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At the height of UFO wave in France in 1954, an alleged Russian pilot produced one of the strangest and disturbing incidents on French territory. It happened on October 20, 1954, in l'Etape Raon (Vosges). Lazlo Ujvari, of Czechoslovakian origin and a former Legionnaire, was going to his workplace, at a company, from his farm in Deray in "Le La," riding a bicycle until bad road conditions forced him to walk.

Lazlo Ujvari undoubtedly protagonist of one of the most bizarre  and puzzling UFO close encounters . His experience was framed inside the famous UFO wave that shook France in 1954.

It was about 2:30 in the morning. Suddenly in the middle of the road, a man with a gun in his hand, emerged from the shadows of the forest, and signalled Lazlo to stop. This was a normal looking person, corpulent, 1'65 meters tall, wearing a cloth cap with earflaps (helmet?), an open-necked blouse, leather-wrapped, cloth trousers and boots. The witness is intimidated by the gun but not really scared; he had been in the military. The gun-man talked but Lazlo Ujvari could not understand the language even though the man continued to talk. Then Lazlo spoke Russian (he spoke several languages) and the stranger understood.
The gun-man asked Lazlo several questions: "Where am I? Spain or Italy?"  When he discovered he was in France, he asked, "How many kilometres to the German frontier?"
Lazlo replied that "it is 100 km to the Rhine in a straight line." Then the gun-man asked the time, and Lazlo said 2:30. The gun-man pulled out a pocket watch and replied: "You lie. It is 4." (Moscow would have had 3 hours more). The "absurd" interrogation continued. How far away and in what direction is Marseille? (Apparently mispronouncing the city and perhaps referring to elsewhere). The dialogue stopped and the mysterious individual, never without his gun, asked Lazlo Ujvari to walk forward. On one side of the road, Lazlo vaguely observed a dark object that seemed, at first to be a car or van. But the closer he got, he realized that it was a great object of about 6 meters in diameter and 3 feet high, composed of two superimposed plates, dark gray, with a dome on top. Also on the top was an antenna in the form of a "corkscrew."

The strange artifact observed Mr. Ujvari. In its top part, the witness said that had an "antenna" as a "corkscrew"

Lazlo was not stopped by the "Russian pilot" who still intimidated him with his pistol. They walked about 30 meters more, and then the pilot said, “And now Farewell.” Ujvari mounted his bike and rode for about 200 meters to near the entrance of the village where he stopped. He then observed a very strong vertical light emerging from the forest, and heard a noise like a "sewing machine" or a whistle. Then the device rose up, with no lights and after ascending vertically went away, diagonally. Ujvari was later questioned by the police who did not find fault with his testimony. Some researchers, like Michel Corrouges (Martians Appear 1963), believes that we "can not rule out the hypothesis of a lost Russian helicopter" although the witness did not recall seeing propellers and the object did not seem to fit the description of a helicopter. It is very strange that when landing, the missing Russian pilot, had the luck to find a Frenchman in a small region (approximately 7,000 inhabitants), who spoke Russian. And we also have the unexplained anomalous language used by the supposed "Russian pilot" that could not be understood by the witness despite knowing several languages.

The alleged occupant of the flying saucer no different in appearance and clothing of the a pilot of those years

 It should be noted that it was Ujvari who first spoke Russian. What really happened? Was the object a prototype Russian plane or helicopter? Did a pilot of the USSR get lost? Or was it a "joke" by the occupants of flying saucers in the middle of the most spectacular UFO wave that took place in Europe? Again it appears to have influenced the witness to conclude that he had had a close encounter. Ujvari’s psyche used the phenomenon to recreate the event of a "lost military pilot." There are some very suspicious elements in this meeting that reveal a "manipulation" (theater). The witness was a retired military man and faced a gunman at night. Lazlo was habituated to tension and danger; another witness surely would not have reacted the same way to an armed, unknown man, at night. Ujvari knows several languages and can speak fluently with the “Russian pilot.” The experience occurred in a military context that could have been in the imagination of the witness (projected), and was used (captured and distorted) by the "unknown entities" to shape the experience by supplementing and adorning it with the details provided by the psyche of the witness (sent unconsciously). Again, the mind of an observer is used as a "library" or "documentation" to "project," in a real scenario, a "movie/dream" of a close encounter with the "alien/Russian" (physical components), all to overwhelm and confuse our minds, in a language of images and sensations, close to "dreams" and the "mystical." We still do not manage to decode correctly ... but do not lose hope ...


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