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For decades, dozens of researchers believe that the UFO phenomenon hides behind an excellent camouflage to deceive and manipulate witnesses for purposes and purposes that we do not understand. It did it centuries ago with the manifestations of fairies, elves, supernatural creatures, and Marian apparitions, and in the 20th century it managed to camouflage itself under the label of extraterrestrial visitors. But, are we before an intelligent phenomenon that perfectly chooses its role to present itself to humans, or on the contrary, are we before a disconcerting cognitive paradigm that evidently shows itself with socio-cultural "disguises" present in each era of its performance? 

That all the apparitions of strange entities that have interacted with human beings throughout time have been so eximious and "lying" in their communications, and that they have offered so little evidence of their existence, is a very interesting indication, and one to be taken into account, that all these unusual manifestations may have the same and unique origin and above all a direct incidence on the psyche of the witnesses, which would indicate that the paradigm does not exist independently of the observers,  at least it does not exist as we see in the final result of the manifestation. Therefore, it would be necessary to distinguish first of all the phenomenon (in origin), from what is manifested before the witnesses (the incidents), which are probably two very different things, just as the artist of his pictorial work can be.

 The fact that the content of all these manifestations has such a human background (perfectly recognizable), both visually and narratively, is another clue that indicates the covert participation of the psyche of the witnesses in the shaping of the experiences, helping to elaborate them in an unconscious way. Moreover, the fact that it is so difficult to document the existence of these phenomena may well be due to their ambiguous dual existence, between the psychic world and the physical world, so it would be difficult to obtain much evidence of their existence, even if their presence seems totally "real" and unquestionable in our environment. But this does not mean that the phenomenon cannot mediate in our reality in a palpable way and cause all kinds of physical and physiological effects, but simply that it does so in a different way to everything we know, although its results are practically the same as those produced by an ordinary real event. Perhaps that is one of the keys to understanding the UFO paradigm. Are UFOs close encounters a phenomenon whose nature escapes the conventional limits of our cognitive dimension? I am not referring to an interdimensional nature as advocated and conceived by many researchers for years, with entities jumping through portals, but rather that the UFO phenomenon comes from unknown areas that can be accessed by our mind in certain states of consciousness, regardless of whether what is manifested in this exploration of a new "reality" can be made momentarily visible and tangible in our dimension.


And it is because of the participation of our psyche that the content of all encounters with beings and entities have enormous human cultural implications and extremely absurd and chaotic aspects, such as those offered by the universe of dreams or, for example, even mental disorders and feverish states. But this does not mean that UFOs are something strictly mental (understood as something unreal or illusory), but quite the contrary, but it is very likely that their nature may be closer to the "matter" that makes up our dreams or the world of visionaries than to nuts and bolts. This does not detract from the mystery or strangeness of the paradigm, it only draws attention to other aspects that are more unknown and considered unimportant to date. We have always thought that the material, the tangible, the measurable, the quantifiable, only that which we can put in a laboratory test tube or touch, is what is authentically real and unquestionable.But probably the UFO encounters and other Fortean facts point in another direction. Perhaps there is another way to explore the universe away from the scientific methodology that we have chosen as the only adequate tool to decode our environment.

The existence of UFOs and other similar anomalies are very interesting evidence that shows that the human psyche is not a simple biological reflection of our brain, but that it can access much more information from the universe than what the sensory organs transmit through the known ways. In this way, it is capable of interacting with an apparently intelligent cognitive phenomenon, which is presented to us through a highly flexible "scenography" due to our involvement, and which is capable, in turn, of activating latent faculties of our psyche; a manifestation that moves in that psychic/physical duality that makes it so complex, with our methodology, to reach some kind of answer. Only changing our way of facing the phenomenon will help us to understand it. But taking into account that probably its physical facet, very important for some of us, maybe perhaps only a simple epiphenomenon, that is, a mere consequence of its interaction with our psyche in our environment and not an intrinsic characteristic of the phenomenon itself. For UFOs, in short, would be forming portions of a reality "inserted" within another established reality: a reality loaded with information about ourselves and the universe that does not end up reaching us clearly because of the interference created by our mind and which we have called UFOs, daimons, angels, gods, etc.



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