martes, 9 de mayo de 2023


Despite the assumptions of hundreds of researchers, from the analysis of the testimonies of people who have had close encounters with UFOs, it cannot be inferred that what has been observed is the product of alien technology. Let me explain:

 As far as we know, throughout history, many individuals have reported the presence of strange objects and beings that appear and disappear in a mysterious way. The properties that today ufologists understand as the product of a high extraterrestrial science, in other times have had another type of reading. The ancient stories and folklore of half the world are full of encounters with entities and creatures that floated, levitated, appeared and disappeared, became invisible, passed through objects or traveled aboard luminaries. At the time, all these "miraculous" faculties were attributed to the innate supernatural properties of these creatures that came from invisible realms or from the beyond. They were said to be intermediate beings between angels and humans. But since the middle of the 20th century something very curious has been happening. In the close encounters with UFOs, which are basically identical to the contents exposed in these old chronicles, we find these same extraordinary elements, but this time they get another interpretation more adjusted to our socio-cultural level. Under the prevailing modernity of space travel and science fiction the strange faculties of the ufonauts were reinterpreted as the result of an alien visitation. Sinister bedroom visitors, lights in the night, and wandering beings on roads and highways were translated into astronauts from other planets. However, like our ancestors, we have not been able to show no evidence to prove that what is observed is the equivalent or result of the action of extraterrestrial technology. What witnesses see during their UFO experiences may be a "hollow technology", or in other words a "simulated image" that mimics concepts understandable to observers. For example, the Santa Compaña in the Galician tradition, is a procession of ghosts that carries behind their backs a coffin, but logically it is not a wooden object joined with nails, it is only a representation of something that witnesses interpret as an omen of death.


And to date, these dismal visions have the same degree of reality as those of people who claim that an extraterrestrial told him that he came from the planet Mars. The aesthetic content of this type of experience is the result of the interaction of our psyche with a ancestral phenomenon by attempting a comprehensible decoding of this overwhelming and hypnotic expanded reality. A reality that normally remains veiled to our ordinary senses and that seems to be filtered under ideographic concepts that we can interpret. If the study of these phenomena has shown anything, it is that we cannot take at face value what witnesses tell us. And not because they are lying or confused, but because we simply cannot trust the literalness of the image transmitted by these apparitions. In fact, it has never been possible to confirm that the enlightening image of these apparitionistic phenomena, in any of their modalities, correspond to their true nature. And although the Marian apparitions are very definite visions, and the bigfoot evidently looks like some kind of unknown animal, it has never been confirmed that what these visions appear to be is the core of the problem. Simply because we have not been able to capture or capture any of these entities and guarantee the authenticity of their image. The flying saucers emulate a real spaceship with levers, luminous buttons and a computer screen. Their occupants had scuba suits, boots, ray guns and took ground samples in a crude and unsophisticated manner. Today we know that these visions of past decades are totally vintage, mimicry of an outdated technology, they seem to us even funny, therefore, it was a "hollow" representation -- they were not manufactured artifacts with gears, nuts, wires, integrated circuits, etc. It was only an imitative representation of human technology, distorted and transferred to some hypothetical extraterrestrial scenarios.

 And all this brings me back to the same scenario. Close encounters with UFOs have the same structure as all those stories poured into ancient folklore, of the visions of mystics, of access to a piece of unknown knowledge by unusual means.

 And by this I do not mean that these experiences are totally subjective or the product of some kind of mental disorder or hallucination. Quite the contrary. These phenomena are worthy of study because they reveal that there is a way to access unknown information through supernatural visions and encounters. It is very likely that there is an external agent in all this framework, which, ultimately, is the detonator of the appearance and manifestation of these phenomena. But what is clear is that the human psyche is important in this equation. The phenomena occur within the human psychic frequency. An important clue for further research.



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