lunes, 1 de mayo de 2017


Despite what the profane reader may think of the ufological subjects, most of the UFO casuistry is plagued with "objetcs" that do not have to do with the famous flying saucers. And, in fact, almost any form of flying apparatus, no matter how absurd it may seem, and no matter how far from an aerodynamic line, has been observed flying our skies, proving that the phenomenon of the unidentified is much more complex than some would like.
And just as with the humanoid typology, almost infinite and impossible to classify, the "flying saucer" models are so many and different that it is highly unlikely that our hypothetical visitants extraterrestrials to have a variety of ships in their hangars. OR That we are being visited, as if our planet were a space zoo, by infinite  alien civilitations... These anomalies are undoubtedly the sign of the existence of an unknown paradigm related to our psyche, which, although provoked and directed by an agent external to our mind, is capable of catalyzing and transforming our thoughts into a distorted "staging" of alien visitation. Is therefore "logical" that UFO literature is broad and divergent as broad and heterogeneous are the witnesses that present themselves and star in this phenomenon, mutable based on our intellectual wealth. Which is able to create a "holographic" projection an apparent reality, but ephemeral and fiction, about Ghosts apparitions, of the Virgin Mary or the Abominable Snowman.

And only on rare occasions, for reasons or conjunctions of elements and factors that we can not even venture, this type of experience acquires a momentary corporality to give the appearance of what is not and will never be ... a "reality" like we understand it.
 Therefore, nothing of the perceived during this type of experiences has a physical continuity in our universe ... in the same way that the protagonists of a film do not continue the plot after it has finished to project the film ...
Definitely the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis has shipwrecked ...


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