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(Amazing Stories, 1930)

Long before the so-called "flying saucers" appeared over our heads (24/06/ 1947), various literary and artistic works already reflected scenes related UFOs in their pages. This point is extremely important to understand the relevance of UFOs and especially their involvement and connection with the human psyche. But how is it possible that science fiction presaged close encounters with extraterrestrials years in advance?.
If fantasy literature, collected, with drawings, many of the issues presented and characterized the UFO phenomenon at present, this would demonstrate that the alleged alien visitation hide a totally opposite nature and purpose, the way proposed by Extraterrestrial Hypothesis defenders. This heterodox approach would imply that the "creator" of the UFO experience, that we call generically as "external agent" is able to tune the human psyche, "diving" in their "files" (images, memories, etc.)  and recreate them into an anomalous experience in an elaborate and refined "theatrical representation  "(UFO incidents).

Cover 1931. Classic UFO sighting from a plane.

Illustration of 1946. Represents a classic UFO sighting. (Thrilling Wonder Stories).

Illustration 1943. Harbinger of the first UFO close encounters. Similarity sightings 1954 in France. (Amazing Stories)

Illustration 1944. Small creatures associated with a spacecraft ... (Thrilling Wonder Stories)

Illustration 1939. Omnipresent element in UFO encounters , the "equipment" or "laser guns" "lights rays" ... (Amazing Stories)

Cover 1937. Precursor abductions ..

Illustration of 1939. Medical operations executed by robots (Amazing Stories)

Illustration 1927.

Illustration 1935. Creatures with big eyes and bulging heads examined a woman while holding a man ...

Illustration by André Galland for Sciences et Voyages in 1925. (European Example).

André Galland

What we say is that there is an unknown external factor that interacts with the human mind, and "makes" an anomalous event based on some unconscious knowledge, but "distorted" in the eyes the own witness, presenting them as something extraordinary and external completely. Although if we find

stimuli and primordial images that originate and are expressed in the close encounters, probably we find "unexpected" links to the unconscious of witnesses, or otherwise with the collective unconscious, that is utilized by the "external agent "to determine and" design "many of the elements that make up the experience of contact with alleged extraterrestrials.



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  1. Estos dibujos son increíbles, es maravilloso ver cómo los del pasado con su imaginación promueven nuevas cosas y a su vez cómo nosotros mismos creamos ilusiones del futuro.