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 "The Lonnie Zamora incident was a UFO close encounter of the third kind which occurred on Friday, April 24, 1964, at
about 5:50 p.m., on the southern outskirts of Socorro, New Mexico. Several primary witnesses emerged to report stages
and aspects of the event, which included the craft's approach, din, conspicuous flame, and physical evidence left behind
immediately afterward. It was however Lonnie Zamora, a Socorro police officer who was on duty at the time, who came
closest to the object and provided the most prolonged and comprehensive account.

The object sighted by the police officer.

Zamora said: ""Oval in shape ...smooth — no windows or doors ... Noted red lettering of some type. Insignia was about 2½' high and about 2' wide I
guess. Was in middle of object ... Object still like aluminum-white." He also noted that the object was still on the ground when the roar started." Some physical trace evidence left behind--burned vegetation and soil, ground landing impressions, and metal scrapings on a broken rock in one of the impressions--was subsequently observed and analyzed by investigators
for the military, law enforcement, and civilian UFO groups.
The officer Lonnie Zamora, is considered one of the most reliable witnesses of the UFO world casuistry.  

The event and its body of evidence is sometimes deemed one of the best documented, yet most perplexing UFO reports. It was immediately investigated by the U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force, and FBI, and received considerable coverage in the mass media. It was one of the cases that helped persuade astronomer J. Allen Hynek, one of the primary investigators for the Air Force, that some UFO reports represented an intriguing mystery. After extensive investigation, the AF's Project Blue Book was unable to come up with a conventional explanation and listed the case as an "unknown". (Source Wikipedia)

Curiously in the famous television series science fiction "The Outer Limits", in a chapter issued October 28, 1963 titled "The Man who was Never Born", showed  a spaceship that has some similarities with the object observed Lonnie Zamora. In both cases these aircraft landing vertically, leaking and supported at its lower part with telescopic legs. also one of the
crew wore white, in coincidence with the small humanoids described by the police. Also the circumstance that the fiction spacecraft lands on a desert  is given. Lonnie Zamora Did he see this episode of "The outher Limits"? ..

Spacecraft in episode of "Outer Limits". The device, created by the authors of the popular science fiction series, curiously takeoff and landing is very similar to that UFO observed by Lonnie Zamora . The program was broadcast six months before the spectacular experience of the police officer.
The aircraft was piloted by a pilot with a white jumpsuit ...



If we continue the premise of the theory of distortion when the unknown external agent, syntonized (contact) with the psyche of the witness,
could extract this unconscious information for "making" , so distorted, his UFO "close encounter". Also it is also significant that the symbol observed by the police officer resembles a traffic sign?.
Comparative the "aircrafts".

The similarities are evident.

Is clear that in the psyche of the witness had multiple references to lines, arrows and line drawings (traffic signs) as curiously observed in the 'alien' alleged emblem.

And if that were not enough, the traces found after the disappearance of the artifact are identical to those that could have caused a terrestrial aircraft (tracks, burns, sand vitrification, high temperatures, etc.)
Definitely the Zamora incident remains one of the most intriguing UFO encounters that occurred in the world ... will continue to investigate ...



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  1. Yeah, and this drawing remind me the UFO close encounter in Italy by Rosa Liotti: almost five yeras before this one, the object reported was on this style...