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Surprisingly researchers have not given importance to the possible involvement of witnesses in UFO events. But when we search for knowledge, culture and beliefs of them discovered some clues that can help us clarify many issues presented in UFO close encounters. Most elements and the "aesthetic" of the experience, physiognomy of the crew, "flying saucer" appearance, actions of the occupants, etc., we find, as utlined in the psyche of witnesses: a military sees armed humanoids as soldiers, a lover of Egyptology seen a UFO as a pyramid, an engineer received technical explanations of the operation of the flying saucer, etc.

 What happens is that these unconscious ingredients are displayed before the eyes of the observer in a distorted form (which gives its name to the theory) that they are not getting recognized as their own. The mechanism operated for the creation and development of close encounters is similar to the process that we experience when we dream (we call Creation Oneiric). Although many find patterns that might suggest that we are facing a phenomenon of psychological origin, also discovered other factors that indicate conclusively the existence of a much more complex and unknown to humans phenomenon. One point that would indicate the existence of an "extern agent" is that many  singularities are shared by witnesses despite not having any link or communication between them . Interestingly many times the UFO occupants are described with "objects" (sticks, guns, balls, etc.) in their hands throwing light rays unsuspecting observers, or, failing that, it is the very "spaceship "which emits these beams which usually immobilize or inconvenience witnesses not approaching the scene being observed.
In addition to this omnipresent characteristic in almost all close encounters, there are other factors that seem to indicate the presence of shared common elements inexplicably. Most of the stories of close encounters show easily assimilated very simple arguments for any observer (called Recognizable basic archetypes) in countless incidents alleged aliens engaged in taking soil samples, or repair your flying saucer, or establish a insubstantial communication (ask for water, ask "where we are", etc.).

 These findings and the keys specified above form the core of the Distortion Theory, we could summarize in the existence of an unknown "extern agent" that interacting with the mind of the witness for the construction of the UFO experiences in a "Creation Shared Mental ". The human psyche, in line with this unknown operator brings unconscious form, details and inherent and private elements that make their experiences, unique and transferable experiences. Therefore, close encounters are just the result and outcome of development or staging of a same repetitive patterns (damage, exploration, light beams, etc.) "adapted" and "molded" with the knowledge of witnesses .The clearer  example  to understand for the Distortion Theory is that of a teacher (in the role of "extern age") request to his students (who would be our potential witnesses) prepare a narrative or story containing the following elements: a forest, goblins and a treasure. Although all start from the same creative base, the development would be different from one student to another depending on the imagination and the same culture (TV, film literature, comics, etc.). Some narrate a fable with an army of valiant and stout elves and others on the contrary would write only about a lonely, shy and tiny pixie.

And in this way our UFO close encounters operating, offering infinite variations of a model that changes over the years. Therefore it is not the phenomenon itself, which adapts to the society it manifests itself, if not that is the intellectual wealth of the witnesses making progress observed structures of paradigm, itself.Despite all this, we are not suggesting that encounters with UFOs and their crews are limited to the imaginary universe. Quite the opposite. Distortion theory states that the "extern agent" is able to "produce" sometimes "Ephemeral matter" to give some sightings and corporeality for reinforce the belief that it is an "real" phenomena and "physical" outside the witness.  Although the evidence left by our visitors are so elusive subtlety (burns, holes, stains, footsteps, etc.) that makes appearances remain very difficult to believe for most people. But we can go further. If we dissect the type of trails and tracks that often leave visitors from space, they coincide perfectly with the kind of evidence that anyone could assume in advance that could leave a spacecraft, from ordinary injury from leaks, to stains oil or radioactivity therefore these traces do not stop being human concepts distortions. It is also important to note that close encounters can be observed by more than one person as the "outsider" recreates the scene basically in two ways; 1. Using a "holographic projection" (devoid of matter). This would explain countless episodes where UFO landings leave no trace after passing, although the terrain should be like or when, for example, these objects or their crews go through obstacles without difficulty, like ghostly apparitions. 2. By a gifted scene matter where humanoids, ship and observed objects are apparently physical and tangible (material Efímera).

But beyond the temporal existence, bounded in time and space phenomenon recreated for the occasion, nothing perceived, felt, or touched during the demonstration has a real, physical and continuous stay in our three-dimensional universe. Distortion theory explains one of the hallmarks par excellence of the UFO phenomenon and to date considered an unfathomable enigma; Absurdity Factor present in almost all of the UFO events (absurd behavior of visitors, mundane elements embedded inside flying saucers, components and delusional traits both in terms of UFOs and the physiognomy of the crew, etc. .). Distortion Theory suggests that these incoherent elements integrated into the experience, are totally special or transcendental significance as some researchers argue, beyond the creative / artistic value provided by the witness himself during shared mental creation sponsored and controlled by the agent external. Therefore these incoherent elements integrated within the next few experiences with UFOs and their occupants, and that some ufologists is a "seal" of authenticity to these events, are exclusively the result of a similar dream where images process and the feelings are intertwined and so iconographic submitted independently to be logical or consistent, as their role is limited to expressing a dream language by the human unconscious.

We also have to consider, following the premises of the theory of distortion, leave the Close Encounters of a mental origin, where the psyche of the witness is the subject of a similar altered states of consciousness process, and therefore the perception time can undergo significant alterations, as described and studied in numerous sightings. This fresh look of the UFO phenomenon sheds light on one of the most puzzling aspects that have intrigued researchers of half the world; why the apparitions of the “flyers saucers” and the occupants had been anticipated, so astonishing, by various works of science fiction (literature, film, comics, TV, etc.). Obviously all this material was already part of the unconscious contents of the witnesses before they could his encounter.


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