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On November 1, 1954 around 6:30 pm in Cennina (Bucine, Province of Arezzo, Italy) Rosa Dainelli Lotti (40), a woman who lived on a farm on the outskirts of Cennina, was walking to that location to visit the cemetery and church. She carried a bouquet of carnations and walked barefoot so as not to stain her shoes and socks.  When she reached a clearing among the trees, she noticed the presence of a strange object that was on the grass. The object was shaped like two cones joined at the base, about 2 m in height and 1 m in diameter and in the center it was brown. The device had a gate and inside could be seen two small chairs. From behind the artifact emerged two small beings, looking like children, 1 m in height, wearing form-fitting overalls, with bright buttons and gray coats. Both had black hair and were wearing red helmets.  Their faces like adults, however, and they spoke in a language that the witness compared with Chinese. The two humanoids looked at Mrs. Lotti with great joy and a smile, and one of them looked older than she. They took Mrs. Lotti’s flowers and her socks, throwing them, after an examination, into the object. Then one of the beings took a strange-looking, rounded cylindrical artifact and pointed it at Mrs. Lotti, who ran away thinking that they wanted to photograph her. When she was about 100 m away, she turned and found that that object and people were still there. The encounter lasted about 10 minutes. The event featured testimonials from people who observed a strange object in the air. Two brothers, Marcello and Ampelio (9 and 6 years), said, at the time, they saw, from afar, the meeting of Mrs. Lotti with the two beings. The neighbors who came within 30 minutes of the rare meeting place found a deep hole in the ground about 15 cm with a diameter of 10cm. The hole was also seen by the Chief Inspector of Police in Ambra, Botarelli Zulima, who was hunting in the vicinity when the incident happened.


Together with the puzzling and cheerful aspect of crew members alleged, what most attracted the attention of this particular encounter was the bizarre shape of the artifact that was on this occasion the function of flying saucer. According to the parameters of the Theory of Distortion, the root of these elements concrete, unique and unrepeatable, we have to look in the psyche of the witness, because this would explain why most of the close encounters are unique experiences containing material that seems unique to each observer.

The UFO observed by Lotti have strangely shape
The UFO has many similarities stove with a Carbon and firewood used in the time
distortion effect???


Therefore, under the perspective of distortion, an unknown external agent used to "make" the UFO experiences, images and information that are contained in the minds of witnesses (although this unidentified factor, use some resources that are shared in other events) and distorted like in a "dream", mixing all kinds of concepts, to recreate the extraterrestrial visitation. In this event it is curious to note that the artifact observed by Lotti bears some resemblance to wood stoves and coal that were used in that time ... Even the door of this type of braziers is similar to the door of the UFO, as seen in the drawings made ​​at the time of the sighting ...

Although presented in a distorted form, as in the dream world, we can interpret or decode that the artifact of the encounter Lotti, probably has a more mundane source of what appeared ...

Although the anomalous nature of the phenomenon remains a mystery to solve, at least we can begin to decipher some of its key ...



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