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The DistortionTheory offers a new and revolutionary point of view concerning close encounters with UFO and their alleged crews. In order to do that, this theory has its own terminology to try to define accurately some of the key concepts within the theory. Let´s review them to enable a full understanding of their main principles:

This term defines the “operator” or “entity” that interacts, under certain conditions, with the witness’ psyche in order to “manufacture” a so called “UFO experience”. Probably none of the features or actions that are displayed in their numerous manifestations have nothing to do with its true appearance or purpose. The point of this “external agent” is to make the observer believe through a complex holographic projection that they are being witness of the landing of anextra-terrestrial spacecraft and the disembarking of their crew members. But none of this is related to a factual reality neither it has the quality of being persistent in our universe once the experience is finished. Then, who is the External Agent? This External Agent could be a parasitic entity which either feeds on human beliefs or needs human interaction to survive. It’s very likely that the External Agent could be behind of many myths and folklore in the history of mankind disguised under many different manifestations. This camouflage can be identified as a skilful and huge psychic manipulation, as some researchers claim, but it’s obvious that some unconscious mental contents are at play and those are in sync with the sociocultural and historical context at all levels: philosophy, technology, art, etc…

Science fiction did not anticipate the content that later would be in UFO close encounters, simply is the source as the basis for their development. ( Illustration Buck Rogers. Mars Prince of Mars. 1930)

It cannot be ruled out that the External Agent is using latent beliefs within particular societies for its own sake. The External Agent uses then subterfuges and deception constantly in its interactions with human societies and doesn’t seem interested at all neither in fostering any positive social changes nor making the attempt of influencing the fate of mankind. Despite some messages that could point otherwise, the External Agent has no real purpose to convey any scientific or philosophic message beyond those already developed by man itself.

When the External Agent is in touch or interacts with the witness’ psyche, an information transfer is made at an unconscious level,that will be embodied within the experience in a distorted way so the observer is not able to identify as self-made. Whatever is displayed in front of the witness will be a by-product of the symbiosis between both operators, the unknown entity and the human being, and it will be manifested as a holographic projection. Therefore, most of the details and factors that are part of a close encounter can be perfectly tracked down in the observer’s psyche. The most evident and notorious elements nevertheless will be those unique features (Such as traits from a humanoid or technical details from the craft) that cannot be found in similar events.

The information extracted unconsciously from the witness is displayed and rearranged by the External Agent in a distorted way so the observer will not be able to recognize it. The source of this information can be very diferent: literature, TV, work, environment, hobbies, etc…
All these conceptual resources will be used to stage a projection where the witness will be actually convinced that he’s observing, for instance, an UFO landing. This will be the explanation behind why there are so many different types of “flying saucers” and “extra-terrestrials”. The External Agent uses a very different range of sources to create those experiences that their manifestations may vary wildly from one to another.

After the interaction with the witness’ psyche, the “external agent” obtains the essential information to reproduce a holographic projection that will generate an illusoryenvironment where a close encounter with UFO is re-enacted. This projection can be seen externally by a third person but having an unknownpsychic foundation, the perception made by other observer may vary from the one made by the main witness or even some individuals will not be able to be aware of the event at all. The witness will be able to interact with the projection as if he was within a full virtual reality experiment.The witness will be able to touch and feel the elements of the projection as if they were actually there.

The External agent in some occasions can grant to the “holographic projection” a fleeting and momentary material quality in our own reality. Therefore, traces of a landing might appear in some incidents and in some might not, regardless of the terrain conditions.
For instance, in Sangonera La Verde (Murcia) on July 1st 1979 there was a report of an UFO landing. According to several witness a giant humanoid was seen in the surroundings walking around 800 meters but only two footprints were found (One of them partial)
This evanescent matter would be able to explain an array of anomalies linked to UFO close encounters such as:
1.      UFO flying through vegetation or power wires without making any noise or impact.
2.      The randomness in the traces left behind by UFO where in some cases there are obvious marks meanwhile in others there is no evidence at all.
3.      The lack of marks, trails or footprints after a sizeable event has happened involving entities and crafts.
4.      The ability shown by humanoids to go through walls or fences.
5.      The reported silence that goes along with close encounter events.

The External Agent displays in the generated projections very defined behavioural patterns that can be easily identified to facilitate the assimilation and development of these experiences. Most close encounter events, despite their changing and external appearance, display a very similar pattern. The so-called extra-terrestrials are usually doing some of these three universal actions
1.      Exploring the surroundings
2.      Collecting samples
3.      Repairing their spacecraft.
All these three actions will match with what we would expect from an interstellar human explorer visiting another planet so they fulfil the mission of integrating distinctive human concepts within supernatural experiences.

On top of this, the eventual presence of the witness always provokes a surprise reaction to the extra-terrestrials that leads them to leave the place immediately due to the “unexpected” visit of the observer. This farce is a deception with the purpose to manipulate the witness reaction. If we would buy the idea that we had met by pure chance some alien visitors that they don’t want to be seen, they would avoid populated areas but invariably lot of close encounters are reported in areas with continuous human presence such as roads, cities, villages, etc…
Another trait that is also very common in the behaviour of these UFO crew-members is to dazzle witness with devices that project a blinding light.

The process that leads to the “holographic projection” is defined by the Distortion Theory as oneiric creativity because the way it works is very similar to the patterns displayed by human psyche meanwhile we dream. The unconscious contents of the witness are rearranged and projected by the “External Agent” in a creative process, that we can even label as artistic, that contains lot of the nonsensical elements that we usually associate with our most vivid dreams. The distortion displayed within one close encounter experience is very similar to the distortion that we face when we dream.
This would help us to understand one of the most puzzling issues that we find in Close Encounter: The Mumbo-Jumbo Factor. All these nonsensical elements that we find in the UFO experiences which so far they had served only to invalidate and reduce the credibility of the UFO phenomenon in front of the public opinion.
Nevertheless, according to the Distortion Theory this universal non-sense factor is simplified. The internal mechanics behind the creation of these experiences have built-in and integrated these nonsensical factors that actually they have their source in the witness own subconscious.

Those absurd details then don’t have any special or transcendental meaning beyond the remarked artistic/creative value expressed in a holographic projection which introduces us to a dream-like fiction in what concerns to its development and staging. Although the final purpose of these interventions is still unknown to us.  



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In a simple search from the casuistry UFO, anywhere in the world, you can find the effects of "distortion" without difficulty.
If UFO researchers had conditioned (guided) their investigations to search for the "psychological factors" that may have influenced (distorted) UFO experiences, we would have had many different kinds of other surprises.
But that isn’t the case; witnesses who’ve seen documentaries or movies that contain analogies of encounters (UFO shapes, humanoid clothing, behavior of the crew, concrete details, etc) will interpolate the elements of those documentaries or movies into their experience.
Distortion theory can explain, without resorting to complex psychological hypotheses, the variety of humanoid types and the absurd or unreal of many UFO experiences.
Some researchers say the phenomenon deliberately chooses to display its manifestations to look illogical and absurd, assuming that "entities" must know perfectly the human psyche (and logic) to represent a "thing" as absurd in the eyes of witnesses. 
Is probably that an phenomenon controllated for entites making the concept ridiculous, bizarre and illogical to perfection, to dramatize it?. This is very unlikely.
However, Distortion Theory explains these aspects as absurd as it would be the primary result of the Distortion, the human mind (with the interaction of an external agent) projects a reality, "altered" and unknown (like oneiric experience, mixing fantastic and normal elements, at random, to create a dream).
The triggering factor (origin) of close encounters comes from an unknown "external agent."

The external agent selects the witnesses and the site according to their unknown purposes. The essential argument of the experience (extraterrestrial visitation) is chosen (projected) by the "external agent," although most of the items displayed at the encounter result from the merger of the minds of the witnesses (distortion effect) with the producer (sender) as an external factor. It also helps in building the experience, from common elements recognizable to the human species contained in the collective unconscious (Jung).

However, the "external agent" contributes (provides) some common factors with other UFO experiences (in different parts of the world), so that they will not be confused with hallucinations, delusions or simple mental (and physical markings). Even the alleged physical traces left on the ground after a UFO landing are still easily recognizable although they are distortions of elements by the witnesses (and researchers): footsteps, burns, holes, stains of "oil" etc. Why have we not found evidence of another type, difficult to pigeonhole in our scientific parameters? Can a technical spacecraft (unimaginable to our modern science) leave trails as a simple terrestrial machine?

An example of Distortion in a classic encounter of third kind in Spain:

On July 1, 1979, in Sangonera la Verde (Murcia) four young people, Gines Jimenez, 18, Jesus Gregorio Ballester, 17, Antonio Guirao, 16, and Jose Carrillo, 14, around 00:00, had a terrifying encounter with a giant humanoid.
Traveling on motorcycles, they went into the forest with the intention of gathering birds' nests. When they arrived, they saw, on "El Cabezo Colorao" (a nearby hill), a light coming down from heaven. It was a very bright, circular, and luminous white, illuminating the surrounding area.

It was the size of a car, and landed about 400 meters from where they were. Using the headlight of the motorcycle, they made flares, which were answered by this "thing" with intermittent light.
After several minutes of observation, the witnesses heard the sound of footsteps in the bushes, and saw the emergence, in the shadows of the night, a giant humanoid who was gawky and slow. They told the press in 1979, the "being" was 2.5 meters tall, had "a kind of raincoat, something like plastic, zippered with pockets, chest lines, and a kind of mask or helmet square on the head."
The “being” walked slowly, the witnesses saying the walk was "like a gorilla or a monster from the movies." The appearance of the humanoid was similar to that of a rider. With the dark visor on the helmet and tight “plastic” clothing" with zippers and pockets on the "jacket", the “being” was more appropriate as a Harley Davidson fan than that of a spacefarer.

Most reports of alleged extraterrestrial humanoids say that their clothing is completely without buttons, seams, joints or any kind of zipper, which is obviously not the case in this particular incident. Besides the clothes, "plastic" was in vogue at the time of the apparition. Ginés Jiménez said the "giant" spoke in a language they could not understand. Scared, the four youths fled to the village. Some neighbors had seen the light off the mountain in the distance, so they did not doubt the testimony of the young people.

At the place of the close encounter, the researchers found crushed grass, only two giant humanoid footprints (but only one was perfect) and three marks deep in the ground from the supposed legs of the artifact. These three tracks, according to researcher Jesus Sanchez, were arranged in an isosceles triangle, showing that the object had adapted to uneven ground, to maintain a level plane inside the artifact.

With respect to the footprint, it was an average 38 centimeters and very wide, 14 centimeters, sunk into the ground demonstrating that the humanoid was very heavy. The other partial footprint was found (oblique to the first), but, inexplicably, no more traces, were found on the alleged track of the humanoid of more than 400 meters back and forth -- more than 800 meters and only one perfect mark -- impossible if they were part of a physical phenomenon.

To the mind of the four witnesses, the "humanoid" "materialized" (Distortion) like a "rider from space", helmet included. The witnesses had motorcycles and modern, youthful clothing and their behavior in the night, was typical for teenagers; it was terrifying, as in horror movies. Just describing the humanoid caused fear.
So again we are faced with an episode of Distortion, where the humanoid in particular, is "constructed” from the psyche of the teens, and the rest of the evidence and elements of the event (like other frequent close encounters) a product of the "external agent."

I invite you to find another "space rider," with zippers and pockets, in the large humanoid casuistry.

You probably will not find it ... but if found, strive to look for the undeniable effects of the Distortion...


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Close encounters with UFOs, are characterized by elements (excuses) recognizable by the witnesses, so that the observation parameters are made under "reasonable" concepts, in the extraordinary context that represents the vision of a "flying saucer.”
Thus, what the witness thinks "dominates" (controls) to some extent their observation.
Witnesses identify behaviors and attitudes as completely normal in cases of extraterrestrial visitors. They behave as would any person, for example, who has suffered a setback on the road.
This is why one of the most common scenarios preferred (used) by the crewS of UFOS, in close encounters, is damage to their “Aircraft.”
Witnesses recognize the staging (theater) as the UFO landing due to some fault in the aircraft and their crews repairing it in the same way that a car is repaired.
All this is due at the beginning of the distortion, since the phenomenon is presented in the information provided from the unconscious of the witness, mainly on two premises:

1 The effect recognizable and assimilated (a breakdown on the road) as a universal collective “archetype.”

2 The humanoids behave and use human-like tools and procedures in their repair work.

Here's an example:

On the night of November 23, 1964, in New Berlin (New York), 1:00 am, Ms. Marianne observed a light coming down. With the aid of binoculars she saw a very bright object supported by several feet. A light emerged below the artefact, illuminating the ground. She could not specify the shape of the UFO. Accompanied by her mother-in-law, the witness saw 5 or 6 humanoids working on repairing the object. They had a height of 2 meters and 2.5 meters. They wore costumes like a divers-suit, dark in color.

The hands were clear and not covered. The “crew” were carrying toolboxes. Marianne said: "They worked on that vehicle, just as I have seen my father work on farm machinery. They had screwdrivers and wrenches and all kinds of tools like those used to repaira damaged machinery.”

On the ground was a large object like a motor or generator. The witness indicated that the humanoids were working with the same movements as would a terrestrial mechanic: kneeling, lying on the ground, leaning on elbows, et cetera. Then the, women observed another UFO landing nearby.
From that object, 4 o 5 humanoids descended to help the others with repair tasks. They came and went constantly, between artifacts, carrying all kinds of tools. The humanoids cut a long wire into several equal sections. When they tried to enter the "engine" under the UFO they couldn’t for some reason. After trying on 4 occasions, after much effort, they succeeded getting to the engine.
They gathered all their tools and the crews returned to their respective aircrafts. At 4.55 am, the first object disappeared in the distance. Just a minute later, the second UFO flew away.
The next day Marianne, with Richard, her husband (who the night before was hunting with his father) inspected the landing spot. They found three irregularly shaped footprints of about 45'5 centimeters deep. Something heavy had caused the indentations. Marianne found a piece of cable about 2.5 centimeters in diameter, wrapped in a paper-like material. The cable was similar to aluminum, but did not have the specific qualities of that metal. Upon returning home, the mother of Richard kept the piece of cable, but when the researchers came to the site, it had inexplicably disappeared. No doubt in some cases associated with the phenomenon of distortion, the material created from such an encounter will last beyond the presence of the entities in the place of the apparition. It would be “ephemeral material” whose existence would not last for a long time, vanishing without a trace -- a phenomenon observed for example in the "showers of angel hair" in some UFO encounters, and even the apparition of the Virgin of Fatima, which appeared from the sky and then disappeared.

In the present case we find the two paradoxes exposed by the theory of distortion:

The identification of a universal “archetype” i.e., repair, and the witness's mental contribution by incorporating the tools and human procedures that she, Marianne, observed when young, on the farm of her father, who would sometimes help several people do repair work on machinery or engine generators. A feature also observed to be very "human" was to fail, repeatedly, when fitting the motor into the object by the humanoids. The whole scene of mechanical aliens, not just an archetypal representation is "something" else. It is something like a kind of "oneiric experience" with physical reality, produced (assembled) by the unconscious of the witness, with the help of unknown intelligences. The interaction of "them" in our psyche, makes the "movie" of Alien repair a product and result of the perfect symbiosis of identifiable archetypes (inherent to all human beings) and the obvious distortion of memory, imagination and knowledge of each person.

The mechanism is very similar (although not equal to) what we experience while dreaming. If you reader find this strange, you should know that every night, while you sleep, your brain recreates all kinds of situations, distorting everyday life experiences; your ability to reason is partly annulled.
The phenomenon of distortion is based on many of these oneiric precepts and unconscious processes of the human mind. If the theory of distortion was the result of a purely mental causes or caused by a physical effect (Persinger’s theory) without the participation of an external agent, the patterns of the apparitions would not contain common elements.

The experience would be much more unique, extravagant and completely disorganized and incoherent. But mostly, those views, mental aberration and/or physical effects, expose a serious error that completely invalidates a global solution of the UFO phenomenon.

They do not explain. Why not?

For example, in some places, UFO landings occurred frequently at certain times and now the "process" is not repeated. But not only in specific locations. Entire nations have exapereinced a decrease of close encounters, and alleged "hallucinations" have not been replaced by another type of anomalous phenomena of perception. Both these hypotheses, mental quirks and Personger’s electromagnetic influence can not be put forward as solutions to the problem UFOs in a general context.


On numerous occasions, the crews of the UFOs seem to be engaged in the repair of their not so perfect flying saucers.
On September 24, 1954, in Becar (France), two women, Mrs. Geoffrey and Miss Gisele Fin, reported seeing, in a field near their home, a dark gray disk. Along with the object, was a "man" apparently normal, with dark clothes and a sort of "cap" on his head. According to the witnesses, the humanoids were occupied in arduous tasks of repair. (See for comparison, the William Laxton incident, recounted earlier here). But it is not unique.
On October 9, 1954, a draftsman named Willi Hoge, in Rinkerode (Germany), witnessed the landing along the road of a cigar-shaped object. From the UFO four beings descendedl rapidly. They were1.20 meters tall, big-headed, with short, thin legs, that, according to Hoge, were stuffed into "rubber" suits. The beings began, before the astonished gaze of the witness, to repair the object.

In February 1977, in Montana, a Ms. Nielson and another woman observed, at dawn, an elongated object with a dome with a surrounding platform at the bottom.
The UFO was being repaired, on the river, with an instrument that caused sparks such as that seen in welding. The humanoids doing the “repairs” had a height of 1.70 meters, were dressed like skiers, and they walked and worked as if completely normal. (The two friends said they felt no fear at any time.)

On April 20, 1950, a similar incident occurred in Italy. Bruno Facchini, went for a walk after a storm in the town of Abbiate Guazzone, when he observed a strong flare. Approaching the place, he saw a very large object, like a rugby ball, equipped with a ladder of about 7 or 8 meters high. From inside came a soft filtered, green light. Next to the object were several humanoids in diving suits with masks. One of the humanoids was standing on a pneumatic lift. He was "welding" the outside of the artefact. Facchini thought it was a military aircraft in trouble and approached.
But after a short distance, one of the humanoids grunted and the witness, frightened, fled. One of the humanoids pointed an instrument, like a camera and Facchini felt a strong wind.Immediately the humanoids entered into the UFO, and flew off, with the sound of a strong buzz.

The strangest thing about these events is that during the bizarre Air-ship wave of 1896/97, there were episodes of the same faults:
April 12, 1897, at Girard, near Green Ridge (Illinois), a group of miners saw an unknown object land three miles north of Green Ridge and four miles south of Girard. The night machinist's for the Chicago and Alton Railroad, Paul McCrame, stated that he came so close to the artefact he saw a man repairing the machinery. Traces were found over a wide area. The object was elongated like a ship and had a roof and a double canopy. It left, flying north. A curious detail is that the witnesses observed, as the aircraft approached, an emblem on its side like the letter M.
April 14, 1897, Gas City (Ind.). An enormous object landed on the farm of John Rush after provoking a violent stampede of horses and cattle. Six occupants descended from the "object" and began to repair it, before it took off at high speed. (It had almost the identical number of “mechanics” of the Marianne incident ). On April 15, 1897, two laborers, Adolph Winkle and John Rubber, were luckier: they saw a strange object land in a field and conversed with its crew. The crew told them that the arteact had flown from Quincy to Springfield in thirty minutes and was on the ground to make electrical repairs. After the mass sightings of strange "airships" in the late 19th century and beginning of the 20th Century, we have to move to 1934 to find an unknown aerial phenomenon with similar characteristics. In Sweden, mainly, there were sightings of a mysterious "gray airplane" that never came to be identified. And again, we find similar situations: February 7, 1934. Oslo (Norway). From the coastal town of Tromsö came the following telegram: "An unknown plane has crashed or made an emergency landing Monday afternoon at Mount Fager, located in the region of Målselv. The inhabitants of the valley continued to look at the device when it fell on the mountain. The next morning the plane was still there and two men were visible by his side, apparently removing the snow.

Moments later the unit treid to fly off twice but was unsuccessful...
The police chief of Målselv County confirmed the veracity of the message. The accident, or the landing was seen from both sides of the mountain, according to [witness] statements. The witnesses were [credible] people."
The next day, the Norwegian newspaper reported that a Tegna Tidens expedition managed to climb to the top of the mountain to search for remains.
"Farmer Martensson of Fulgleli, said a patrol discovered two parallel grooves in the snow at about 350 meters northwest of the point where the plane had been seen. The tracks measured about 75 cm long and 80 cm wide...The patrol also found footprints around the tracks."
UFOs, Air-Ships, aircraft ghosts, all representing terrestrial and mundane concepts (breakdown, screwdrivers, generators, mechanical, etc.), but transformed and converted into perfect instruments for a "pantomime" close to the world of dreams, by "unknown intelligences" manifested at any time, and, above all, under whatever guise that we ourselves helped build ...[Distortion]


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One night in mid-September 1971, Juan Rodriguez Dominguez, 80, was guarding a melon farm owned by a lieutenant general of infantry, called "Los Lunarejos" in Aznalcóllar (Sevilla).
About 10:00 pm, Juan, came into the village, very nervous and very scared. He told his neighbors that "something" very big, like a bus, had landed in the field. The researchers Ignacio Darnaude and Manuel Osuna managed to interview the witness. Juan said that about 350 feet away, he watched the landing of a large luminous object, from which descended out of two doors (front, side and back side) a large number of humanoids. The witness said it was very similar to buses on route to the capital Seville.

He saw more than 50 men of small stature wearing tight, blue uniforms. They wore "visors" or "something" that prevented him from seeing their faces. They advanced like a small army, without speaking, in perfect order. They all went in the direction of a well. 5 or 6 humanoids stayed in the vicinity of the device. One of small beings had a "lantern" that shone on the witness, causing minor discomfort.
Juan was armed with a shotgun, but never thought of using it (deterred by the large number of humanoids). At that time, he believed that the beings sent him a mental command (telepathy) to leave the place. He did so, fleeing in fear to the village. At first Juan thought it might even be an attempted coup against the regime of Francisco Franco.

In the landing place, there appeared traces of a multitude of small footprints. No doubt this incident is a case of distortion, as Juan Rodriguez, had done military service, worked for a high-ranking military and humanoids behaved and dressed as military. Besides, the "vehicle" that came down with more than 50 "soldiers" was very similar to the bus that the witness was accustomed  to seeing pass through the village. In fact, the “vehicle” had two doors like that bus which contained lots of people just like the humanoids in the UFO. Juan unconsciously combined the passengers factor with the military factor (the military is evident throughout all the experience ). Even the conduct of the alleged alien who shined a light on Juan, was the same as what a military troop might do. What logic is there in a landing of 50 humanoids to see a well?


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In recent decades there has been no significant progress in the understanding of the UFO phenomenon, and particularly in some of the most confusing and perplexing as aspects are, for example, close encounters. In 1969 the famous researcher Jacques Vallée UFO revolutionized the international scene with his extraordinary book "Passport to Magonia" to present a new vision of the enigma. Vallée In this work laid the foundation for a better understanding of the unidentified, to relate not so mythological occurrences of elves, fairies, elves, etc. in past centuries. These apparent similarities between fairy rings and saucers nests, kidnappings and abductions elves, etc. they raised hackles among those who defended the extraterrestrial hypothesis (nuts and bolts). He described the UFO phenomenon adapted its manifestations (adapting its external appearance) at the time when the witness lived, appearing with the times running. He defined this phenomenon as a control system that somehow "controlled" or "manipulated" to humanity through his appearances throughout history. He commented the famous wave of strange devices (air-ship) to the end of last century, where the alleged "aliens" today, scientists presented themselves as pioneers experiencing new hitherto unknown aerial devices.

In the pages of "Passport to Magonia" linked to UFOs and their crews to other phenomena that had previously gone unnoticed by many researchers: "The mechanism of appearances from the legendary and historical to modern times is always the same and follows the model of religious miracles. Several cases, bearing the official endorsement of the Catholic Church (Fatima, Guadalupe, etc.) are no longer in reality, if we apply the definitions rajatabla- that UFO phenomena in which the be associated therewith has delivered a message that relates to religious beliefs and no fertilizers or engineering, as in other cases. "
In his book "Chronicles of Other Worlds" (1988) extended the information when he said; "The phenomena we call UFOs are not, strictly speaking, not objects or flyers. They can dematerialize (...) The UFOs have been seen throughout history and have always received an explanation within each culture (...) The human contact between witnesses and the UFO phenomenon always occurs in conditions controlled by the latter. Its characteristic is an absurdity factor leading to the upper layers of the society in question to reject the story. The symbols transmitted by the meeting are absorbed at a deep level. "
Such was the depth of his lectures, even Dr. Joseph Allen Hynek, considered until his death (1986) the world's leading authority on UFOs and father of scientific ufology extraterrestrial reality doubted, in some eloquent statements made in 1976 to magazine "UFO Report": "I must say that the theory is naive Extraterrestrial ... we must consider the various factors that indicate a link or at least a parallel with episodes of paranormal nature very clearly." Dr. Hynek joined those who believed in other dimensions or parallel universes, that live alongside ours, as a possible origin of UFOs. Theorized in 1976 on how they could access our dimension.. "If we have these interconnected universes chances of passing from one to another they are very small But there may also be a trick to do the trick of the mind-over-the-matter. The body experiences may be an example. "

The American researcher Dennis Stacy, in the book "UFOs definitive answer" by John Spencer (1992), considered that "America could be the refuge (if not the last bastion) call Extraterrestrial Hypothesis". Stacy goes even further in his verdict when he writes: "Arguably, every place and people not only ufologists it deserves, but also, apparently, the phenomenon has certain specific features in each country In the US these traits imply. apparently physical objects photographed and seen by a large number of witnesses such as Gulf Breeze, accompanied by a wave of abductions and a whiff of dead animal (...) Whether the case where only the searcher sees it they want to see, or cases of perverse joke masquerade, the phenomenon remains unanswered. "
Ph.D. Michael Grosso, in the book "The imaginary Contact UFO" (1990), edited by Dennis Stillings, included an interesting article titled "UFOs and the Myth of the New Age" which reflected the following: "We should find points of connection between UFOs and other anomalous phenomena possibly related to them. "Big-Foot, visions of the Virgin, near death experiences," tunes "and various other things" The suggestive investigations lead him Grosso to formulate the "UFO phenomenon and other extraordinary phenomena are manifestations of a disturbance in the collective unconscious of the human race." "In my opinion -continued Grosso UFO phenomenon indicates the existence of some kind of intelligence which acts upon the human race. The action is both mental and physical time. The source remains unknown. (...) No I deny that some UFO reports suggest that intelligence is alien.

But when we study the issue more closely we find that many of the phenomena belong to the psychic realm and the mythical kingdom. (...) If UFOs are psychic projections, will inevitably have collective significance. (...) Thus UFOs Grosso as the tuned-continuous entities with the afterlife, and guardian angels, would be part of a system of reality that we ourselves are creating. But to what end? It could be to warn us, to teach, to awaken our potential, to remind us that we are the creators of reality, to mutate into our minds and bodies, to accelerate our own evolution "
And although, as we see, Vallée approaches were accepted and amplified by many researchers and scholars, in recent years, coinciding with a general decline in world casuistry, they have not produced substantial progress in UFO thought.

For some years we have developed a complex hypothesis, but in the simple background, it can bring a new approach to the mystery of UFOs, based on many of the works by famous researchers as Vallee, John Keel, Grosso, Salvador Freixedo, etc. . This is the theory of distortion. This hypothesis holds that an unknown foreign agent uses the psyche of the witness, "connecting" with her main source of documentation and reference for the "manufacture" of the contents and elements that come together in close encounters with UFOs exist. The symbiosis or communication of the mind of the observer and this undefined "operator" is capable of emitting a complex type of "holographic projection" that can sometimes be tangible enough to leave footprints and marks on the ground. The "projection" is developed, and never better, as if it were a movie starring in first person by the witness.

The funny thing is that the outsider always adds some "own" the plot components that can be tracked and detected hundreds of different incidents and serving for further creative process by the mind of the observer. The discovery of this internal structure, that is the actual process of gestation of these appearances, shows that the alleged alien encounters hide other radically different phenomena.
 It remains extremely suspicious that regardless of the external form of the "flying saucers" and the colorful and almost infinite types of humanoid, they are delivered to repeat certain gestures and actions over and over again, as if all the "extraterrestrial civilizations "who visited us they had agreed to result in a same behavioral patterns over and over again. On many occasions the UFO aliens are described in "objects" (sticks, guns, balls, etc.) in their hands throwing light rays unsuspecting observers or, failing that, is the very "spaceship" the which emits these beams which usually immobilize or inconvenience witnesses not approaching the scene being observed.
This characteristic, should be added so-called "Archetypes Basic Recognizable" (ABR) which are used by the external agent as the basis for design and development of the experiences. These are resources ABR and psychological mechanisms, presented in a simple and clear language, that help, among other things, to assimilation and interpretation of the experience, in a seemingly bizarre and baffling to the observer context. Since it is very common and allocable or extrapolated to a human explorer to undertake a space journey to another planet situations. Hence, on countless occasions, alleged aliens fervent surrender to study the terrain and around, digging even if necessary to take samples, to repair the spaceship (as if it were just as imperfect as our artifacts) or establish communication, nothing transcendental, asking for help to know where they are, to ask for water, or any other mundane, ordinary or absurd question. But above all are ideographic resources used to launch the construction of a perfect story of extraterrestrial visitation from a very human perspective. Then, the foreign agent, in tune with the unconscious permanent observer, adds the individual elements of each witness to complete the details and the action of the plot that will meet in the close encounter.

Thus, by "mental communication", the foreign agent "adds" Unconscious incidents Components unique to each witness, making each experience, while retaining a common matrix, resulting in episodes, a priori individual and different products the imagination of the observer.
But deep down, the anomalous experiences are only the result and outcome of development or staging of a same repetitive patterns (fault, exploration, reconnaissance, light beams, etc.) "adapted" and "molded" to personal knowledge and transferable witnesses and "recreated" so the theory of distortion called "Creative Dreaming": the ability of the witness to erect imagery experience from a "induced history", with similar mechanisms and processes the psychodrama recorded during sleep where the absurd is a sign of identity of a coded message unconscious.
Therefore, almost all the above elements, including the indiscriminate use of light beams, can you find embedded in close encounters of half the world. Or would it be logical to find a uniformity of behavior in different aliens ?. Simply NO. It makes sense to think about is that the comments that have been tagging as close encounters with alien beings, hide a kind of unknown "psychological phenomenon", orchestrated by a foreign agent that uses the information contained in the psyche of the witnesses to "develop" part of the experience. The method of expression used by the unidentified agent is the distortion of our individual unconscious content, which unfolds before the viewer's eyes with a similar approach to the dream experiences, but controlling and delimiting these experiences continue the schemes of "visitation alien ", which is the objective sought to instill. In this way you avoid the psyche of Witness "add" or "contribution" too incoherent materials and, above all, evidence that the human mind is one of the main origins of the nature of these phenomena. If the foreign agent does not exercise this authority or control over the "mental" creation in the gestation of close encounters, it is likely that within a flying saucer, more than one witness had seen members of his own family , friends or even your favorite player making the "role" of a stellar visitor.

In short, the theory of distortion suggests that close encounters with UFOs and their crews, are the result of "Shared Mental Creation" from an unknown foreign agent and the unconscious of the witness. Therefore, the meaning, impact and purpose of these experiences is to be found on the mental plane.
Despite all this, we are not suggesting that encounters with UFOs and their crew is a strictly psychological issue or hallucinatory that is limited to the abstract world of the human psyche. Quite the opposite. Distortion Theory states that the external agent can "make" "Materia Ephemeral" to give some sightings corporeality and thus reinforce the belief that these phenomena are "alien to witness real" and "physical". Although the evidence left by our visitors are so elusive subtlety (burns, holes, stains, footsteps, etc.) that makes appearances remain unfathomable and difficult paradigms to believe for a majority of the population. It is also important to note that close encounters can be observed by more than one person as the outsider basically recreates the scene in two ways:
1. Using a "holographic projection" (devoid of matter). This would explain countless episodes where UFO landings leave no trace after passing, although the terrain should be.
2. By a gifted scene matter where humanoids, ship and observed objects are apparently physical and tangible (material Efímera). But beyond the temporal existence, bounded in time and space phenomenon recreated for the occasion, nothing perceived, felt, or touched during the demonstration has a real, physical and continuous stay in our three-dimensional universe. Even if we dissect the type of trails and tracks that often leave visitors from space, these are perfectly matched to the type of evidence that anyone could assume in advance from ordinary injury from leaking oil or stain radioactivity however never They have appeared after a UFO landing marks really unpredictable and not allocable to a human landing space with terrestrial technology. The prints produced in landings are also the result of the distortion.

On the nature or origin of the external agent we can safely venture little, except to reveal their "modus operandi". Perhaps it is a psychological phenomenon or epiphenomenon linked to the collective unconscious and interacting with some independence and a parasitic type of limited and regulated with certain automation with human intelligence. Or rather, we can not rule that it is a system of manipulation or camouflage in the service of other unknown intelligences ...
But better to see some clarifying examples of what we are saying ...


One night in mid-September 1971, Juan Rodriguez Dominguez 80, melons watched a farm owned by a lieutenant general of infantry, called "The Lunarejos" in Aznalcóllar (Sevilla). About 22:00 Juan came very nervous and scared people telling a strange story. He told his neighbors that "something" very big, like a light bus, had landed in the area and had seen a mysterious humanoid down. Researchers JJ Benitez Ignacio Darnaude, Manuel Osuna and F. Laffite able to interview the witness. Juanjo Benitez as described in his classic work "after 100,000 kilometers UFOs," Juan Rodriguez observed only touchdown precise: "That is" aposó "about 200 meters, no more than one server, (...) Before I saw him a single step out of "traveler" (as referred to the people on the bus), in a row, as in schools, between 50 and 60 men ".

The humanoids were short in stature and were in uniform with a tight blue dress in one piece. They had "visors" or "somewhat" that covered their faces. They moved in perfect formation, in two rows, without speaking, and "marching" like a small army. All were in the direction of an artesian well that was nearby. The witness noticed that 5 or 6 humanoids were around the artifact as monitoring the area. "They would not last two minutes when those little men took a light, somewhat like a flashlight and began to focus." Juan felt some discomfort in his eyes: "I hurt. Then I turned and ran to the cabin. But every time he poked his head, there was light. "
Although John was armed with a shotgun, he never thought to use it deterred by the large number of humanoids in the area. In those moments he thought beings sent him a 'telepathic command "to be out of place. He did so, and the witness fled in fear to the people. In the race still he had time to see, when he turned his head, that humanoid deslumbrándole after him and continued with that strange light.
At first, John thought, even that sighting could be an attempt to overthrow the regime of General Francisco Franco. In the place were many traces of small steps.

In this incident we found several clues that can help us trace the tangible effects of the phenomenon of distortion.
On the one hand, the obvious "military" background embedded in the experience seems to have clear origins. No wonder the witness Juan Rodriguez worked for a senior military officer and during his interview with investigators made constant references to the military establishment, including that at first thought that it was a secret military operation to give a coup in Spain. Hence humanoids behaved and dressed as soldiers. So the witness recounted his meeting: "I have seen many soldiers. Here and in the "tele". And those not appeared. Also I did not see them weapons and backpacks and caps. "

On the psychic material for the production of "spacecraft" that fell over 50 "soldiers", we find it perfectly reflected again in the testimony of John himself when describing the similarity of the alleged UFO seen a single bus often in the village; "Yes, it was like the" traveler "insisted the old guard (...) What shape was that" traveler "? Elongated like a bus. ".
No longer it suspects for our study that the object had two doors and a bus and go down humanoids; "Lined up as in schools", in the words of the guard. Here it is clear that the external agent, when in tune with the mind of the witness, the bus gets the details and general information on military, and the creativity of the witness, that the imminent landing of an elongated object, begins to " develop ", unconsciously, mental construction of their experience. Thus the main contribution is that the Guardian flying machine is like a bus and be manned by an army of strange humanoid, even descend in perfect military formation. And to complete the experience, the foreign agent includes the ubiquitous "detail" of the "light gun" deterrent ... that as discussed below, is not the exclusive property of this particular battalion intergalactic ...


Compare the earlier incident with a sighting occurred 16 years earlier in France. It happened on May 15th, 1955 in Dinan, Cotes d'Armor (France). About 00:15 hours, Mr. Droguet returning home, located in a university where he was employed, after seeing a movie at the cinema. When opening the patio door, she heard a strange noise. Then a beam of blue-green light hit him in the face. His knees buckled and hair bristled. In those moments he felt a vibration. In the courtyard of the university, the witness saw a huge artifact of about 12 meters in diameter, saucer-shaped dome, floating to 1.50 meters above the ground. Near the object, Mr. Droguet saw two beings, of 1.60 meters, wearing "something like a wetsuit," metallic gray, much like the Michelin Man. It seemed that they had realized the presence of the witness. They had a very thick helmet, gloves and belly had a small black box that came several cables. One of the humanoids seemed collecting "stones" of gravel, while his companion, who inspected the area, "He went to a window and looked the boiler room."

The witness was very frightened. He found he could not move: he was completely paralyzed. Although not known whether by printing or by the action of light that will cast mysterious artifact. Mr. Droguet said he thought he saw, inside the object, a third crew member handling the "spotlight" while watching him. Then the two humanoids, moving with difficulty (as if he weighed the feet), were introduced into the device by a central black hole, at the bottom, where a metal ladder. He could hear the metal steps of beings as they went. Then he felt like "an aspiration of air" and increased device vertically above the trees in the area as he turned in complete silence. The lights of the object went out and stopped him. In those moments he regained mobility and fled to his home. The experience lasted about 15 minutes, although the witness they seemed more.
The French researcher Henri Durrant said accurately in the magazine "Lumières Dans la Nuit", on the absurd collecting gravel road, that "aliens have little sense unless they were not really doing studies of geology, but a research on human urbanism ".
In this event are latent check how some of the components that we observe in the sighting of Seville saved. We have a supposed alien landing 2 to inspect the ground, and a third is on the ship to "watch". In addition, the "vigilante" uses a means to "intimidate" the witness that we have recorded countless times, paralyzing light instrument. In both cases we analyzed accredit the external agent, still displaying some common components (UFO landing, ground and stun inspection lights), witnesses the use and develop its own "Creative Dreaming" giving them a patina of exclusivity in the context of a "history" created for every occasion. For example Juan Rodríguez prints to meet the military "content", incorporating a "battalion" of small humanoid recognition and an aspect of the spacecraft bus, and meanwhile, Mr. Droguet observed a humanoid like the famous Bibendum The Michelin man of French tire firm (physical appearance would be very present in the unconscious of any Gallic).
Otherwise, the gear both experiences are based on a similar script: landing site survey (well or gravel) and use of light rays.
But we see another example of how the theory of distortion can be applied to another close encounter playing with the same elements discussed above.

This time we moved to South America to meet the interesting experience of Toribio Pereira, even, was widely investigated by the Brazilian military authorities.
It happened on October 2, 1968, in the city of Lins (Brazil), where our protagonist, 41, worked with his tractor. About 06:00 am, while checking the oil level the vehicle, he was surprised to see a strange device that floated near the ground, about 30 centimeters approximately. Toribio Pereira from a higher position and about 8 meters away, could see perfectly well that it was an object of oval shape, golden color, and on top of which was a transparent dome. Inside the album had 4 chairs and a panel of different instruments to all that he had seen before in his life. The object could measure about 5 meters long and 3 meters high. Pereira was very scared and nervous about the presence of this rare appearance.
At that time the witness discovered that there were 4 beings, 1.60 meters tall, human-like device around bright.
The humanoids were almost identical to each other, very beautiful and with a face that reminded by their facial expressions, the children. They wore a blue robe that covered his head and body, and the bottom had a "kind of red skirt." The strange thing is that in his feet wore brown sandals with straps wound up near the knee. One of the humanoids was inside the object and carrying in his hand an object resembling an "electric drill" Pereira thinks that is a some kind of weapon. The rest of the things being discussed around the aircraft. One of them, using a "silver shovel" is digging in the ground, while other individuals Toribio approaches and examines the engine of his tractor. The crew was inside the object and guarding the witness, typed on a piano like a horizontal panel. In those moments, this humanoid stared at the witness and "shot" with his gun, a luminous ball that hit him in the stomach. The witness felt a sharp, excruciating pain in the belly that paralyzed completely, though he could keep watching and listening. Gradually, the beings returned to the appliance and took their seats.

The object was rising slowly and suddenly and without a sound, disappeared at high speed in a few seconds.
So belly pain began to subside, and the witness got out with difficulty from the tractor and went for help. On the way he encountered a friend, Ismael, a truck driver in the area, he moved to the town hall. Toribio Pereira was very weak and tired, his eyes had a big dark circles and was completely pale. Due to his state of nerves was examined by Dr. Antonio Geris, who found nothing abnormal about the unusual patient. After recovering forces went to his house, where he had several bouts of crying.
Later, the witness was transferred by Brazilian military to an indeterminate army base where he stayed three days, being medicated and interrogated several times about what happened. Brazilian researchers believe that, possibly, the military belonged to the IV COMAR - Regional Air Command IV, of St. Paul, which at that time provided a UFO research group, the SIOANI - Air System Research unidentified objects, under the command of Brigadier Mayor Joseph Vaz da Silva. In his post-incident Toribio Pereira week lost almost 7 kilos of weight.

Although the appearance of humanoid protagonists of this close encounter is radically different from the previous cases, we show in amazement as principal conductor thread of the plot still present the same "ingredients" set out above: landing, site survey and use of "paralyzing ray".
Certainly the absurd dress of the crew, including "Roman sandals" follows a very personal contribution "added" to the psyche of the witness that perhaps his observation in nearby dates had seen in the movies or television actors such clothing . There can not be a more hurtful and ridiculous detail in an alleged encounter with extraterrestrial beings shoes they go so futuristic and nothing unreasonable manner. This particular absurd detail that would be elevated to the rank of impenetrable enigma by some researchers, no longer a mere incidental aspect of the experience results from the interaction of the human mind in the formation of the elements, utensils, clothing, footwear, etc. . the close encounter.
Moreover, the detail of the blade for removing earth, and the study of the surroundings, is a clear example of ABR, which illustrates perfectly the Brazilian tractor about the intentions of his mysterious visitor. Besides the presence of the figure of "armed guard" it offers an interesting clue to the presence and interaction of an external agent in sightings, repeating certain patterns and behaviors in their "three-dimensional creations" as a subtle sketches of "scripts" to complete ...

A descriptive example of this mechanism would be that of a teacher (in the role of the external agent) request their students (which would be our prospective witnesses) prepare a narrative or story that contains the following elements: a forest, goblins and a treasure. Although all start from the same creative base, the development would be different from one student to another depending on the imagination and the same culture (TV, film, literature, comics, etc.). Some narrate a fable with an army of valiant and stout elves and others on the contrary would write only about a lonely, tiny elf.
In all three cases, we have reviewed in the present work we found some common components: landing UFO landing humanoid, inspection and study of the land, and the use by a "caretaker" of a "ray of light" defensive about the witness.
In all three incidents the "Creative Dreaming" of each observer displays the scene differently, adding, among other things, the specific type of humanoid and other circumstances of the encounter.
Therefore, as we have seen, soon we try, we find a common backbone in the internal structure of close encounters that are essentially the root from which arise all the experiences, while maintaining their intrinsic differences that result from the " Creative Dreaming "personal of each witness and serve to the evolution and growth of the experiences as independent and unclassifiable stories.
And all this in the service of the distortion ...

Jose Antonio Carav@ca 

martes, 29 de marzo de 2016


For many years the UFO phenomenon presented numerous variations on the typology of the "flying saucers"  and the appearance of crew members demonstrated an evolution in its manifestations, parallel to the development of our technology, culture and civilization.
It is clear that the first years of research is very different from that compiled at present. For example, after the sixties decade, UFO crews have not been, generally, described with spacesuits and breathing apparatus. That descriptive base has declined considerably. 

This change reflects that the intelligences behind the UFO phenomenon adapts to the technology of the time to create their appearances, according to the theory of Distortion, where UFOs are simply created by the "imagination" of witnesses and therefore their appearance depends on the "oneric creativity" of the observer.

The external agent uses psychic material included in the unconscious of the witness, to make its "alien visitation," and depending on the observer's cultural wealth, studies, literature, film, et cetera, stored in his psyche, the witness is able to, in sympathy with the external agent, build a close encounter with more or less detail.

Here is an example; one of the first cases of a UFO close encounter:

On June 17th, 1950, Oscar Linke, 48, and his daughter, Gabriel, 11, returning that night to the town of Hasselbach (located in Germany, and controlled by the USSR) had to stop  when their motorcycle had a flat tire. They thought they, saw at a distance 140 meters, inside the forest, two deer, but as Mr. Linke approached, to about 10 meters away, he saw two humanoids, dressed in clothes made of a bright substance and metallic. "They were dressed in heavy garments, like people wear in polar regions". The beings were moving like "bears." One had a flashing light on the chest, described in some reports as a "flashing box." 
 The beings seemed to be examining the area and one of them was seen picking something up from the ground. 


Near the two humanoids was a circular object, pink, with a diameter of approximately 15 meters. At its periphery were two rows of slots 30 centimeters in diameter, separated by about 45 cm. At its top, in the center, was a cylindrical, black tower protruding about 3 meters.

The two humanoids rose on one side of the object and when inside the cylinder, it began to vibrate. The row of slots began to shine and the edge started to spin.  The tower appeared at the bottom then and the object lifted off the ground.  "From the swirling effect of the glowing Linke got the impression of a spinning top." As the engine seemed to increase, the cylindrical tower appeared again at the top. 
It made a whistling sound like a bomb falling, but somewhat softer.  From the the hull, along the edge, emerged red and green flames, like a jet.  After gaining some height, the object moved parallel to the ground.  The witness claimed: "It moved faster than any fighter he had seen and made a terrible roar."  The object flew in the direction of Stockheim [Germany]. A shepherd named Georg Derbost, at a distance of one mile or mile and a half, said he had seen what he thought “was a comet [that] bounced off the earth.”  An anonymous worker from a nearby sawmill, described it as a "comet" flying low.  When Linke examined the site of the landing, he found a depression in the ground, which had been made by the tower that raised the landed object off the ground.

Nearby there appeared a piece of land with grain crushed in a strange way, perhaps by effect of the propulsion of the artifact.  The witness told the press that he had never heard of flying saucers until he escaped from East Germany. Linke always thought that the object was made in Russia and he feared reprisals for having seen a secret test of some kind of secret weapon.
 In fact, the very appearance of the object, as well as the costumes of the riders, fit the idea of
a prototype of Soviet origin. 
 The jet propulsion, with flames and noise, obviously a rudimentary technology for an alleged alien spacecraft, reveals that the “elements” used a manufacturing experience dredged from the psyche of the witness.  The scene of the sighting, East Germany, took place where the oppressive Russian presence intimidated all its inhabitants.
 This case has interesting similarities to many incidents that occurred in the decade of the 50s and 60s where the crews of flying saucers were described with an everyday human appearance and dressed as if they were test pilots.

Here is another interesting example of a close encounter with "Russian-like prototypes."

On July 20th, 1965 at 08:30 hours a Ramon Eduardo Pereyra, 38, was driving his furgontea by El Monte de los Curas (Villa Florida), 18 kilometers from Buenos Aires.
 It was raining slightly when he noticed an odd lighted parachute descending from the heavens.
 He stopped his vehicle and walked about 600 meters in the direction where the object had fallen.  On reaching the forest he found a egg-shaped artifact, about 2 meters in diameter, with the top formed of a transparent dome-like, "plastic material.”  The object had no wings or propellers, and it showed no visible  connections or rivets. The lower part had an appearance of steel, and the witness noticed two leaks on its sides.  Mr. Pereyra noted that the top of the artifact was the cockpit of the aircraft containing two anatomical seats, positioned back to back, against which there were panels with multiple colored lights of green, yellow and red. 
In one seat was a humanoid, wearing an adjusted, gray, lead-like suit with a hood over his head.

The "pilot" seemed not to notice the presence of the witness, who saw that the object was supported on two legs.  Mr. Pereyra walked about five meters into the forest at a distance of 30 meters from the aircraft, where he observed another humanoid, dressed in the same way as his colleague, but with the hood on his back.  The being was between 1.75 and 1.80 meters high, and stood next to a tree holding in his right hand a  piece of paper.  Around his neck hung large binoculars, and on his right leg, a military holster. 
He wore a belt with silver buckle, and had on short leather boots. He had blond, combed-back hair with a perfectly normal face, with strong features.

Without fear the witness walked up to the humanoid, who came quickly towards him. 
 When about two meters away, Pereyra asked if he needed something thinking that the "aircraft" was damaged.  The humanoid did not respond although the witness said, by the expression on his face, the being seemed annoyed by his presence in the area, and walked without a word to the object.  With his hand, the being touched the transparent dome that opened. He got in his seat, and the small artifact made a slight sound, like welding, from the two nozzles on the sides.  It slowly rose, vertically, while the legs retreated and then stopped about 20 meters above the treetops.  It then rose at high speed like a meteor.
 Like Oscar Linke, Pereyra says that mysterious object, appeared to be a terrestrial artifact under test, and by its appearance of the crew, a Russian creation. 
 Even in interviews as recent as 2001, at age 72, Ramon Pereyra is convinced that his close encounter was caused by a secret aircraft of human origin.

These cases demonstrate that the UFO phenomenon, via the external agent, uses the witnesses’ unconscious resources to elaborate on the experience, and represent the "close encounters" in a particular form, with a clear relation to the creative ability of the observer, all under the supervision and control of the external agent. So it would not be an intelligent and manipulative "control system" that determines its appearance depending on the era in which it manifests itself to humans, as advocated by some researchers, such as occurred during the exciting wave Air-Ship (1896/1897).  Simply we are dealing with a phenomenon of parasitic type, that can tune in and communicate with the psyche of the witnesses, and depending on a given concept (extraterrestrial visitation, Marian apparition, a creature cryptozoology, et cetera) is able to recreate (adjust) the scene and put it into operation, as if it were a theatrical performance, with a light oneiric "touch."  Somehow, the external agent depends on people's beliefs (faith) to form its manifestations.  Therefore, if the paradigm of "secret prototypes" (Russian, German or American, for example)  would have been more present in the global consciousness, with a greater presence and popularization in the mass media, it would have presented a better theory accepted by most researchers (as occurred in the case with the Air-Ship).
 It is likely that close encounters with the appearance human pilots, ordinarily dressed, would have increased, exponentially, in number during the past decades, instead of such incidents beginning to disappear in the seventies. 
 The popularity and influence of the extraterrestrial theory and its importance in film, television, literature, et cetera (that allowed its unstoppable incursion in the popular imaginary), show that other-worldly aliens were the undisputed protagonists of close encounters.
 It is very probable that the content of close encounters (type of flying saucer, aspect of the crew, humanoid behavior, et cetera) is not premeditated in advance before contact occurs between the witness and the external agent.

The development of the experience is "improvised" based on the creativity of the witness, minute by minute. However, the process of the encounter, while variable, is relative to the unconscious material residing in the mind of the witness.