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UFO cases where witnesses have close encounters with a UFO and reportedly have suffered serious physical injuries after an approach or interaction with the UFO. In the seventies there were two incidents of this kind in Spain. On the afternoon of July 17, 1975, Emiliano Velasco, 49, was working with his John Deere tractor in a small field of Pedrosa del Rey (Valladolid). Everything was as usual until a strange high-pitched sound warned him of the presence of a strange aircraft in the air, hovering a few inches above the soil. It was a "thing" that he had never seen before. The object had a rare shape and circled the tractor.  It was shaped like a tin can (cylinder) and the top had a "hat" (beret) tilted to one side. It had two windows, sunk into the structure and a metallic belt surrounding the object.

It had a multitude of antennae arranged in a fan shape. According to the witness the device was about 2.5 to 3 meters high by 2.5 wide, was larger than the tractor and had an aluminum-like appearance, but shinier than aluminum. It hovered only about 50 cm or 70 cm above the soil. Although Emiliano Velasco continued his work, although the object's presence greatly worried him. The most curious thing is that at every turn the tractor made, the object approached the tractor, so after completing the second turn, the object was at a distance of 10 meters, and after about 30 minutes the device just over 3 meters away from the witness.

As the "buzz" grew louder, the tractor seemed to lose power. Then the device dazzled the witness with a flash of light shot from the center of the object. A few minutes later the witness saw another "flash" and heard a noise like a whistle and a left front glass on the tractor suffered a small tear. It seemed like a shot of a small bullet. The witness left the place scared and went to the barracks of the Guardia Civil (military police). The patrol found that the glass of the tractor had a hole about five millimeters in diameter without showing the usual radial cracks that appear whenever a crystal is broken. What could have caused that tiny hole?

Remnants of the hypothetical projectile was searched for searched by the Guardia Civil on the scene, but the results were negative. The GC proceeded to remove the glass, in order to carry out a thorough analysis. The first analysis determined that the element that caused the perforation had penetrated the rear of the tractor cab, just below the left arm of Emiliano Velasco. The officials responsible for the investigation found that there were no fingerprints or any traces of that artifact.
But there were other notable anomalies. In the GC camp was a researcher, J. J. Benitez. Examining the tractor showed that its engine revs soared, inexplicably, from 2,000 to 2,500 rpm, and in that area was a rectangle of about 12 meters long and 6 meters wide. The research group "Charles Fort" interviewed the witness and noted that: "After the observation, Velasco’s relatives noticed a change in his character that caught their attention; he was anxious, worried, had less interested in work and even fearful of returning to the farm field.
Afflicted by various symptoms, a report, provided by a physician, indicated a centric vision loss and hearing loss. The physician authorized a grant application and recommended that Velasco get some rest. In addition, the Charles Fort group found, through its president, Antonio Felices, that a 22 mm caliber projectile, the smallest he could find, caused, from 10 metros away, a hole of 3 cm in diameter in glass, almost three times the size of the 5 mm hole caused during by the alleged UFO. With these first tests, the group ruled out the possibility, suggested by a few people, that the hole was due to one of the GC shells conventional firearms.
In this regard, chemist Dr. Francisco Javier and Jesus Gil Marin also did not found metallic debris in drilling glass, which could help identify the type of projectile that caused the incident. And no anomalous readings were obtained with a Geiger counter. The researcher, Ángel del Pozo, author of "The Crypt Sealed" added: "In the medical examinations that was later performed, Velasco had significant deafness, double vision, decreased visual [acuity] and left side hemiplegia (paralysis on one side of the body). Some lesions became worse with the passage of time until they finally reached its tragic denouement: Emiliano died on June 8, 1978. The diagnosis was clear: "A progressive brain tumor complicated by cervical osteoarthritis." The witness died 34 months after his disturbing encounter.


If the hole produced in the glass of the window of the tractor was made by some type of projectile (a conventional bullet), such a shot would have thrown the witness backward toward the UFO.
For this report, we have reconstructed a likely route (red line) that the tiny projectile followed after it was allegedly launched from the UFO until it hit the glass (tractor).
The images show that the "shot" was executed with great skill, because the small gap left by the left arm, supported on the tractor (yellow circle, pictured below right), left little room for error.

Also the top left image shows how close the alleged "bullet" came to hitting the leg of the witness.
It is clear that, if it really was a missile, it could have hurt the witness because it was a very risky shot considering that the tractor and the UFO were in motion.


Two years after the close encounter, only 18 kilometros away, there was another incident of similar characteristics. On the evening of October 1, 1977, Martin Rodriguez Rodriguez, 7 years old, was playing with friends around the town.

Together with Fernando Carabelos, Martin decided to hide in an old corral existing along National Highway-122. Before entering the abandoned site, Martin decided to throw a stone inside to see if anyone was there. After throwing a stone, a metallic sound echoed in the silence.
Upon entering, Martin and Fernando saw a metallic object that looked like teardrop, with several circular windows on top, from which rose a bluish-pink light.

The strange object was based on three thick legs, and at its center was a door divided into two, similar to the lifts [sic]. It was about 4 meters tall and 6 meters wide. The two boys were stunned by the object which emitted lights of different colors, as seen on the right side, and it had a set of metal tubes emanating from "gases.” After a few minutes, the object began to vibrate and rise slowly. At the center of the metal artifact, was a thin beam of light (laser), which projected into the stomach of Martin.

The witness felt paralyzed, dizzy, and lost consciousness. Following the departure of the UFO, a strong smell of sulfur was evident all over the place. Martin Rodriguez Rodriguez of 7 years was admitted to the hospital in a coma. He managed to overcome, but had vision loss and constant vomiting. He was diagnosed with cerebral aqueduct stenosis (hydrocephalus) and was operated on several times which saved his life. At present, some deep scars remain that are silent witnesses to the experience.


1 Distance between the two encounters: 18 km
2 Time between encounters: 2 years (1975-1977)
3 The two UFOs had the appearance of brilliant aluminum.
4 The two UFOs had bumps on the sides (exhaust-pipe, antennas)
5 They both projected beams of light.
6 The two witnesses suffered medical problems and brain damage after their observation
7 The diseases were detected after their observation, although it may be that the witnesses’ diseases were latent and these were activated by the UFO or simply unconnected.


The author of this report spoke with medical specialists who informed him that the two "diseases" could not have caused hallucinations, because of the "visual", “olfactory" and "auditory” symptoms described (their complexity). The doctors knew of no other hallucinatory symptoms of this nature and complexity. However, the doctors said that these diseases might or might not be related to the experiences reported by witnesses. While stressing the "coincidence" of the proximity of both incidents, their similarity and especially in such small populations (where UFO activity is practically zero), two people suffering the same physical consequences following a close encounter is at least strange.


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If the Distortion Theory is correct , we should find groups of cases where mental stimulation, an exterior psychological (influence), is the same, having in common a symbol (archetype) very recognizable to many people. This "icon" can come from, inter alia, literature, film, television, and even the world of advertising. There are certain "images" that link to the human psyche, making them very popular and these are integrated into our mental universe. Hence, the "external agent" connecting (interacting) with the human psyche uses this "archetype" to "manufacture" experience.
However, each person’s particular imagination is able to transform this determined stimulus, giving details and characteristics that are unique (non-transferable to other witnesses).
A clear example of shared Distortion are the close encounters where the crew observed the UFO with the appearance of the famous Bibendum (the "Michelin Man").

France is one of the places with highest number of such cases.
Remember that the Michelin tire company was created in France in 1889. The Bibendum character was designed in 1898 by cartoonist O'Galop, commissioned by the brothers André and Édouard Michelin, in order to promote it at the Universal Exposition of that year.

To explore further the importance and influence in society of the Bidendum (add to mental paradigms), we note that in 2000, it was chosen as the best logo of the Twentieth Century, by the prestigious newspaper Financial Times and Report On Business magazine.

Apart from a common archetype, the “external agent” adds its own elements, for each witness to interpret (with their imagination) in their own way, although these points in common, in unconnected experiences, indicate that "something" outside the human mind is creating and facilitating the close encounters. Interestingly, although the first incidents with this type of UFOs humanoids, occurred in France, a town in England begins our research:

1 The Encounter of "The Three Wise Men"

In November 1926, in Bolton, Lancashire (England), Henry Thomas, son of a policeman, ran away from home, in the evening, to meet with his friends.
They decided to play hide and seek. Henry went into an alley and saw an open door. Believing that one of his friends would be inside the courtyard, he decided to enter. The young man was surprised to see three "people" in the back, watching through a window. They wore strange clothes, like rubber, and shiny silver. The boots were dark. On the head they had a transparent helmet; several tubes were joined to some tanks, on their backs. The three humanoids were of normal stature. They looked like the "Michelin Man", but more slender. The humanoids seemed to detect the child and turned to him.
Their heads were pale and resembled a light bulb, with dark eyes, a nose and barely defined mouth.
The most curious thing that Henry would say later about his mysterious encounter was that it seemed as if the humanoids were three wise men, despite their terrifying appearance.
One of the humanoids emitted a gurgling noise, and all three took notice of the child.
The young Thomas fled, racing for home, where he told his parents what happened. This case represents one of the most puzzling encounters where the described humanoids were similar to the popular Bibendum.

Bolton was an industrial city and perhaps the child had seen advertising somewhere on the "Michelin Man.” Also, this starts a singularity, as discussed below, that occur in many close encounters with anomalous entities of this type in which several of these experiences are not associated with UFOs.

2 Close Encounter in Maubeuge

On October 16, 1954, near Maubeuge (France) between Avesnes and Louvroil on the RN 2 road, connecting Paris to Brussels, at about 00:00, Monsieur Mozin was returning home in his car.
At about 800 meters on a hill, he saw lights. When approaching, to about 100 meters, he saw that it was a cylindrical object, like a rocket, about two meters in diameter with several legs on its bottom.
Suddenly the lights went out of his vehicle, but the engine continued running. He approached to within four or five meters of the artifact. It was in a narrow space between the road and the ditch.
It had a leg height of about 30 cm, was a white metal with vertical lines every 10 cm in the fuselage.
It had a huge opening, and inside was a very intense white light (illuminating the exterior) from which hung thick cables or pipelines, along with a variety of buttons and switches. He also saw a humanoid, approximately 1 meter high, with heavy boots and wearing a helmet that covered his shoulders. His suit looked like the "Michelin Man.” Its face was not defined, nor its hands, and it moved very slowly, dragging its feet. After monsieur was about 100 meters away, the lights on his automobile came back on. The next day, Mozin, in the company of a friend, discovered the landing zone which was about 1.5 meters, within which were three deep, semicircular scars, forming a triangle, of 8 cm to 10 cm.
Iin the center of the triangle was a charred circle about 20 cm in diameter and they detected an odor like benzene. Monsieur. Mozin suffered eight days of sleeplessness and “imagined” that the "Bidendum" appeared at the foot of his bed. In this incident, we see an element that is common in most encounters with the "Michelin Man”: his movements are clumsy and slow. In addition to the detail of the boot. The researchers suggest that monsieur Mozin was able to visualize some days later the figure of Bibendum in his bedroom because of the latent effects of distortion.

3 Bidendum and the paralyzed ray

On May 15, 1955, in Dinan, Côtes d'Armor (France) at about 00:15 pm,a Mr. Droguet (employed at a university), was returning home after seeing a movie.When he opened his back door, he heard a noise, then he saw a ray of green/blue light which hit him in the face. His knees shook and his hair stood on end. He felt a strange vibration. In the courtyard of the university, the witness observed a huge object of about 12 meters in diameter, a saucer-shaped dome, floating about 1.50 meters above the ground. Next to the object, Mr Droguet, saw two beings, about 1.60 meters in height, wearing something "like wetsuits," metallic gray in color, very similar to the Michelin Man. They seemed to have noticed the presence of the witness. Theyboth had on a very thick helmet and gloves, and from their bellies protruded a small black box containing several cables. One of the humanoids seemed to collect "rocks" from the gravel road, while his companion inspected the surroundings. They "approached a window and looked at the boiler room." The witness was very scared but could not move, He was paralyzed with fear.
Although whether by fright, or by the action of a light that lit up the mysterious artifact, Mr Droguet said he thought he saw, inside the object, a third crew member who handled a "light projector" that was watching him. Then the two humanoids, moving with difficulty (as if they had weighted feet) entered into the artifact by a central black hole in the bottom, where there was a metal ladder.
The witness could hear the metal steps as the beings climbed them. Then he felt something like "an air suction" and the artifact raised vertically, rotating above the trees in complete silence. Monsieur Droquet regained mobility and fled to his home. The experience lasted about fifteen minutes, although the witness it has lasted much longer.
Henri Durrant said, in the magazine "Lumiere Dans la Nuit," about the collection of gravel from the road that "the aliens have little common sense, at least they were not really doing geology studies, but [perhaps] research on human urbanism."
In this case we see some characteristics already described by the Theory of Distortion in other reports, 1) The use of a recognizable archetype for the action of the crew (the collection of soil samples) and 2) The crew of UFO used "light rays" to immobilize the witness.

4 A "space rider" in the French countryside

The ufologist Jean-Michel Ligeron, interviewed a woman, Madeleine Pierrard who, in the early 1950's, had a close encounter with a UFO in Vaux-en Dieulet (France), when she was fourteen.
About 6:30 am, accompanied by her father and his dog, she went for the cows in his herd. When suddenly she heard a strange noise like phonemes, Hoo! Hoo! Hoo!. Suddenly she saw a fireball approaching.
It landed in front of witnesses and she found that it was shaped like a flying saucer. Her father told her not to move because he feared that they might get burned. The device was translucent (like glass).
Inside the object they saw a small humanoid about 1'40 meters in height, with a suit like that of a diver, with arms outstretched. (It seemed he could not move).
His appearance reminded them of the Michelin Man. Its head was helmeted, similar to a motorcycle helmet, with a transparent visor (of a material like Plexiglas), with two tubes that were connected to two bottles on its back.

The humanoid was motionless, staring at Madeleine but she felt a warm sensation (similar to long exposure in the sun). After two minutes the flying saucer began spinning like a top as it rose up. (They had heard the same noise the beginning.). The object went toward the town of Buzancy. The ground had a burnt area. There is a picture of Bibendum and wearing motorcycle helmets very similar to that described by the witness. It should be noted, that the reader will note that most of the dolls marketed as Bibendum were too rigid, his arms stuck in the body or extended leaving a sense of extreme rigidity. Also note that the humanoids are often observed staring at the witnesses.

5 Close Encounter in Spain

In May or June 1960, in Jerez, Cadiz (Spain), the teacher Miguel Ceballos Timermans riding his motorcycle between the towns of King's Meadow and Arcos de la Frontera, while climbing a hill, found a giant humanoid on a side of the road. It was about 150 meters away, and seemed to be inflated. The witness stopped his motorcycle. The strange passerby was wearing a red suit, from head to toe, and walked toward the witness. It looked like the "Michelin Man.” It walked slowly like a robot with rigid and articulated movements. It was, at least, two meters high. Mr. Timermans did not see the face of the humanoid. The witness observed that another being came from behindthe first one, with the same features, but much smaller, 1 meter high. Also it differed in that one of his legs had a dark side, in contrast to whole body being lit. Mr. Timermans said that it might have been a boot.
The two humanoids crossed the road diagonally, and quickly disappeared from view. Curiously Miguel went to the spot but he could not see anything. The things had simply disappeared.
The aspect and detail of the boot, leaves no doubt that the "Michelin Man" was the origin of this distorted experience. Also as indicated by the witness, the humanoids did not continue their walk; they simply disappeared, indicating that the phenomenon had the sole purpose of, being seen by Mr. Timermans.

6/7 The humanoid who greeted

On December 6, 1967, in Haute-Vienne (France), around 6:00 pm, the Pealons, from inside their observed a small humanoid floating about 1.10 meters in the air near the embankment of the road.
He had a suit like the Michelin Man, and the head was like a balloon. Before disappearing the humanoid raised his arm twice. A similar case occurred in Saint Nizier in Moucherotte (France) in the summer of 1974. Overnight, J. F. C. Granier and his brother H., were inside their vehicle when they observed a humanoid about 1.60 meters tall, motionless beside the road. His face was completely smooth like a dolls and it was dressed like the Michelin Man. Its arms were very long. The mysterious "being" turned around and disappeared into the undergrowth. Hours later, another witness saw a similar humanoid that disappeared with a big leap. It should be noted that one of the favorite positions of Bibendum, in ads, is “hello” with its arm raised.

8 Encounter in The Island of Reunion

On July 31, 1968, in Le Tampon, Reunion Island (France), a farmer of 22 years, Luce Fontaine, was gathering herbs for his rabbit, about 9:00 am. He noticed an odd, transparent (in its center), opaque blue egg-shaped device floating about four or five feet off the ground, at a distance of 25 meters. The UFO was about 5 meters wide and 2.50 meters high. It emitted a white light similar to that of an "electric arc.” It had some kind of very large, shiny metal legs at its top and bottom. In the center of the artifact, he oberserved two humanoids about 90 cm tall, dressed as astronauts and looking like the "Michelin Man.”

They had great helmets on that partially hid their face. When they discovered the presence of the witness, the object emitted a blinding flash and a blast of hot air [as it departed]. The witness’s nose bled for eight days after the experience. The gendarmerie investigated the encounter, and the director of fire and rescue departments, Captain Leopoldo Legros, found, in the hat and pants of Mr. Fontaine, traces of above normal radioactivity.
At the site of the incident, Mr. Legros found in six points, lined 3 in 3, and abnormal radioactivity.
The researcher J. P. Lavilgrand reported that, Captain Legra, within five meters in the place where the UFO stood, eight herb plant stems had 60 mil Roentgen. The measures were not "alarming", but keep in mind the measurementd were made ten days after the incident, and probably rain that affected the area, had lowered the radioactivity. Again we find an incident where the UFO is described as translucent. And also note the interesting detail that the humanoid face is never described clearly.

9 Encounter in Argentina

On April 13, 1972, Luis P., 17, and his friend Rodolfo, 18, traveling at night, were driving towards Miramar (Argentina), experienced a strange event, inexplicably straying from the road, and suffering a strong rain. Arriving at their apartment, they felt very tired and slept 24 hours. They had some confusion about the time of arrival, and were surprised that the road appeared dry, and the concierge told them that it had not rained. However, their vehicle was the only car, in the parking area, that was stained with mud. 9 years later, Luis began to remember, with the help of researchers Alicia Coscarella, and Eduardo Irioni y Norma Pregliasco, what had happened that mysterious night. He and Rodolfo observed a spinning top-shaped object containg two giant humanoids about 1.80 meters tall, with human features. They had on big helmets, like those of diving gear. They were about 15 meters away from the witnesses. They carried the two young men inside the UFO. Luis said; “The interior of the craft contained a small chamber measuring some three meters, illuminated without any apparent source of light. There was also a black “dentist’s chair” behind a column that led to a sort of “fireman’s pole.”
One part led upward and the chair was adhered to the pole.
Luis was taken by the arm and gently seated on the chair. Rodolfo was taken elsewhere, to the left, which appeared to be the main part of the craft. Once seated, Luis was strapped with a belt that he described as similar to “those on a bumper car.”
Luis’s humanoid resembled the "Michelin Man," but was more slender. “His feet were like "flog´s legs.” A bubble or bowl was put on Luis head and emitted a fog which became orange.
There was silence. Suddenly, another humanoid appeared in the company of Rodolfo. Taking away the "bowl" the young men descended the UFO realizing the time as 10:20 hours.
In this incident we see as the factors distorting the young witnesses, by adding baffling and surreal elements (specific and non-transferable) to the experience: dental chairs, belts like those on a bumper car and “frog legs.”

10 Strangers Humanoids at night

On January 7, 1974, near Warneton (Belgium), near France, at about 20:40 hours, a Belgian businessman was driving down the road when, suddenly, his car lights went off, the engine died and the radio stopped working.
In a nearby field, about 150 meters away, the witness observed a strange object in the form of a British soldier's helmet with three legs. At the same moment, he saw two figures approaching his car. There were two different humanoids, one tall "individual" wearing a military uniform, with a cross-belt and bullets, and a cubed helmet on its head. The smaller humanoid, resembling the Michelin Man, wore a helmet and had eyes like marbles;
the mouth was a simple slit in the face. Their faces looked the same and both suits were in one piece. The "soldier" opened his mouth and the witness felt a discomfort in the neck and heard a modulated sound. Then came another car in the distance and both turned in unison, the humanoids, walking stiffly, like robots, but with agility, without being affected by the mud of the road. They went to the artifact which took off just as the other vehicle was coming.
The use by the witness of words related to the military to describe the experience (UFO like an English military helmet, humanoid with clothing like a military uniform, belt with bullets), indicates prior knowledge of the witness (on these particular military issues) that appear "distorted" in the close encounter.

11 Mysterious "astronauts" in Cote-d'Or


On June 19, 1974, in Cote-d'Or (France), during the night, three men were chatting beside a road, when they observed a luminous object flying very slowly, coming down behind a hill.
One witness approached the scene of the alleged landing. There was a white, dome-shaped object, wider than high, with two large, red lights on its surface.
With binoculars, the witness observed that there were two burly beings with helmets, in front of the object. They seemed to be wearing a very heavy costume, similar to the Michelin Man.

The witness not could see any legs. He then heard shots made by a poacher, and left immediately. Other witnesses corroborate that UFOs were seen before and after the incident.
Again we find the testimony of a person who tells us that the humanoid suits were heavy.

12 Bidendum return to the island of Reunion

On February 14, 1975, at Petite Ile, Reunion Island (France) Antoine Severin butcher, 21, at noon, leaving work, he heard a sound like "beep-beep-beep.”
Before, during several days, he had had strange dreams where he heard a sound like...[?]
 Arriving in a corn field, following the sound he heard, he observed a metal disc with a dome, like a big car, 2 meters high and 3.5 meters in diameter, and suspended about 45 cm the ground.
The witness felt an intense heat and was unable to move. A ladder, appeared, unfolded at an angle of 45 degrees, but it cannot touch the ground. Out came three small humanoids between 90 cm and 1.22 m tall with bright "space suits" like the "Michelin Man.”
They had helmets with antennas on each side. The witness pointed out that they moved with agilitydown the ladder and on the ground. The first "entity" on the ground used a long stick with which he scraped the ground.
The second humanoid carried a bag. A fourth crew member was inside the disc, and discovering Mr. Severin shot a ray of bright light.The three humanoids returned immediately to the object, which rose after issuing a whistling noise. After observing the UFO, the witness suffered various physical ailments, losing his sight, was speechless, and was about five days in a state similar to semi-coma. (The witness did not know the incident of 1968.) In this case we see perfectly the elements used by the distortion to create the experience, which often mix details supplied by the "“external agent”" with the mental contribution of the witness.
Consider the three points that can be found in other experiences and product of "“external agent”": 1) UFO semi-transparent. 2) The use of the archetype of the "sampling". 3) "shooting rays of light" against the witness.

13 Bibendum in a Tornado

On March 14, 1974, Marines, Valencia (Spain), minutes before 22:00, Vicente Corell with his wife, Carmen, stopped his car at a Stop sign to enter another road. At that time, Carmen observed a strange light white/pink oval that disappeared quickly. At 100 or 200 meters, he saw a cloud of dust, rising from the ground. The small "tornado" was 1 meter above the ground, close to the road. It was moving in the same direction as the car of the witnesses. The lights of the vehicle penerated the vortex, showing a figure. It was a very tall humanoid, with arms and legs attached to the body, giving him the appearance of a column.The humanoid wore a very tight one-piece, dark but shiny suit.

The arms of the body wre completely stuck and did not move at any time.
The hands were closed fists. The neck was thin and the head, small compared with the rest of the body. The face was smooth, and in the front, each side had "stood two small lights." Vicente said the suit, for its part of the chest and arms was very similar to the "Michelin Man.”
With the vehicle parked on the side of the road, the humanoid made a turn, touched the ground and was completely at attention (like a soldier).
At that moment, the lights of the car turned off. The car began to smoke in the engine area. The humanoid looked toward the witnesses. Vicente, nervous and afraid, left the premises until they ceased to see the mysterious being. Later, they were helped by other vehicles, but none of them had seen the humanoid.
When Mrs. Corell, took the car to the shop, the mechanics found that the cable connecting the switch with the left headlight was completely burned. Two details attract your attention at this encounter. The static position of the humanoid is very reminiscent of the Michelin dolls, the company Michelin, marketed in Spain, where Bibedum always appeared with arms close to body. Also this particular detail, could be influenced (distorted) by the witnesses, since returning home after attending the ceremony of swearing-in ceremony of his son, who was in the military service. And Vicente himself who explains that the humanoid behaved in a firm military fashion.

14 Abducted by Bibedum

On June 30, 1976 west of Colby, Kansas (USA) A young couple, accompanied by their baby of a few months, claims that while driving on I-70,they observed several objects like flying saucers. One disk was about 12 meters high. The object was about 45 meters in diameter. On reaching home found that they had come much later than normal. With the help of hypnosis, the Dedulcas found they were abducted and subjected to medical examination within a UFO. They remembered that three humanoids, with round eyes and helmets, and bodies like the "Michelin Man", communicated with them through telepathy.
The crew had a height between 1.50 and 1.60 meters, and they do not recall having seen hands or feet. After the experience, the witnesses found needle marks on their arms, and marks on their ankles like wrist-restraint straps. They also had a "rash" and "scratches" on their backs, which healed quickly.

15 Encounter in Belgium

On January 1, 1979, in Schoonarde (Belgium), two young men, Johan Van Boven, 10, and Dimitri, 13, (a child with mental problems) at about 8:00 a.m. saw a disc shaped object with a dome, which landed in a field behind their house. The researcher Denys Breysse, said two small humanoids left the object, and wore "inflated rubber" suits much like the "Michelin Man.” 
In Belgium, Bibendum he was also very popular.

16 Encounter in Turkey

Little is known about an incident that occurred in Incerlik (Turkey), where in the summer of 1991, according to records of the researcher and friend Albert Rosales, a U.S. Army military man observed a humanoid wearing a spiral, metal suit similar to Michelin Man. In this particular incident, we find the only close encounter with this type of entity that ends in a classic episode of abduction and medical examination. It is somewhat shocking that in the many cases noted, except for the strange case of Argentina, the Bibendum, only "abducted" some witnesses.


Although the reports produced by researchers in these next three events, do not directly mention the term "Michelin Man" to describe the clothing of the occupants of the UFO, I think they are "distortions" of the famous Bibendum, mixed with the "astronaut" concept.

17 UFO "damaged" in New Mexico

In a late June or July 1972, in Deming, New Mexico (USA), Mrs. Hilda McAfee and her mother, driving in the direction of Las Cruces where, about 23 miles east of Deming, she was surprised to see a blinding ray of light. Amid the strong light, she observed two figures of average height, wearing pale blue overalls. The costume was very large, with wide belts, gloves, and dark boots. On their heads was a case with the dark visor. The humanoids were not concerned by the presence of women.
They were "repairing" or "working" under a artifact that emitted a blue light, while talking to each other. They seemed rigid in their movements. Patti Morris, a researcher, said the women believed they had hit the artifact with their vehicle as it was in the middle road. They also speculate that the "light" of the device was used to avoid an accident. The two women had burning, sharp pains in the chest and arms after the encounter on the road. Interestingly, the husband of Mrs. McAfee, Mike Rogers, is the brother of one of the witnesses of the famous Travis Walton case.

18 A small "army" of light Bibendum

On June 25, 1974, in St. Cyrille, Quebec (Canada) at the 1:15 hour, Mr. M. L., 29, going to bed, after watching television, heard strange noises outside his trailer, as if something had fallen to the ground, Boom! Boom! From the living room window, he observed a strange, luminous reddish/orange disk floating about 1.20 meters, over a nearby field. In fear, he woke his wife when he heard a "buzz."
Looking out the bedroom window, they watched, less than 4'5 feet away, a silhouette like a robot.
From the living room window, they saw three humanoids about 1.80 meters tall. On the chest of the robots were red lights in thick, horizontal lines, (like in toasters). The researcher Wido Hoville speaks of infrared light.

The lights flashed on and off. The arms appeared to be metallic. Because of this effect of light and the darkness of the night, they could not see the faces of the humanoids.
The humanoids moved like robots with articulated movements and floated about 90 cm above the ground. The robots examined an uninhabited trailer in the area, especially the wheel and the shaft.
(Would it would be possible that visitors from space, crossing the galaxy, did not know the wheel!).
During the experience, which lasted about 3 hours, the couple came to count up to fifteen humanoids.
All the robots were placed in a perfect line by a nearby stream. At about 4:20 pm, the luminous disk and the bright creatures were gone. Apparently an anonymous woman called police to report the presence of a UFO and crew. John Roy, a resident of Drummdvillem, found three oval rings of flattened grass at the alleged place of landing. They had a size of 5 meters by 3.30 meters in diameter, with a perimeter of 60 cm of crushed grass.
Within the circles, they found three depressions of 1.20 cm. Three months after the incident, the footprints were still visible, and the grass inside the rings had grown 2 times more than normal. Also found were flat pieces of a strange white substance, similar to plastic in the area where they saw the robots. Subsequently, Mr. M. L. learned that a very fierce dog of a neighbor, fled the night of the encounter, taking several days to reappear. On the morning of June 30, 1974, a strong glow woke Mr. M. L. and again, at the window, he watched a flying saucer landing on the site. A neighbor come by in a car, but the artifact was gone. No remains of the landing were found. In these incidents, we see that the distortion is present, not only in the appearance of the humanoids, which, again, move rigidly as robots (detail omnipresent in our study) and their attire reminiscent of Bibendum, but also in the elements that make the whole experience: 1) The pervasive "ray of light" (in both cases); 2) The use of recognizable and assimilated archetypes of “road reapir" (USA case) and a "study of the area" (Canada case).
Does such behavior indciate extraterrestrial astronauts, fixing a spaceship in the middle of a road? And is it reasonable that 15 robots, illuminated like Christmas trees, are placed in formation, near a river?

19 A strong humanoid in a small UFO

On February 10, 1977, in Tucson, Arizona, Ms. Lois Stovall, watched, from the window of her home, a strange luminous object approaching. Accompanied by her grandmother, Mrs. Alice Buckner, she went into the yard to see it better.
The capsule-shaped artifact (2 meters high and 70 cm in diameter) with a transparent opening in the front that had dark vertical bars was located near a small tree, less than 15 meters away. Inside the object, they saw a gray humanoid, inflated like a balloon, with stripes on its joints, such as suits of astronauts and the doll-like Michelin Man. They could not see hands or feet.
The humanoid was 1.20 cm in height, cramped into a small space, which barely fit, with light coming from his feet. Ms. Buckner, approached the object, but could not touch it because it was higher than she could reach. The humanoid face, behind glass, was barely visible. Suddenly the artifact went up and flew away. Ms. Stovall observed three helicopters, with bright red lights in their cockpits, flying at low altitude, by a nearby school and even flew over the object, apparently, not observing the capsule. The witness observed between five and six helicopters circling the area. Mrs. Dessie Turner also observed the object, with a dark figure inside, and the strange helicopters. Research conducted by APRO could not determine the origin of the mysterious helicopters. This case is very interesting. Again we find a transparent UFO and a humanoid that barely fits in the cockpit. Details of the three helicopters can be an added "distortion" of this type of aircraft, but the puzzling elements, that are added to the whole experience give it an absurd air (oneiric, from our point of view).


We have analyzed nineteen incidents where humanoids were observed, very similar to the corporate emblem of a French tire company.  The phenomenon of distortion states that in order to see these types of humanoids, the psyche of the witness is used by the “external agent.”
Most of these close encounters have occurred in France (9) and two in neighboring Belgium (one even close to the frontier), and two in Spain, where Bibendum was very popular, thirteen cases in total, in the areas most influenced by the Bibendum/Michelin Man logo -- France/Belgium/Spain.

Therefore, throughout this report we have shown how the phenomenon of distortion works.
In addition to using images and information from the unconscious of the witness, the “external agent” provides "components" one should not miss in the final result of the experience.
Apart from subjective interpretations of each witness, these factors provided by the “external agent” (rays of light, transparency, breakdowns, sample collections, and trace elements) are intended to provide evidence, that after an apparent "individual mental phenomenon," something more complex is underlying the experience, something hidden behind the fabric of history.
This would explain why we find in other close encounters, the same “details” in the background of the stories: paralysis, light rays, landings in the middle of the road, breakdowns, collected samples, et cetera.
 The “external agent” has certain fixed constants, but with variables and malleable, suggesting that whatever the outward form of humanoids (created during the Distortion), its size, color and costume, their behaviors are not far from some schemes (models) previously established by the mysterious "external factor.”
The same applies to the outer shape of UFOs. Before the distortion caused by the action of the witness, almost all artifacts and "aliens" have a quasi-fixed description: Three landing legs, a metallic look, lights, ladders, et cetera, the rest a result of a creation or the intervention of the psyche (and imagination) of the witness.
In our study we found and documented that close encounters with entities like the Bibendum, are represented almost in all aspects, elements, characteristics, and actions that one finds in any kind of UFO experience starring other entities (regardless of their bizarre appearance).
It is therefore logical to assume that the external appearance of the incidents (flying saucer and crew) is "flexible and circumstantial" to each witness, and that only in the background do they keep an almost fixed structure.
It should be noted the participation of the unconscious influences all the images, which helped to design the look of the Bibendum humanoids, as they also had characteristics of the suits of astronauts of the time, both those used by NASA, or described in the novels, comics and TV, films science fiction, et al.

Nor can we ignore that the participation of more people, sharing the experience, also provides evidence that the phenomenon of close encounters is the result of the merger or interaction of the human mind with an unknown “external agent.”
This interaction allows the events to materialize, physically, "mental elements and concepts" from the oneiric-like experiences; that is, this "anomalous manifestation" occurs, contrary to our dreams, in a way that creates an "objective, tangible and independent" reality that challenges our concept and understanding of the “objective reality” that surrounds us.


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Jules Verne´s UFOs

The mysterious sightings of airships that newspapers in America and Europe reported upon began in November 1896, with the massive sighting of a huge cigar-shaped aircraft over the city of Sacramento (California), which was seen by many.

Days later, newspapers reported, from different states, other bizarre and impressive aircraft flying across the sky with impunity.

The chroniclers of the time described these flying machines as resembling enormous airships, with a cabin at the bottom and armed with powerful "reflectors" which alarmed witnesses.

Contemporary researchers such as Robert G. Neely Jr., Donald Hanlon and Jacques Vallee, have been able to find more than two thousand newspaper accounts, between the years 1896-1897, that referred to the appearance of such strange aircraft in the United States, baptizing those sightings, as the Air-Ship Wave.

We must take into account, before proceeding, where we are situated at the end of the nineteenth century.

The first flight airplane flight by man was by the Wright brothers on December 17, 1903, and the first American dirigible, the California Arrow of Thomas Baldwin, did not fly until 1904.

It is therefore assumed that in 1896-97 no human apparatus, except balloons, interrupted the smooth flight of birds. Aeronautics experts as Charles Harvard Gibbs-Smith, belonging to the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, ruled out the possibility that the Air-Ships were from the human hand.

During the two years mentioned, there were numerous sightings of "airships" that plied the skies at speeds estimated between 5 and 340 km / hour.

Researcher Jacques Vallee stated, "the aircraft had typical activities similar to that of UFOs, were immobilized in the air, throwing probes, abruptly changing course, or altitude, going at high speeds, circling, landing and taking off, and sweeping the countryside with powerful searchlights."

But those devices, unlike our modern UFOs, seemed to be at the forefront of technology by the end of the century.

Ignacio Darnaude Seville, in his brilliant article "The Mysterious Wave of 1896-1897," said on this subject: "Many flying machines of varied size, appearance and features [performed] a vast array [of] histrionics in the skies of the emerging world powers, showing dilapidated mobile wings beating the air like birds, canvas sails to catch the wind, propellers, circular wells such as river vessels, gas balloons, stabilizers, rudders, steam engines, motors electric and gasoline, multicolored lights, and other simulated mechanical devices which may be attributed to the primitive technology in vogue in the late nineteen [hundreds]"

But what few knew at the time, is that years ago, an exceptional writer reflected, in a book, these amazing events: Jules Verne

Robur the Conqueror

"What is truly disconcerting about the air-ships of 1897," wrote the dean of ufology, Antonio Ribera, "is the ”Victorian era” patina and Jules Verne resemblances."

Whoever wants to get an idea of their appearance, according to eyewitness accounts, you can turn to two works by Jules Verne: Robur the Conqueror and Master of the World.

"In these cited works of the famous French writer, is described, in detail, an aircraft called the Albatross which remarkably resembles the "airships" seen in the American Southwest.

Note that Verne’s books were published ten years before the events of the Air-Ship wave (1886). How could the French novelist anticipate future events? Who or what made up the crew of these "impossible" flying machines? What intentions did they have?

In Omaha, Nebraska, there were dozens of sightings of the wonderful flying machines that seemed to be moving from a starting point in California, moving to the east, causing surprise among the thousands who saw it.

As reflected in the dozens of press stories, the city of Omaha, was a central to the continual comings and goings of the aircraft ghosts, as many reporters reported it.

One event that had broad impact was reported on March 28, 1897, when a large crowd gathered in the street to see a great light flying at low altitude. Almost the entire population of Omaha was witness to this inexplicable incident, which was referred to in almost all gatherings of the region.

Let’s try to shed light on the matter by reviewing some of the "prophecies" that are hidden in the text of Verne's novels ...

In the book Robur the Conqueror, Jules Verne inserted the following "precognition”:

"Omaha residents should distinguish the strange device (the Albatross) (...) a fact that newspapers were going to discuss in the union."

In this paragraph the Jules Verne cites the city of Omaha and the journalistic follow-ups that were aimed at their aircraft, the Albatross, which like the Air-Ship, were continuous and daily on newspapers’ front pages .

Jules Verne writes:

"As expected, all the newspapers spoke of the issue (Albatross sightings), and treated them in all their forms, clarified and obscured, told true or false facts, filled [readers] with alarm or reassured [them] ... "

April 13, 1897 The Saint Louis Globe Democrat, reported that the engineer of the locomotive 950 of the mail service, Mr. F. L. Bullard, had watched dumbfounded as one of these ships approached his convoy, passing with ease, even though the train was going at full steam, and then the Air-Ship disappeared into the distance.

It was not the only time a passenger train saw the fleeting passage of an Air-Ship, which seemed to enjoy overtaking the fastest land vehicles at the time.

And in the pages of Robur:

“And then, in obedience to an order secretly given, the Albatross dropped still lower so as to chase the train, which was going at full speed. She was immediately sighted. A few heads showed themselves at the doors of the cars. Then numerous passengers crowded the gangways. Some did not hesitate to climb on the roof to get a better view of the flying machine. Cheers came floating up through the air…” [Page 59of the Ace paperback]

April 20, 1897, about 2 a.m. in the town of El Paso (Texas) a terrified witness said he saw a huge flying machine in the form of pure circular windows lit with the help of two powerful headlights that illuminated entirely his steps as if it were daylight.

A similar case occurred in Oakland a year earlier, which reported the presence of an object, provided with wings, projecting a powerful beam of light on the ground.

As we see, it was very common for the Air-Ships to deploy powerful spotlights to illuminate the pitch-dark night and surprise witnesses, who would never think that this great light could come from the stars.

And here is this detail from Verne in his prophetic novel:

"Two bright headlights [lit up] plazas, piers, gardens, palaces and sixty thousand houses in the city, and threw light rays from one horizon to another…" ... detailing the Frenchman’s airship’s visit to Paris, as the crew of the Albatross also liked to scare observers with the Albatross’s powerful spotlights.


There were dozens of opportunities during which the surprised witnesses could approach the Air-Ships, and observe their crew.

Most of the time the pilots were just like us, both women and men, including several incidents in which there were children and the elderly in these aircraft.

And the crew of these aircraft often engaged in conversation with witnesses.

Generally the witnesses approached the aircraft on the ground and checked it.

As they approached the crew, they spoke good English (except for several cases in which an unknown language was spoken).

They claimed to be "inventors" air testing a new prototype, so it did not raise too much suspicion.

They said it takes many years of experimenting with aerial devices and soon they would patent the machines.

To justify stopping on the ground, these strange characters often asked for water, explaining that it was a rest stop or that they were "repairing" the aircraft.

April 12, 1897, near Green Rideg Girard (Illinois), a large group of miners saw an unknown object which landed three miles north of Green Rideg and four miles south of Girard.

The engineer in Chicago for Alton Railroad, Paul McCrame, stated that he came close to the unit, and saw a man “repairing” the machinery. Traces were found over a wide area. The object was elongated like a ship and had a roof and a double canopy. The ship left for the north.

Robur, Verne's character also suffers the ravages of the damage to his aircraft “to repair at least [the] bow thruster; the Albatross staff, knowing that there was no time to lose, immediately set to the work. "

On one occasion, April 22, 1897, after the landing of one of these devices in Rockland, an occupant who gave his name as "Smith" told the startled witness, "I need some lubricating oil and a couple of chisels. And I need some copper sulfate. I guess the nearby mill will have the first two items and the telegraph operator has the copper sulfate. Here's a ten dollar bill, pick up these items and keep the change for the inconvenience."

John M. Barkclay, which was the name of the witness, asked "Mr. Smith" from where they came and got this elusive response: "Everywhere, but we will be in Greece after tomorrow."

The witness’s dog was barking furiously outside the house in the presence of Air-Ship.

It is well known that many times animals, especially dogs seem to predict the arrival of UFOs, as well as the Air-Ships.

Jules Verne added this enlightening information, "Singular instinct! These beings (dogs) felt the flying machine (the Albatross) pass over them and uttered cries of horror at his proximity."

April 14, 1897, in Cleveland (Ohio), Joseph Singler, captain of the Sea Wing, was fishing with S. H. Davis, of Detroit, when they saw on the lake what they thought was a boat about 13 meters long, with a canopy.

A man of about 25 years, with hunting jacket and cap, was fishing from the bridge of the object. Beside him were a woman and a boy about 10 years.

When the Sea Wing moved closer to the machine, the huge rose-colored globe rose to a height of 150 meters and made several circles before leaving.

The novel describes the following episode:

"The Albatross staff, imagining the fun you could provide fishing from the apparatus could not hide their satisfaction (...) One hour of fishing [was] enough to fill the aircraft, which turned to the north."

May 6, 1897, two law enforcement officers, called Sumpter and McLenore, were riding northwest of Hot Springs (Arkansas) when they saw a bright light in the sky. Then later, they saw the light again, this time down to earth. Their horses refused to advance.

They saw two men armed with lamps. Sumpter and McLenore seized their rifles, and called out to the unknown and were told that it was traveling the country.

In the clearing stood the silhouette of the machine, about 20 feet long. Beside her was a woman with an umbrella. It was raining and the youngest of two men took care to fill a bottle with water.

An older man, with a beard invited the agents to check around on the ship, [before going] to "a place where it rains."

The witnesses returned to the same spot 40 minutes later and saw nothing.

From Verne: The crew of the Albatross, "had down 10 meters from the river, where it was parked. Then thanks to a rubber tube pulled out of the aircraft (...) They worked to procure water."


Jules Verne describes, throughout novel, the course of the Albatross through different states.

The characters kidnapped by Robur, Phil Evans and Uncle Prudents, when they looked from the deck of the aircraft, saw different cities and geographical features.

The hostages begin to describe the places they saw from the air, after their entry into U.S. territory from Canada, to leave for California. With the aid of maps of varying vintage and historical documentation we can follow the " air route " described by Verne in his novel.

Of the 12 states visited by Robur’s Albatross in the novel: : NEW YORK, PENNSYLVANIA, OHIO, INDIANA, ILLINOIS, IOWA, NEBRASKA, THE DAKOTAS, WYOMING, UTAH, NEVADA and CALIFORNIA,, 8 were later overflown by the Air-Ships (states underlined).


After the months of November and December 1896 and March, April and May 1897, we never heard of the strange and unusual aircraft with their inventors again.

But most disturbing of all is this question, Is the amazing of Jules Verne sketching between the lines, almost perfectly, what years later would happen in the United States?

Again it is clear that the French novelist was a man ahead of his time or a perfect clairvoyant.

Many of the places described in Verne's work as a stage for his Albatross flights are the same decades later that were flown by the Air-Ships.

In fact, coincidentally, the last point of American geography visited by Robur, is precisely Sacramento (California), the starting point of the Air-Ship wave.

Remember that the novel came to public light in the month of November 1886, and the beginning of the mass sightings of air-ships in November 1896. More accuracy cannot be ordered.

What never ceases to amaze, obviously, is the complexity of the UFO phenomenon that seems to hide behind a disguise to avoid any kind of study.

As researcher Jean Robin said, "Each of the UFO-phenomena manifestations of U.S. aircraft in the 90's of the 19th century, the mystery aircraft in Scandinavia in the 30's, [the ghost] rockets of Sweden in 1946, today's era of UFOs are a step ahead of the technical advances of the time. The core problem is the projection of a false belief system, a little beyond existing beliefs."

Vallee adds: "Arguably, if [we’re] dealing with a higher type of consciousness, it is entangling us in certain games (...) we are witnessing a truly remarkable form of consciousness, which has a great sense of absurdity and of humor."

But we could finish this conjecture with the enigmatic words Verne has Robur utter at the end of the work, before leaving for the unknown at the helm of his legendary Albatross…

"My experiment is finished. Now is not the time to rush to progress further. Science should not get ahead of the customs. It is evolution, not revolution that we should seek.

In a word, we should not be before our time. I have come too soon today to understand your conflicting and divided interests.

The nations are not yet civilized enough for union. I go, then; and I take my secret with me. But it will not be lost to mankind. It will belong to you the day you are educated enough to profit by it and wise enough not abuse it.

As for the future of aerial locomotion, it belongs to the aeronef [sic], not the aerostat.”
[Page 141 ff. Ace Books, 1951]



1 . Shape of objects observed:

The basic structure of the Albatross is of a boat. The Air-Ship is described often as a ship.

2. The Rudder:

Likewise, in both cases is described the existence of a rudder as a tool of governance of the object.

3. Light Rays:

The Albatross had two powerful spotlights in the bow, to light around it. The Air-Ship has been described on numerous occasions with two bright lights.

4. The motor:

The energy that propelled the Albatross is electricity. Sometimes the alleged inventor of the Air-Ship named electricity as their source of motor.

5. The sound:

The noise that produced both aircraft was also very similar.

6. Arms:

The Albatross had weapons and ammunition as well as the Air-Ship, as their crews said

7. Anchor:

The Albatross and Air-Ship both used an anchor for their approaches and landings.

8. Velocity:

Albatross speed in the work of Jules Verne was 200 Km / hour, with the speed of the Air-Ship, according to findings of contemporary researchers, between 5 and 340 km / hour (200 miles per hour).


1. Albatross crew is bearded. Robur has a beard, like much of the "scientists" in command of the Air-Ships.

2. Uniform. The crew of the Albatross, as the illustrations accompanying the original edition shows, were dressed as sailors. Clothing observed in some individuals onboard the Air-Ships.

3. Crew. 8 men in the case of Albatross; also seen in numerous sightings of the Air-Ship.


1. The trumpet of Tom Turner.

Robur's boatswain liked to play the trumpet, which astonishes the witnesses before the passage of Albatross. Different musical instruments, including a trumpet were heard on board of the Air-Ship.

2. Fisheries.

The crew of the Albatross stock up on food fish in rivers and seas. Several witnesses observed the Air-Ships near a river, and its occupants were fishing peacefully.

3. Power

Robur's engineer tests the power of the machine against a speeding train. On several occasions the Air-Ship is observed overtaking a train

4. Repair

The Albatross is repaired by the crew after a slight fault. The Air-Ship is discovered, in repair, in

many of events collected by the newspapers.

5. Water supply.

Like the fishing action, obtaining water is part of the crew activity of the Albatross and is repeated by the mysterious occupants of the Air-Ships.

6. Release of messages.

Messages are thrown from the Albatross and sometimes the Air-Ships do the same.


1. Over-flown states.

Of the 12 U.S. states over-flown by the Albatross, 8 were visited by Air-Ships

2. Chicago.

The passage over the city is clear in the novel and in the cases recorded for 1896 and 1897, The Air-Ship seen above the same town are abundant.

3. Omaha.

The passage of the city is named in the work and sightings reported on the same town are plentiful as in the case of Chicago.

4. Spotlights on Paris.

The use is detailed in the novel, when the Albatross flies over Paris (France). The Air-Ship is seen in the city of Paris, Montana.

5. Lake Erie.

The Albatross over Lake Erie has a perfect replication during the Air-Ship wave.

6. Sacramento.

The last town visited by the Albatross is Sacramento which gives the starting signal for the Air-Ship wave, in addition to matching the time and the moments flown by the Air-Ships


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On March 12, 1981, Juan Gonzalez Santos, 42, was driving his van on the highway N-340(Algeciras-Cádiz). Suddenly lights among the trees caught his attention. The light, in the words of the witness, was very similar to the flashes of an ambulance or police car. He stopped his car because he thought it was an accident (Juan belonged to Civil Protection, Cruz Roja). As he approached, he observed that it was a strange metallic object, white, dome-shaped, with lights flashing on top.
Days before his encounter, Juan Gonzalez had seen a television documentary about the man on the Moon. So, he thought that the artifact could be a lunar-lander and the crew U.S. astronauts.
The object had circular windows, and inside, Juan saw "people" dressed in tight-fitting brown suits.
The head was covered except for the face. Over the ears were what looked like headphones. The object rested on three telescopic legs, the legs terminating in a bowl-shaped piece (pan). Also there was a central staircase. On the fuselage, he saw a black symbol resembling a swastika. The witness tried to approach the object, but a flash of light prevented him doing so. After 15 or 20 minutes of observation, the object rose up and disappeared in the distance. During the experience, no vehicles
appeared on the highway -- very strange because the N-340 usually has much traffic.


(The drawings and sketches presented in this report are copied from those made in the 80's, by researcher JJ Benítez, in his book "La punta del Iceberg" from 1983, so they have not been altered by me to coincide with my inquiries.) In this spectacular event, not only can we trace the influence of the (mental) distortion in the creation of the experience, we can also see, with pictures, how it developed:

1 Juan Gonzalez Santos observed a bright flare-like lights of an ambulance or police car. The witness belonged to Civil Protection and participated in operations with Fire, police and ambulances.

2.-  The device looked like a LEM. Days before he had seen a television documentary on the Apollo XI. The artifact seemed to be the product of a mental distortion of the Eagle module.

3 When very close to the object, the witness observed two bumps on the top of the object that emitted flashes of light. (One can see that the bumps are exactly equal to the arrangement of the lights of an ambulance with the Civil Protection he drove for his work.

4 The landing legs at the bottom were like bowl-shaped objects. The similarity (Distortion) with Eagle's (Lunar Lander) legs are obvious.

5 The crew of the UFO had headphones and a suit that covered the entire body except the face. Same as Neil Armstrong's space suit.

6 The symbol observed by the witness could be due to the distortion, probably one of these two elements:

a. The Nazi swastika. The author found that the witness knew well the existence of the emblem used by Germany in WWII, which I think is the possibility for the distortion.

b. The Central Nuclear de Santa Maria de Garona (Burgos, Spain) has a similar symbol, and was well known at the time of the encounter via newspapers and television.


We found that the psychic influence is very present in this UFO landing, and have even shown the images that could cause the (mental level) distortion. The observation of the documentary about the Apollo XI is the main information for the unconscious creation of the experience with other aspects of daily life of the witness (ambulances, lights, swastikas) transformed into alien elements, thanks to the presence of distortion.
In the field, the researchers found three footprints, to show that the experience had not been the product of a simple hallucination. The “distortion” is somewhat more complex ...


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 29 March 1966 in Hampton Falls, New Hampshire a UFO sighting took place that is unique. About 6:15 p.m. Benjamin Brackett, 10, was walking with his dog in the woods near his home, when over a hill he observed a metal object. In the first instance the boy thought it was some type of "radar chaff" that had fallen into the branches of a tree. But when he approached the area, he verified that the artifact had a radiant-looking quadrangular antenna that was about 30 centimeters long.
The unusual artifact was shaped like the letter “L”, light brownish gray and had a size of about 1.52 meters long and 1 meter high. Its exterior texture seemed to be "cork.” At its base was a brown, metallic-looking dome about 60 centimeters in diameter. The witness was about 22 meters from the scene and could see that the object was sitting on the ground with the help of a "tripod" -- the legs were matte silver and were about 30 centimeters tall. The witness observed three small dark slits.
At that time, there was a burst of air from the artifact that raised several pine leaves nearby.

Young Brackett heard a low-pitched sound, while the contraption rose between 15 and 30 centimeters from the ground. Then the strange aircraft froze in the air, turning to the right with great precision, like it was remote controlled. Despite the strangeness of the event, the boy thought it could be an some experimental USAF hovercraft. The object emitted electric-like sounds.

After another gust of wind, the engine rose to about three meters high. then 7 meters and moved in a south-east direction, turning right 60 degrees and took off at high speed into the sky.
Later it was found that there were prints on the ground that seemed to indicate that an object had landed in the area. The measurement and study of said marks were located in the hypothetical center of balance of the artifact.

It is curious, from his description of the phenomenon, that young witness had knowledge of prototypes of the USAF and this information could be used by the "external agent" to build the experience.
It is unusual for a child, 10, to witness this type of artifact and think that he’s observing a UFO-like artifact from the military, a hovercraft from the USAF. Furthermore, this experience can also be interpreted as the "distortion" of a toy (Lego ?), with one antenna, like some kind of  radio-controlled car.  A boy without information related to military gear would have believed that the artifact was a StarTrek gadget or flying saucer.


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 On October 25 1954, in Col Cerasa de Cingoli (Macerata, Italy), two children, 12 year-olds Marziano Giampieri and Pacifico Santucci, were guarding a flock of sheep in a meadow near Mount Sgaggia. About 17:00 pm, they went to buy a sandwich, and upon returning, they were surprised to find the animals a little further from where they had left them, and the dogs were barking furiously.
As they neared the place, Giampieri observed "something" moving through the high weeds which he thought they were animals, but about 10 feet away, he saw that it was a small, thin “thing” about 30/40 centimeters tall, of human appearance, but with a large melon-shaped head.
It wore dark, tight-fitting clothes with a metallic sheen. It moved in a very clumsy way.
Giampieri did not know if the odd shape of the head was because it wore a flattened helmet.
The tiny humanoid started running towards a strange dark object, shaped like a barrel, 1.50 meters long and 70 centimeters wide, which at one end had something like "antennae.” The object quickly rose vertically, emitting a low whistle. Going up about 20 meters, the "flying barrel" ejected a ball of fire, which exploded when it hit the ground.

The "Object"

The two children were hit by a violent gust of wind caused by the shockwave of the explosion.
The object disappeared at high speed, heading east. The youths fled in fear. That same day, a neighbor in the area, Maria Ruggeri, confirmed she had seen a strange flying object pass over her head.Police in Crawley and San Severino Marche, investigated the incident.
Forensic experts were sent from Naples and the current president of the Scientific Association "Bilancia” Ancona, Mr. Andrea Quintini, interviewed the children.
The newspaper "La Nazzione" on October 28, 1954, offered a version of the events recounted by a professor at College of San Severino Merche.


In its pages, readers discovered that the strange encounter took place near the village of Santa Filomena Colcero on the border between the municipalities of San Severino and Cingoli.
While the two boys were back home, they saw, about 10 meters distance from them, three small beings with big heads, fully dressed in gray with heights of about 30-35 cm.
As soon as the shepherds saw the humanoids, they (the three beings) escaped, climbing into a small shining object of spherical shape, with two kinds of propellers on the front.

This shows a distortion in the shape and sizes of the elements which contribute to the close encounter, depending upon the witnesses.

Obviously, the noted 1954 incident of Mrs. Rosa Lotti Dainelli, by virtue of her being an adult, contains more details and complexity compared to the simplicity of the cases experienced by the young children.

According to the description of the two boys, the two propellers were set in motion and the apparatus raised up, making a hissing sound at high speed, disappearing in the direction of Monte Verde.
At the time of takeoff, the object, expelled a burning balloon.
The two boys recounted the encounter to their teacher. The incident of Macerata has many factors in common with other small humanoid sightings in 1953/54 (Villares del Saz; Spain and Cennina; Italy), where the observed objects are very similar.