sábado, 12 de julio de 2014



 29 March 1966 in Hampton Falls, New Hampshire a UFO sighting took place that is unique. About 6:15 p.m. Benjamin Brackett, 10, was walking with his dog in the woods near his home, when over a hill he observed a metal object. In the first instance the boy thought it was some type of "radar chaff" that had fallen into the branches of a tree. But when he approached the area, he verified that the artifact had a radiant-looking quadrangular antenna that was about 30 centimeters long.
The unusual artifact was shaped like the letter “L”, light brownish gray and had a size of about 1.52 meters long and 1 meter high. Its exterior texture seemed to be "cork.” At its base was a brown, metallic-looking dome about 60 centimeters in diameter. The witness was about 22 meters from the scene and could see that the object was sitting on the ground with the help of a "tripod" -- the legs were matte silver and were about 30 centimeters tall. The witness observed three small dark slits.
At that time, there was a burst of air from the artifact that raised several pine leaves nearby.

Young Brackett heard a low-pitched sound, while the contraption rose between 15 and 30 centimeters from the ground. Then the strange aircraft froze in the air, turning to the right with great precision, like it was remote controlled. Despite the strangeness of the event, the boy thought it could be an some experimental USAF hovercraft. The object emitted electric-like sounds.

After another gust of wind, the engine rose to about three meters high. then 7 meters and moved in a south-east direction, turning right 60 degrees and took off at high speed into the sky.
Later it was found that there were prints on the ground that seemed to indicate that an object had landed in the area. The measurement and study of said marks were located in the hypothetical center of balance of the artifact.

It is curious, from his description of the phenomenon, that young witness had knowledge of prototypes of the USAF and this information could be used by the "external agent" to build the experience.
It is unusual for a child, 10, to witness this type of artifact and think that he’s observing a UFO-like artifact from the military, a hovercraft from the USAF. Furthermore, this experience can also be interpreted as the "distortion" of a toy (Lego ?), with one antenna, like some kind of  radio-controlled car.  A boy without information related to military gear would have believed that the artifact was a StarTrek gadget or flying saucer.