martes, 1 de enero de 2019


Most researchers have not assessed the strange coincidences between different phenomena, which seem to point clearly to a common origin of them. It is very strange that all the entities that have been described throughout history (daemons, fairies, angels, ghost, extraterrestrials, etc.) have adequately received an explanation or determination by researchers, describing their origin and true purpose of their appearances before humans.
Little has been made clear from the researchers of anomalies, about the nature of UFO crew members, ghosts, elves, and other amazing creatures that have appeared in our wake.
Why is there this vagueness of meaning in these manifestations? Why are they all elusive and confusing when it comes to communicating any message? But, in obvious counterpoint, the apparitions are very detailed in form and appearance, and they spare no effort in manifesting themselves broadly and blatantly, with all kinds of accessories, clothes, tools, gadgets.
However, when it comes to communicating, they are tremendously sparing in words, and on many occasions they transmit false or ridiculous information. It is very probable that these manifestations, as a whole, obey a "psycho-dimensional"  phenomenon that originates and is based on the unconscious information provided by the witnesses in conjunction with an external agent.
Thus, it seems that the entities being manifested cannot communicate any interesting or outstanding information, since, ultimately, these apparitions are mostly due to a psychic process in which the observers play a predominant role, yet there seems to be something else at work. And while the psyche of the witnesses acts as an essential catalyst that facilitates access to the encounter with this manifested unknown reality, it is not the only “actor” in the manifestation.
Polymath René Girard posited external and internal models or mediators when he discussed human desires, external mediators existing outside time or space and internal mediators that act within the social or inner human sphere. [From NYRB, 12/20/18, Page 62]
So, similarly, is it possible that in The Distortion Theory, there are two agents, internal and external, mediating what is being “observed” by a witness, one providing external materials new to the witness and one providing material from the (inner) psyche of the witness, material unique to the witness?
Therefore, while we can’t ignore or underestimate the function of the human psyche in the composition of these paradigms, we have to concede that there may be an external manifestation that condemns us to wander eternally through a labyrinth of unknowability.