand, emerged from the shadows of the forest, and signalled Lazlo to stop. This was a normal looking person, corpulent, 1'65 meters tall, wearing a cloth cap with earflaps (helmet?), an open-necked blouse, leather-wrapped, cloth trousers and boots. The witness is intimidated by the gun but not really scared; he had been in the military. The gun-man talked but Lazlo Ujvari could not understand the language even though the man continued to talk. Then Lazlo spoke Russian (he spoke several languages) and the stranger understood.
The gun-man asked Lazlo several questions: "Where am I? Spain or Italy?"  When he discovered he was in France, he asked, "How many kilometres to the German frontier?"
Lazlo replied that "it is 100 km to the Rhine in a straight line." Then the gun-man asked the time, and Lazlo said 2:30. The gun-man pulled out a pocket watch and replied: "You lie. It is 4." (Moscow would have had 3 hours more). The "absurd" interrogation continued. How far away and in what direction is Marseille? (Apparently mispronouncing the city and perhaps referring to elsewhere). The dialogue stopped and the mysterious individual, never without his gun, asked Lazlo Ujvari to walk forward. On one side of the road, Lazlo vaguely observed a dark object that seemed, at first to be a car or van. But the closer he got, he realized that it was a great object of about 6 meters in diameter and 3 feet high, composed of two superimposed plates, dark gray, with a dome on top. Also on the top was an antenna in the form of a "corkscrew."

The strange artifact observed Mr. Ujvari. In its top part, the witness said that had an "antenna" as a "corkscrew"

Lazlo was not stopped by the "Russian pilot" who still intimidated him with his pistol. They walked about 30 meters more, and then the pilot said, “And now Farewell.” Ujvari mounted his bike and rode for about 200 meters to near the entrance of the village where he stopped. He then observed a very strong vertical light emerging from the forest, and heard a noise like a "sewing machine" or a whistle. Then the device rose up, with no lights and after ascending vertically went away, diagonally. Ujvari was later questioned by the police who did not find fault with his testimony. Some researchers, like Michel Corrouges (Martians Appear 1963), believes that we "can not rule out the hypothesis of a lost Russian helicopter" although the witness did not recall seeing propellers and the object did not seem to fit the description of a helicopter. It is very strange that when landing, the missing Russian pilot, had the luck to find a Frenchman in a small region (approximately 7,000 inhabitants), who spoke Russian. And we also have the unexplained anomalous language used by the supposed "Russian pilot" that could not be understood by the witness despite knowing several languages.

The alleged occupant of the flying saucer no different in appearance and clothing of the a pilot of those years

 It should be noted that it was Ujvari who first spoke Russian. What really happened? Was the object a prototype Russian plane or helicopter? Did a pilot of the USSR get lost? Or was it a "joke" by the occupants of flying saucers in the middle of the most spectacular UFO wave that took place in Europe? Again it appears to have influenced the witness to conclude that he had had a close encounter. Ujvari’s psyche used the phenomenon to recreate the event of a "lost military pilot." There are some very suspicious elements in this meeting that reveal a "manipulation" (theater). The witness was a retired military man and faced a gunman at night. Lazlo was habituated to tension and danger; another witness surely would not have reacted the same way to an armed, unknown man, at night. Ujvari knows several languages and can speak fluently with the “Russian pilot.” The experience occurred in a military context that could have been in the imagination of the witness (projected), and was used (captured and distorted) by the "unknown entities" to shape the experience by supplementing and adorning it with the details provided by the psyche of the witness (sent unconsciously). Again, the mind of an observer is used as a "library" or "documentation" to "project," in a real scenario, a "movie/dream" of a close encounter with the "alien/Russian" (physical components), all to overwhelm and confuse our minds, in a language of images and sensations, close to "dreams" and the "mystical." We still do not manage to decode correctly ... but do not lose hope ...