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January 19, 1967. In Dunbar, West Virginia, at about 9:05 pm, Tad Jones, businessman with an electronics store was driving his vehicle on Route 64 when he saw something in the middle of the road.
As he approached that something, he saw that it was a metal sphere, about 7.5 meters in diameter with two antennae and a small window of about 22 cm.
The sphere floated 1.20 meters above the ground. As the witness's vehicle approached the mysterious sphere, it flew away at high speed. According to the description provided by the witness, the object appeared to be made of aluminum, had four legs ending in something like "wheels." At the bottom was a propeller rotating at high speed at takeoff. The sighting lasted about 2 minutes. Tad reported the sighting to the police and the press reported the strange episode. The day after the story appeared, the witness received a strange anonymous note at his home:“We know what you have seen and we know that you have talked. You’d better keep your mouth shut.”
Strange artifact observed by the witness ... definitely it is not a standard "flying saucer" ...
The artifact observed by Tad Jones has many similarities with the gadgets and appliances that could be found in the shop of the witness.
Also exist remarkable similarities between the flying metal sphere and the Soviet satellites of the time.
The press of the time, including the TIME Magazine, led his pages the space project progress of the Soviet ...

Curiously if we analyze this case from the perspective of the Distortion Theory . Us find that the supposed UFO, have striking similarities with the Soviet satellites of the time ... or even with a television or radio that the witness had in his store ...

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