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The DistortionTheory offers a new and revolutionary point of view concerning close encounters with UFO and their alleged crews. In order to do that, this theory has its own terminology to try to define accurately some of the key concepts within the theory. Let´s review them to enable a full understanding of their main principles:

This term defines the “operator” or “entity” that interacts, under certain conditions, with the witness’ psyche in order to “manufacture” a so called “UFO experience”. Probably none of the features or actions that are displayed in their numerous manifestations have nothing to do with its true appearance or purpose. The point of this “external agent” is to make the observer believe through a complex holographic projection that they are being witness of the landing of anextra-terrestrial spacecraft and the disembarking of their crew members. But none of this is related to a factual reality neither it has the quality of being persistent in our universe once the experience is finished. Then, who is the External Agent? This External Agent could be a parasitic entity which either feeds on human beliefs or needs human interaction to survive. It’s very likely that the External Agent could be behind of many myths and folklore in the history of mankind disguised under many different manifestations. This camouflage can be identified as a skilful and huge psychic manipulation, as some researchers claim, but it’s obvious that some unconscious mental contents are at play and those are in sync with the sociocultural and historical context at all levels: philosophy, technology, art, etc…

Science fiction did not anticipate the content that later would be in UFO close encounters, simply is the source as the basis for their development. ( Illustration Buck Rogers. Mars Prince of Mars. 1930)

It cannot be ruled out that the External Agent is using latent beliefs within particular societies for its own sake. The External Agent uses then subterfuges and deception constantly in its interactions with human societies and doesn’t seem interested at all neither in fostering any positive social changes nor making the attempt of influencing the fate of mankind. Despite some messages that could point otherwise, the External Agent has no real purpose to convey any scientific or philosophic message beyond those already developed by man itself.

When the External Agent is in touch or interacts with the witness’ psyche, an information transfer is made at an unconscious level,that will be embodied within the experience in a distorted way so the observer is not able to identify as self-made. Whatever is displayed in front of the witness will be a by-product of the symbiosis between both operators, the unknown entity and the human being, and it will be manifested as a holographic projection. Therefore, most of the details and factors that are part of a close encounter can be perfectly tracked down in the observer’s psyche. The most evident and notorious elements nevertheless will be those unique features (Such as traits from a humanoid or technical details from the craft) that cannot be found in similar events.

The information extracted unconsciously from the witness is displayed and rearranged by the External Agent in a distorted way so the observer will not be able to recognize it. The source of this information can be very diferent: literature, TV, work, environment, hobbies, etc…
All these conceptual resources will be used to stage a projection where the witness will be actually convinced that he’s observing, for instance, an UFO landing. This will be the explanation behind why there are so many different types of “flying saucers” and “extra-terrestrials”. The External Agent uses a very different range of sources to create those experiences that their manifestations may vary wildly from one to another.

After the interaction with the witness’ psyche, the “external agent” obtains the essential information to reproduce a holographic projection that will generate an illusoryenvironment where a close encounter with UFO is re-enacted. This projection can be seen externally by a third person but having an unknownpsychic foundation, the perception made by other observer may vary from the one made by the main witness or even some individuals will not be able to be aware of the event at all. The witness will be able to interact with the projection as if he was within a full virtual reality experiment.The witness will be able to touch and feel the elements of the projection as if they were actually there.

The External agent in some occasions can grant to the “holographic projection” a fleeting and momentary material quality in our own reality. Therefore, traces of a landing might appear in some incidents and in some might not, regardless of the terrain conditions.
For instance, in Sangonera La Verde (Murcia) on July 1st 1979 there was a report of an UFO landing. According to several witness a giant humanoid was seen in the surroundings walking around 800 meters but only two footprints were found (One of them partial)
This evanescent matter would be able to explain an array of anomalies linked to UFO close encounters such as:
1.      UFO flying through vegetation or power wires without making any noise or impact.
2.      The randomness in the traces left behind by UFO where in some cases there are obvious marks meanwhile in others there is no evidence at all.
3.      The lack of marks, trails or footprints after a sizeable event has happened involving entities and crafts.
4.      The ability shown by humanoids to go through walls or fences.
5.      The reported silence that goes along with close encounter events.

The External Agent displays in the generated projections very defined behavioural patterns that can be easily identified to facilitate the assimilation and development of these experiences. Most close encounter events, despite their changing and external appearance, display a very similar pattern. The so-called extra-terrestrials are usually doing some of these three universal actions
1.      Exploring the surroundings
2.      Collecting samples
3.      Repairing their spacecraft.
All these three actions will match with what we would expect from an interstellar human explorer visiting another planet so they fulfil the mission of integrating distinctive human concepts within supernatural experiences.

On top of this, the eventual presence of the witness always provokes a surprise reaction to the extra-terrestrials that leads them to leave the place immediately due to the “unexpected” visit of the observer. This farce is a deception with the purpose to manipulate the witness reaction. If we would buy the idea that we had met by pure chance some alien visitors that they don’t want to be seen, they would avoid populated areas but invariably lot of close encounters are reported in areas with continuous human presence such as roads, cities, villages, etc…
Another trait that is also very common in the behaviour of these UFO crew-members is to dazzle witness with devices that project a blinding light.

The process that leads to the “holographic projection” is defined by the Distortion Theory as oneiric creativity because the way it works is very similar to the patterns displayed by human psyche meanwhile we dream. The unconscious contents of the witness are rearranged and projected by the “External Agent” in a creative process, that we can even label as artistic, that contains lot of the nonsensical elements that we usually associate with our most vivid dreams. The distortion displayed within one close encounter experience is very similar to the distortion that we face when we dream.
This would help us to understand one of the most puzzling issues that we find in Close Encounter: The Mumbo-Jumbo Factor. All these nonsensical elements that we find in the UFO experiences which so far they had served only to invalidate and reduce the credibility of the UFO phenomenon in front of the public opinion.
Nevertheless, according to the Distortion Theory this universal non-sense factor is simplified. The internal mechanics behind the creation of these experiences have built-in and integrated these nonsensical factors that actually they have their source in the witness own subconscious.

Those absurd details then don’t have any special or transcendental meaning beyond the remarked artistic/creative value expressed in a holographic projection which introduces us to a dream-like fiction in what concerns to its development and staging. Although the final purpose of these interventions is still unknown to us.  



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