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Surprisingly researchers have not given importance to the possible involvement of witnesses in UFO events. But when we search for knowledge, culture and beliefs of them discovered some clues that can help us clarify many issues presented in UFO close encounters. Most elements and the "aesthetic" of the experience, physiognomy of the crew, "flying saucer" appearance, actions of the occupants, etc., we find, as utlined in the psyche of witnesses: a military sees armed humanoids as soldiers, a lover of Egyptology seen a UFO as a pyramid, an engineer received technical explanations of the operation of the flying saucer, etc.

 What happens is that these unconscious ingredients are displayed before the eyes of the observer in a distorted form (which gives its name to the theory) that they are not getting recognized as their own. The mechanism operated for the creation and development of close encounters is similar to the process that we experience when we dream (we call Creation Oneiric). Although many find patterns that might suggest that we are facing a phenomenon of psychological origin, also discovered other factors that indicate conclusively the existence of a much more complex and unknown to humans phenomenon. One point that would indicate the existence of an "extern agent" is that many  singularities are shared by witnesses despite not having any link or communication between them . Interestingly many times the UFO occupants are described with "objects" (sticks, guns, balls, etc.) in their hands throwing light rays unsuspecting observers, or, failing that, it is the very "spaceship "which emits these beams which usually immobilize or inconvenience witnesses not approaching the scene being observed.
In addition to this omnipresent characteristic in almost all close encounters, there are other factors that seem to indicate the presence of shared common elements inexplicably. Most of the stories of close encounters show easily assimilated very simple arguments for any observer (called Recognizable basic archetypes) in countless incidents alleged aliens engaged in taking soil samples, or repair your flying saucer, or establish a insubstantial communication (ask for water, ask "where we are", etc.).

 These findings and the keys specified above form the core of the Distortion Theory, we could summarize in the existence of an unknown "extern agent" that interacting with the mind of the witness for the construction of the UFO experiences in a "Creation Shared Mental ". The human psyche, in line with this unknown operator brings unconscious form, details and inherent and private elements that make their experiences, unique and transferable experiences. Therefore, close encounters are just the result and outcome of development or staging of a same repetitive patterns (damage, exploration, light beams, etc.) "adapted" and "molded" with the knowledge of witnesses .The clearer  example  to understand for the Distortion Theory is that of a teacher (in the role of "extern age") request to his students (who would be our potential witnesses) prepare a narrative or story containing the following elements: a forest, goblins and a treasure. Although all start from the same creative base, the development would be different from one student to another depending on the imagination and the same culture (TV, film literature, comics, etc.). Some narrate a fable with an army of valiant and stout elves and others on the contrary would write only about a lonely, shy and tiny pixie.

And in this way our UFO close encounters operating, offering infinite variations of a model that changes over the years. Therefore it is not the phenomenon itself, which adapts to the society it manifests itself, if not that is the intellectual wealth of the witnesses making progress observed structures of paradigm, itself.Despite all this, we are not suggesting that encounters with UFOs and their crews are limited to the imaginary universe. Quite the opposite. Distortion theory states that the "extern agent" is able to "produce" sometimes "Ephemeral matter" to give some sightings and corporeality for reinforce the belief that it is an "real" phenomena and "physical" outside the witness.  Although the evidence left by our visitors are so elusive subtlety (burns, holes, stains, footsteps, etc.) that makes appearances remain very difficult to believe for most people. But we can go further. If we dissect the type of trails and tracks that often leave visitors from space, they coincide perfectly with the kind of evidence that anyone could assume in advance that could leave a spacecraft, from ordinary injury from leaks, to stains oil or radioactivity therefore these traces do not stop being human concepts distortions. It is also important to note that close encounters can be observed by more than one person as the "outsider" recreates the scene basically in two ways; 1. Using a "holographic projection" (devoid of matter). This would explain countless episodes where UFO landings leave no trace after passing, although the terrain should be like or when, for example, these objects or their crews go through obstacles without difficulty, like ghostly apparitions. 2. By a gifted scene matter where humanoids, ship and observed objects are apparently physical and tangible (material Efímera).

But beyond the temporal existence, bounded in time and space phenomenon recreated for the occasion, nothing perceived, felt, or touched during the demonstration has a real, physical and continuous stay in our three-dimensional universe. Distortion theory explains one of the hallmarks par excellence of the UFO phenomenon and to date considered an unfathomable enigma; Absurdity Factor present in almost all of the UFO events (absurd behavior of visitors, mundane elements embedded inside flying saucers, components and delusional traits both in terms of UFOs and the physiognomy of the crew, etc. .). Distortion Theory suggests that these incoherent elements integrated into the experience, are totally special or transcendental significance as some researchers argue, beyond the creative / artistic value provided by the witness himself during shared mental creation sponsored and controlled by the agent external. Therefore these incoherent elements integrated within the next few experiences with UFOs and their occupants, and that some ufologists is a "seal" of authenticity to these events, are exclusively the result of a similar dream where images process and the feelings are intertwined and so iconographic submitted independently to be logical or consistent, as their role is limited to expressing a dream language by the human unconscious.

We also have to consider, following the premises of the theory of distortion, leave the Close Encounters of a mental origin, where the psyche of the witness is the subject of a similar altered states of consciousness process, and therefore the perception time can undergo significant alterations, as described and studied in numerous sightings. This fresh look of the UFO phenomenon sheds light on one of the most puzzling aspects that have intrigued researchers of half the world; why the apparitions of the “flyers saucers” and the occupants had been anticipated, so astonishing, by various works of science fiction (literature, film, comics, TV, etc.). Obviously all this material was already part of the unconscious contents of the witnesses before they could his encounter.


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On October 2, 1968, in the city of Lins (Brazil), Toribio Pereira, 41, worked with his tractor. About 06:00 am, while he checking the oil level of the vehicle, he was surprised to see a strange artifact floating near the ground.
From a higher position and about 8 meters away, he observed that it was a golden, oval shaped object, on top of which there was a clear dome. Inside the disk were four chairs and a strange instrument panel. The object measured about five meters long and three meters high. Pereira was afraid and nervous in the presence of that rare occurrence. He then saw four beings, 1.60 meters tall and human-like.  The humanoids were almost identical to each other, very beautiful and with faces that reminded him of children. They wore a blue robes that covered their heads and bodies, with a “kind of red skirt” on the bottom. They wore brown sandals with straps rolled up near the knee. One of the humanoids was inside the object, carrying an object resembling a "power drill.” Three of the beings were examining the aircraft. One of them, using a "silver spade" was digging in the ground, while the other two approached Pereira  and examined the engine of his tractor. The humanoid inside the object watched the witness, as he or it typed on a horizontal panel like a piano. Then this humanoid while staring at Pereira, "shot" him with his weapon -- a luminous ball hit Pereira in the stomach. The witness felt a sharp, excruciating pain in the belly and became completely paralyzed, though he could still see and hear.

Gradually the humanoids returned to the object and took their seats. The object rose slowly and without a sound, disappeared at high speed in a few seconds. Then Pereira’s belly pain began to recede and he went in search of help. On the way he met a friend, Ismael, a truck driver. Toribio Pereira was very weak and tired, had a dark circles under his eyes and was pale. Due to his state of nerves, he was examined by Dr. Antonio Geris, who found nothing abnormal in the patient.
Pereira went home, where he had several crying spells. Later he was transferred by the army to a undetermined Brazilian military base where he remained for three days, being medicated and interrogated several times about what happened.
Brazilian investigators believe the object possibly belonged to the military COMAR IV - IV Regional Air Command, of St. Paul, who at that time had a UFO research group, the SIOANI - Air System Research which unidentified objects-, commanded by Brigadier Mayor Joseph Vaz da Silva. In the week after his incident Toribio Pereira lost almost seven kilos of weight.
In this incident, some omnipresent elements are repeated in the close encounters investigated in other similar encounters: an object landing in a field and the use of "stun rays." 
Certainly, the absurd dress of the crew, including "Roman-like sandals" are due to an effect produced by distortion, a very personal contribution "added" to the psyche of a witness who, perhaps, had seen such apparel in film, on television actors or Carnival.
It's a ridiculous detail in an alleged encounter with extraterrestrials that the crew of a flying saucer is dressed in a manner so unreasonable. This particular detail is absurd, It would be considered an impenetrable enigma by some researchers, just a mere circumstantial aspect of the experience, the result of the interaction of the human mind in constructing the items: utensils, clothing, footwear, etc.  
The internal mechanism used by the “external agent” in the manufacture of close encounters, usually is the same, but each witness develops the experience uniquely, depending on their particular oneiric mind-set.

But at the bottom of the incidents we always find the same factors over and over again.



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La teoría de distorsión sugiere la del que el alcalde Parte del contenido material de En un encuentro de Cerca La Experiencia oleada del inconsciente individuo de Los Testigos, Ser Capaz de Tomar Elementos de la mente colectiva humana (inconsciente colectivo y los arquetipos).
Fluye Todo (deriva) de la Interacción (canalización) de la psique del testigo ONU de la estafa agente externo desconocido. La Participación de la ONU agente externo independiente es Confirmado por la incorporation de Ciertos Aspectos de las Experiencias Que hijo comunes ¿un Cientos de incidents.
EJEMPLO Por, los humanoides Disparar destellos de luz a Los Testigos, INDEPENDIENTEMENTE de su Apariencia, alto, bajo, Seres Humanos, monstruos, etcétera.
Lo Que es desconcertante Sobre encuentros Cercanos Es Que los humanoides de radicalmente Diferentes Aspectos Físicos se comportan de la Misma Manera, con "Herramientas" (Una Luz En La Mano); se dedican a EXPLORAR El Terreno y alrededores, Muestras recoger, Nunca but Evidencia Dejar tangibles PUEDE Que analizada Ser de Sus numerosas visitas.
Also, Como se ha señalado, disparan rayos de luz en Los Testigos.
E El Comportamiento uniforme, en los Casos de Diferentes apariencias "extranjeros"; Formas, colores y TAMAÑOS, en Experiencias Que se Destacan por Tener Varios Elementos incoherentes, indica Que Nuestros Elige inconscientes se ajusten a Estós Aspectos Externos de la Experiencia (con la Información de la televisión, la ciencia ficción, los cómics, peliculas, etcétera. ), Con Un agente externo añadiendo los "Elementos comunes".
Por otra parte, la existence de huellas Físicas en el suelo o Sobre el testigo indica Que el agente externo es Capaz de proporcionar "material" de un Una experiencia Más típica de soñar Que La Realidad.
Emulando la ONU director de cine, el agente externo es Capaz de mantener ONU guión "homogéneo" algo coherente con la lógica del mundo de los sueños de crear de Una escena Que repre visitas extraterrestres, "ELIMINAR" y "censura" Pueda Que materiales CUALQUIER inconsciente obstaculizar o desviar el Objetivos Básicos de la Experiencia.
El agente externo utilizaciôn Sólo Los Elementos Más Útiles de lo inconsciente párr dar forma a la Representación teatral en la forma de "platillo volante", junto con el atuendo del humanoide, su Apariencia Física, la altura, el Comportamiento, etcétera.
Y dependiendo de la s capacidad imaginativa de los Testigos y de los inconscientes Recursos (literatura, cómics, peliculas, etc.) La Experiencia Contiene mas o menos detalle.
La teoría de la distorsión PROPONE Una ecuación interesante: si CONOCEMOS Muchos Detalles del testigo (Análisis de su personalidad Conocimientos Y, Estudios, aficiones, etc.), Que pueden adivinar Qué tipo de Experiencias OVNI vivira ...
 Y al contrario, conociendo los Detalles de Cercano encuentro de la ONU, PODEMOS Descubrir Qué Aspectos permiten Que el testimonio de vivir this experience.
 De Manera this Podemos rastrear el origen de Ciertos Detalles de las Experiencias Que parecen incoherentes o anacrónica. Probablemente todos Estós Elementos absurdos en encuentros Cercanos estan latentes en el inconsciente de los Testigos, Que Una buena Investigación, encontraría duda pecado. 
De Manera this Podemos rastrear el origen de Ciertos Detalles de las Experiencias Que parecen incoherentes o anacrónica. Probablemente todos Estós Elementos absurdos en encuentros Cercanos estan latentes en el inconsciente de los Testigos, Que Una buena Investigación, encontraría duda pecado.

En El caso siguiente, de Italia en 1951, divulgada Pero en 1978, PODEMOS VER Muchas de las Características observadas en los humanoides Que se reflejaron en la portada De Una revista Estadounidense de Ciencia Ficción Publicada en 1957.

Sin Tener Una Conexión Entre ONU evento Y OTRO, sorprendentes hijo las similitudes, y Se Puede explicar DEBIDO una cola en el imaginario colectivo estaria contenida (almacenados) todos los "Ingredientes" de la ciencia ficción (cascos, trajes espaciales, antenas, equipos de respiración contenida Aparatos, pistolas de rayos, etc.) Necesarios cuentos párr Encuentros una brotar. Pero todos Estós Elementos se combinan y distorsionados por la Propia psique del testigo, Usando su propio "onírica creatividad."

En Voghenza (Voghiera, Ferrara) el 14 de agosto 1951 en 13:00 pm, HB, ONU agricultor y trabajador de la construcción de 57 años, la Realización de Trabajos de mantenimiento en el cementerio local de sintio Una intensa ola de calor en la espalda , Al Mismo Tiempo Que Oyó ONU extraño ruido. Dándose la vuelta, observó un un Enorme Objeto metálico brillante Sobre 6 metros de Diámetro Que caen del cielo.

El artefacto FUE alargada estafadores UNA Cúpula En La Parte Superior Aletas y Varias verticales. Habia Varios redonda, ventanas azules. En el centro Habia Una cúpula de anillo Que gira. La parte inferior Tenia la forma de embudo de la ONU y ESTABA inmóvil. Un velocity baja, la nave aterrizó un UNOS Cincuenta metros la testigo, apoyándose en tres patas Telescópicas Que salen de la base de su. Dos puertas laterales abiertas Mostrando dos escaleras. Surgieron Seis humanoides de UNOS 1,20 metros de altura.

Cortesía Moreno Tambellini

Llevaban Una Sola pieza de color de blanco brillante trajes y llevaban botas Que llegaban Hasta las rodillas. En la cintura llevaban cinturones con Una lente verde alargada. En cabezas SUS tenian cascos de materiales transparente de La que sobresalen tres antenas, DOS A Cada Lado y uno en el centro. En la parte trasera era de la ONU "paquete" de la ONU Que Surgió tubo unido al casco Por debajo de la barbilla. Los brazos de los humanoides muy Eran largo en Relación con el Cuerpo. Llevaban Objetos largos En sus manos parecían Que Haber ALGÚN tipo de arma Como una escopeta.

Al ACERCARSE a la testigo, Que podia Ver más detalles de la cara de los Seres. Los Rasgos faciales Eran-simio SIMILARES. La cabeza alargada Tenia pómulos altos y redondos ojos azules, la piel blanca era. (Uno Ser parecia Que El "jefe" del grupo y Tenia Una barba de rojo color.)
El resto de Sus cabezas Estaban Cubiertas ONU de la estafa Oscuro materiales. Uno de los humanoides señaló el Objeto Realizado en el testimonio y Disparo ONU "flash" de la luz. HB ESTABA asustado tan, but D No trato de Huir, y la "luz" no Causo ningún Daño aparente.
El "jefe" gesto ONU Hizo con la mano, y el testigo le devolvió el saludo, El humanoide asintió. De Repente, todos los humanoides regresaron a la aeronave. Una llama de color de rosa Apareció desde el embudo inferior, el Objeto se Elevo verticalmente una Alta Velocidad, y en dos Segundos se perdio de vista. Un trabajador cementerio observaba el vuelo De Una luz cegadora. Marcas were dejados en campo por la ONU el aterrizaje: un círculo de Hierba Quemada estafadores Tierra desprovista de vegetación Cerca de Siete metros de incidents diameter.Several Que Ahmad Jamaludin Presenta en MUFON UFO Journal, N ° 141, se llevo a cabo en noviembre de 1979 , en Malasia.
Uno de los incidents Contiene Los Elementos descritos en Múltiples encuentros Cercanos, incluyendo el desembarco Voghenza. Los Supuestos Extraterrestres En Este incidente Pequeñas ERAN.

En Este incidente, la imaginación de los Niños involucrados Anadio Una túnica adornada con Estrellas, en humanoide pequeño ONU. El USO de pequeño ONU "pistola de rayos" por el humanoide Producido, Una Vez Más, Efectos paralizantes. Un niño Tenia parálisis de su brazo derecho.
Jamaludin narrateds incidente this thusly; "Ocurrió el 19 de agosto de 1970, Cerca de la zona de juegos de la escuela primaria de Stowell en Bukit Mertajam. Testigos presenciales afirmaron Que Vieron un cinco, humanoides de 3 Pulgadas de altura marchan de forma militar por la pasarela de platillo volador ONU en miniatura en el patio de la escuela. Cuatro de los Seres vestían uniformes azules identicas, MIENTRAS Que El Quinto, Que se Movía con el aura de una persona Que parecia Estar un cargamento, llevaba Una túnica de color de amarillo brillante Decorado con Estrellas y Tenia ONU par de "cuernos" o antenas en la cabeza. Al Principio las Entidades inusuales parecían Ignorar los espectadores y procedieron a subir un árbol Cercano un, Donde erigieron ONU "Dispositivo aéreo Como" En sus ramas. El Propósito de Este Dispositivo, o INCLUSO Si Se Recupero Eran Hechos Que permanecen frustrantemente grabar pecado.

In Muy poco tiempoo ONU Grupo de SEIS chicos Avanzo Sobre los INVITADOS inesperados. El más valiente del grupo, uno K. Wigneswaran, Intento agarrar párr El Líder llamativamente vestida, Pero los astronautas Extranjeros se apresuraron a defenderse y no perdio Tiempo en la elaboración de sus "Pequeñas pistolas láser" Y Abrir Fuego Sobre los Niños curiosos. Los Niños esparcidos En un pánico y Una Vez Que El bullicio se apago Wigneswaran descubrirían Una cicatriz en el muslo Donde Habia Sido golpeado por la pistola de láser ".