viernes, 1 de marzo de 2019


Why don't stories about UFOs connect in a global plot? Why does each UFO episode seem unique and unrepeatable? Why do so many different types of extraterrestrials exist? Why do some encounters with UFOs seem to be hallucinatory? Why are contacts with the crew of flying saucers absurd and nonsensical? Why are paranormal phenomena recorded in ufological experiences?
At this stage of UFO research, it is clear to us that close encounters with UFOs are not produced by usual physical events, that is, witnesses are not observing the landing of an interplanetary spacecraft manned by scientists from a distant galaxy. It is more likely that all this that we have labeled and studied as close encounters with UFOs is, in reality, fleeting visions of an expanded reality, which is sometimes perceptible to some people.
Since the dawn of humanity there has been speculation about the existence of "invisible kingdoms" inhabited by beings or entities intermediate between Gods and demons, who are able to engage in dialogue and contact with certain or chosen people. All the cultures of the earth have abundant oral and written traditions, framed in shamanic, mystical or magical rites, that describe the contacts with these alternative realities and their "inhabitants". But the most curious thing about this question, according to the varied folklore recorded, is that, even though some common structural lines (gods/demons/hidden kingdoms) have been preserved, all these "magical" traditions seem to develop differently, depending on the individual or culture that perceives them.
This would indicate that the perception and contact with this phenomenon has to undergo some kind of "influence" or "decoding" by the psyche of each witness that makes it substantially different from that of another person. And it is the main reason why these paradigms have such a personal and non-transferable patina when confronting each other.
It must be taken into account, as a vital point of our research, that on most occasions, the visions and contacts with these "invisible kingdoms" or their "dwellers" were not carried out in physical form, but that the different "initiates" did so through trances, dreams or visions, that is, in a wide spectrum of altered mental states. More than trips or physical encounters, these experiences were powerful and revealing psychic (spiritual) experiences for their protagonists.
 In the case of close encounters with UFOs, the main and perhaps only important difference for our study, with the "magical" traditions exposed above, is that, in this case, "something" from that "other" reality establishes a "bridge" of contact between both worlds. Opening a fissure through which these "invisible kingdoms" can partially access our reality. We are not facing a shaman, mystic, initiate or religious who wants to voluntarily access a mental stage that allows him to access a contact with their gods or enter their "kingdoms".
In the UFO phenomenon we are facing another scenario. At least it seems that the "vision" is embedded in the middle of our daily reality. Therefore, the casuistry that we have recorded in 70 years, would be the result of a sudden and unexpected irruption, by the witnesses, in this expanded reality that somehow "feeds back" from its unconscious to take shape before its eyes. In the UFO question, and probably in other so-called anomalies, an "external agent" from that unknown universe, for reasons that may have to do with the cerebral/neuronal conformation of witnesses, decides to establish a direct contact between both realities through the psyche of people. Therefore, witnesses are not aware of what is going to happen and are subject to modify the phenomenon in a broader and more disconcerting way than those people who have a pre-conceived interest and purpose in their contacts.
But how does this happen? These experiences originate when the "external agent" (a type of "psychic entity") that inhabits this portion of reality hidden from our ordinary senses, interacts with the psyche of witnesses, and is able to fabricate ephemeral dimensional "layers" on the border between the two universes that contain the elements described by UFO mythology. And this is caused by the interference that the human psyche produces in what is perceived.  And it is that, just as the "psychonauts" interfere in the content of their sacred or magical visions, the witnesses with the information contained in their unconscious contribute, without being aware of it, almost all the "visual/narrative" material that will configure the content of the ufological experience.
Because the psyche of the observers, by momentarily entering this reality, manages to cross the barriers of ordinary consciousness, which allows it, among other things, to construct and add elements in a scenario that stands in a border zone between both universes. And under this "psychic influence" the witnesses can interact with this other expanded reality, in a totally different way to the known one, creating its content in that same moment in an instantaneous way without having anything foreseen. For that reason, the contents are highly creative, malleable and unpredictable. And that is also why anomalous experiences manifest themselves in such a wide range of representation (ghosts, Marian apparitions, UFOs, etc.), since the archetypal, cultural, folkloric, social, etc. content of the human imaginary is so broad and rich in details and nuances that it offers an almost infinite field of "action".
UFOs are a new metaphor, a new form of expression of this expanded reality to show us the existence of a psychic universe with broad repercussions for human consciousness. The flying saucers are reactualizations of ancient myths and folklores, but they preserve the internal message: 1.- There are other realities 2.- There are other forms of life. Only the external appearance of the phenomenon is transformed as human civilization advances, since, otherwise, under other "clothes", the bearer of the message would not be at the height that the individual waits. And since people's participation determines many aspects of their experiences, it is likely that what is visualized fits the prevailing thoughts.
However, at this same time, in another cultural context, the external agent can manifest using more arcane and primitive roles. Everything depends on the witness, as a catalyst of these realities; he will build a mental construction adequate to his interests, which is the carrier of the message. Although, as we have registered, in the majority of occasions the witnesses are not able to integrate totally their anomalous experience in their daily life, and to understand really the sense and the transcendence of the perceived thing.
The technification of society and the increasingly deepening distance from human roots means that these bridges between the two universes are more difficult to establish. The encounters incited by the external agent tend to disappear in function that the individuals, the necessary keys to establish these connections are farther away from certain mental frequencies. After all, we are talking about the evolution of consciousness and the existence of other levels of reality.  Perhaps one day science in an analytical way may explain some of these issues, but what I have no doubt, is that we have chosen the longest and coldest way ...