martes, 11 de octubre de 2016


In a simple search from the casuistry UFO, anywhere in the world, you can find the effects of "distortion" without difficulty.
If UFO researchers had conditioned (guided) their investigations to search for the "psychological factors" that may have influenced (distorted) UFO experiences, we would have had many different kinds of other surprises.
But that isn’t the case; witnesses who’ve seen documentaries or movies that contain analogies of encounters (UFO shapes, humanoid clothing, behavior of the crew, concrete details, etc) will interpolate the elements of those documentaries or movies into their experience.
Distortion theory can explain, without resorting to complex psychological hypotheses, the variety of humanoid types and the absurd or unreal of many UFO experiences.
Some researchers say the phenomenon deliberately chooses to display its manifestations to look illogical and absurd, assuming that "entities" must know perfectly the human psyche (and logic) to represent a "thing" as absurd in the eyes of witnesses. 
Is probably that an phenomenon controllated for entites making the concept ridiculous, bizarre and illogical to perfection, to dramatize it?. This is very unlikely.
However, Distortion Theory explains these aspects as absurd as it would be the primary result of the Distortion, the human mind (with the interaction of an external agent) projects a reality, "altered" and unknown (like oneiric experience, mixing fantastic and normal elements, at random, to create a dream).
The triggering factor (origin) of close encounters comes from an unknown "external agent."

The external agent selects the witnesses and the site according to their unknown purposes. The essential argument of the experience (extraterrestrial visitation) is chosen (projected) by the "external agent," although most of the items displayed at the encounter result from the merger of the minds of the witnesses (distortion effect) with the producer (sender) as an external factor. It also helps in building the experience, from common elements recognizable to the human species contained in the collective unconscious (Jung).

However, the "external agent" contributes (provides) some common factors with other UFO experiences (in different parts of the world), so that they will not be confused with hallucinations, delusions or simple mental (and physical markings). Even the alleged physical traces left on the ground after a UFO landing are still easily recognizable although they are distortions of elements by the witnesses (and researchers): footsteps, burns, holes, stains of "oil" etc. Why have we not found evidence of another type, difficult to pigeonhole in our scientific parameters? Can a technical spacecraft (unimaginable to our modern science) leave trails as a simple terrestrial machine?

An example of Distortion in a classic encounter of third kind in Spain:

On July 1, 1979, in Sangonera la Verde (Murcia) four young people, Gines Jimenez, 18, Jesus Gregorio Ballester, 17, Antonio Guirao, 16, and Jose Carrillo, 14, around 00:00, had a terrifying encounter with a giant humanoid.
Traveling on motorcycles, they went into the forest with the intention of gathering birds' nests. When they arrived, they saw, on "El Cabezo Colorao" (a nearby hill), a light coming down from heaven. It was a very bright, circular, and luminous white, illuminating the surrounding area.

It was the size of a car, and landed about 400 meters from where they were. Using the headlight of the motorcycle, they made flares, which were answered by this "thing" with intermittent light.
After several minutes of observation, the witnesses heard the sound of footsteps in the bushes, and saw the emergence, in the shadows of the night, a giant humanoid who was gawky and slow. They told the press in 1979, the "being" was 2.5 meters tall, had "a kind of raincoat, something like plastic, zippered with pockets, chest lines, and a kind of mask or helmet square on the head."
The “being” walked slowly, the witnesses saying the walk was "like a gorilla or a monster from the movies." The appearance of the humanoid was similar to that of a rider. With the dark visor on the helmet and tight “plastic” clothing" with zippers and pockets on the "jacket", the “being” was more appropriate as a Harley Davidson fan than that of a spacefarer.

Most reports of alleged extraterrestrial humanoids say that their clothing is completely without buttons, seams, joints or any kind of zipper, which is obviously not the case in this particular incident. Besides the clothes, "plastic" was in vogue at the time of the apparition. Ginés Jiménez said the "giant" spoke in a language they could not understand. Scared, the four youths fled to the village. Some neighbors had seen the light off the mountain in the distance, so they did not doubt the testimony of the young people.

At the place of the close encounter, the researchers found crushed grass, only two giant humanoid footprints (but only one was perfect) and three marks deep in the ground from the supposed legs of the artifact. These three tracks, according to researcher Jesus Sanchez, were arranged in an isosceles triangle, showing that the object had adapted to uneven ground, to maintain a level plane inside the artifact.

With respect to the footprint, it was an average 38 centimeters and very wide, 14 centimeters, sunk into the ground demonstrating that the humanoid was very heavy. The other partial footprint was found (oblique to the first), but, inexplicably, no more traces, were found on the alleged track of the humanoid of more than 400 meters back and forth -- more than 800 meters and only one perfect mark -- impossible if they were part of a physical phenomenon.

To the mind of the four witnesses, the "humanoid" "materialized" (Distortion) like a "rider from space", helmet included. The witnesses had motorcycles and modern, youthful clothing and their behavior in the night, was typical for teenagers; it was terrifying, as in horror movies. Just describing the humanoid caused fear.
So again we are faced with an episode of Distortion, where the humanoid in particular, is "constructed” from the psyche of the teens, and the rest of the evidence and elements of the event (like other frequent close encounters) a product of the "external agent."

I invite you to find another "space rider," with zippers and pockets, in the large humanoid casuistry.

You probably will not find it ... but if found, strive to look for the undeniable effects of the Distortion...