lunes, 27 de marzo de 2017



I am convinced that one of the most transcendental and important clues of anomalous manifestations of any kind (encounter UFOs, ghosts, chupacabras, Marian apparitions, etc.) is the implication of the human psyche, together with an unknown agent, in the construction of some experiences, which we could classify as totally artificial and deceptive. Although for decades, UFO enthusiasts have believed in "alien visitors," complex "control systems," "parallel universes," or "ultra-terrestrial beings" able to create of the most confusing cunning and manipulation, in reality we are confronted with an extraordinary phenomenon, almost exclusively psychic, capable of distorting before our eyes the content of our rich and almost limitless unconscious, to make us believe in a hidden reality non-existent. And it is that the manifestations are nothing more than a spontaneous and ephemeral fictitious recreation  of a determined scene, to satisfy unknown interests, that range from the landing of a spaceship, the vision of a Virgin, to a huge hairy and stinky creature that lives hidden in the lush forests.
Although the experiences gathered by the researchers share some points in common, especially the general criteria of the paradigm, most of the content of the experience offers information that is individual and exclusive, that I never, never, we find in another UFO event.

Why? For the simple and inescapable reason that these experiences are nontransferable or extrapolable to another UFO episode, since it is the intimate psyche of the witness that contributes the "material" that will illustrate, for example, the close encounter with extraterrestrial beings. No one else around the world, despite the existence of a monumental UFO literature return to see humanoids who have been reported by a particular witness. We are faced with a phenomenon of psychic dimensions caused by an unknown disorder? If we were to faced a strictly psychic phenomenon, not yet diagnosed by science, without supernatural connotations, the UFO manifestations, and other manifestations, would show in a more public and uncontrolled way, and not with the astonishing elusiveness of what it does gala, showing only on certain occasions and front certain people. And of course, this phenomenon  would not leave traces or remains ... We are facing another "thing" ... but we continue to advance ...


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