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I am convinced that one of the most transcendental and important clues of anomalous manifestations of any kind (encounter UFOs, ghosts, chupacabras, Marian apparitions, etc.) is the implication of the human psyche, together with an unknown agent, in the construction of some experiences, which we could classify as totally artificial and deceptive. Although for decades, UFO enthusiasts have believed in "alien visitors," complex "control systems," "parallel universes," or "ultra-terrestrial beings" able to create of the most confusing cunning and manipulation, in reality we are confronted with an extraordinary phenomenon, almost exclusively psychic, capable of distorting before our eyes the content of our rich and almost limitless unconscious, to make us believe in a hidden reality non-existent. And it is that the manifestations are nothing more than a spontaneous and ephemeral fictitious recreation  of a determined scene, to satisfy unknown interests, that range from the landing of a spaceship, the vision of a Virgin, to a huge hairy and stinky creature that lives hidden in the lush forests.
Although the experiences gathered by the researchers share some points in common, especially the general criteria of the paradigm, most of the content of the experience offers information that is individual and exclusive, that I never, never, we find in another UFO event.

Why? For the simple and inescapable reason that these experiences are nontransferable or extrapolable to another UFO episode, since it is the intimate psyche of the witness that contributes the "material" that will illustrate, for example, the close encounter with extraterrestrial beings. No one else around the world, despite the existence of a monumental UFO literature return to see humanoids who have been reported by a particular witness. We are faced with a phenomenon of psychic dimensions caused by an unknown disorder? If we were to faced a strictly psychic phenomenon, not yet diagnosed by science, without supernatural connotations, the UFO manifestations, and other manifestations, would show in a more public and uncontrolled way, and not with the astonishing elusiveness of what it does gala, showing only on certain occasions and front certain people. And of course, this phenomenon  would not leave traces or remains ... We are facing another "thing" ... but we continue to advance ...


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According to the theory of distortion, the involvement and participation of the mind of the witness, is essential in "making" and "projection" of the experiences of close encounters with UFOs. First, as "source documents", where the “external agent”, extract "information" (elements) to be used in the representation (oneiric theater) of contact with extraterrestrial beings.
And two, the mind of the witness, being attuned to this “external agent”, is the point of origin of the communication, and therefore, although there is a "stimulus" external "real" (independent, three-dimensional), such as a flying saucer landed, the "stimulus" is not through the nerves of the eye. The witness's own mind is the beginning of phenomenology.
So this would explain why many witnesses were able to recall many details of their experience, (although this was very short in time) as the "recording" of memory occurs directly on the brain of the witness (a neurological level .)
This cause may also be an effect of tuning (communication or data transfer) between the two participants in the construction of anomalous experience (the human mind and the “external agent”).
We must remember, that the involvement of the “external agent” helps maintain a structure "consistent" in the final result of experience (extraterrestrial visitation), avoiding the involvement of elements certainly extravagant and "anachronistic.” For example, that inside the UFO, the witness observes his father-in-law or his boss. Moreover, the “external agent” inserts into the internal structure of the close encounter, certain common elements that are unknown by the various witnesses but are repeated throughout the world.

Here is an example: On December 30, 1972, in Tres Arroyos, 500 kilometers from Buenos Aires (Argentina), about 22:30 p.m, Mr. Ventura Maceiras, 73, was having a drink on the outside of his isolated home, close to a fire and with his pets, a dog and a cat and their young ones. Suddenly the radio started having interference, until it stopped working. At that moment he heard a loud noise, like a swarm of bees that increased its sound level. The witness observed a bright light, which came from an object about 20 or 25 meters in diameter and was disc-shaped, the color of red /orange. The artifact floated about 10 or 20 meters above the ground. At the top of the disc was a luminous dome with windows. The object emitted sparks from the bottom. The disk was tilted toward the witness, Ventura Maceiras observed a humanoid with a transparent helmet (like an astronaut’s), wearing a dark gray suit inflated like the Bibendum/Michelin Man).
From the top of the helmet came a tube joined to a "parachute" on the back.  Behind this humanoid, there was another being, looking over the shoulder of his or her companion. Both had slit eyes, the mouth was a simple line; the witness remembers nothing of a nose or ears.

On the back wall of the object, Maceiras saw, perfectly, a flag with an emblem. In the emblem was a "seahorse" with a "crown" on its head. The emblem also had several signs that Maceiras did not recognize. The upper half of the emblem was light blue with gold lower on the lower half. The witness also told investigators that he also saw an impressive number of instruments and "watches.”
Then the flying saucer launched a very powerful beam of light that blinded Maceiras. The cat that was also in the path of the light disappeared immediately. The artifact changed color from red / orange to blue/ green and started to move until it was lost in the distance.
The experience lasted about 20 seconds. The cat re-appeared on February 16, 1973, with "burned" fur and acting jittery. Shortly afterwards both the dog and cat died. During the experience, the witness noticed a tingling sensation in the legs. After the encounter, the researcher Peter Romaniuk interviewed Maceiras.
Maceiras told Romaniuk that he (Maceiras) suffered physical symptoms; headaches, diarrhea, nausea, hair loss, and had difficulty speaking. He also had burning eyes (emitting strange tears, with very fine threads in their interior, such as hairs 2 to 3 cm long).
Later, his vision improved considerably, and he stopped wearing his glasses. Ventura Maceiras was practically illiterate, lived alone and had no television. He had never been to the cinema and did not know anything about the UFO phenomenon. The researchers were amazed by the ability of Maceiras, in just 20 seconds, to memorize a lot of information (in an anomalous situation) about the appearance of a flying saucer, its occupants, and interior (including colors and sounds). The symbols observed inside the UFO, especially the "seahorse with the crown" indicate the product of the unconscious of the witness, as determined by the researchers who interviewed Maceiras,
It is also very strange that, for example, the distance at which the witness was from the object, he was able to observe that the tube on the helmet, joined with the "parachute" -- because physically, it would have been impossible for him to see it. Unless, we admit, as maintained by the Theory of Distortion, the "vision" is produced directly in the brain (such as dreams and hallucinations) and therefore the human eye is not limited to the conditions of reality.In dreams we see “inexplicable" forms of tiny objects, or things in the distance, appearing clear, or even things that are behind us. Even stranger is that Ventura Maceiras perfectly saw through the window, the controls of the object and in the background, a "flag" with a sea horse, which had a small crown on its head.
Also, Distortion Theory explains why the details would be easily remembered because the stimulation and direct production in the brain facilitates the assimilation and recall.


Subsequently, on February 24, 1973, Ventura Maceiras said he again saw the crew of the UFO (not flying saucer).  He was inside his house when a tall-statured humanoid with wavy hair, slanted eyes, wearing a one-piece suit with a belt containing a small box with button-like protrusions appeared. The humanoid called himself "Arnoil" and said he came from the planet "Prunio", located in the center of the Milky Way. After a long conversation, where they talked about different issues, from the propulsion of ships, to the religion practiced on "Prunio,” the alien pressed a button on the box and disappeared, totally in an instant. After his encounter, Maceiras started talking about different issues involving the universe, the operation of flying saucers, philosophy, et cetera.

 Without doubt, the side effects of such interactions with the "outsider" during the experience connects with the brain, resulting in multiple sensory phenomena (hallucinations) that develop later as part of the effects of the distortion process. This would explain the "quaint" and "insane" claims and statements of some witnesses after their close encounters. This does not mean that some of the secondary experiences are the products of a subsequent contact with the "external agent" but is in another area, away from the "physical" occurring on a mental level only.

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